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  • October 03, 2012

    Law Firm Articles: A Great Way to Track Changes in the Law, But How Do You Find Them?

    Law firm articles frequently address new legislation, recent significant decisions, and emerging areas of law. Reading law firm articles will ensure you are up to speed on changes in the law. They are also a helpful starting point for legal research.

    By Nancy Scibelli Bouthilet, Director of Knowledge Management, Locke Lord LLP, Dallas

    Oct. 3, 2012 – Finding law firm articles online isn’t difficult. You can easily go to a law firm’s website and locate recently published articles. However, this is not the most efficient way to locate articles. With this approach, you are only finding the articles published by a single firm.

    Leveraging search engines, websites, and current awareness services that aggregate articles is much more effective. Outlined below are some popular, free, and reliable sources to find law firm articles.

    Fee Fie Foe Firm

    Fee Fie Foe Firm is a search engine that exclusively searches content on law firm websites. It searches publications, media releases, client seminars, and more. Because Fee Fie Foe Firm includes content on law firm websites other than publications, such as information on firm attorneys, it is helpful to use the search engine filters to narrow down the search results when using Fee Fie Foe Firm. You can narrow down search results by the following categories: people, expertise, publications, and media releases. You can also narrow down search results by date of publication.


    Lexology is a popular resource for locating law firm articles and monitoring the release of new articles. Researchers are prompted to create a free Lexology account when using the website. Creating an account allows you to customize the Lexology homepage to show articles of interest based on topic and jurisdiction. Further, after creating an account, you can also build a customized daily email update of new law firm articles. Lexology is also useful for locating international law firm articles. It boasts a large collection of articles from international law firms and lawyers.


    Mondaq is another website to find articles published by law firms and other professional firms. Articles are submitted for publication on Mondaq, rather than harvested directly by Mondaq. Mondaq publishes articles from consultancy groups and accountancy firms in addition to law firms. Articles are primarily grouped by geographical region and topic. Mondaq also offers a personalized biweekly email alert. You can configure the email alert to notify you of the latest articles published of interest to you. Free website registration is required to access the full text of articles and to set up a personalized news alert. aggregates law firm articles with an emphasis on general corporate law topics. The articles are organized by topic to easily locate relevant articles. You can browse by categories such as industry, area of law, county/region, securities law, and even trending issues such as Crisis & Recovery and PPACA/HCR. myCorporateResource content can also be delivered to you directly via RSS feed, Twitter, and Facebook. It currently offers more than 90 topical RSS feeds.

    About the Author

    Nancy Scibelli Bouthilet is the director of Knowledge Management at Locke Lord LLP in Dallas. She manages the firm’s information services, docketing, records, and litigation support operations. She formerly managed Library & Research at Quarles & Brady LLP in Milwaukee.

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