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    June 20, 2022

    Rotunda Report Video: Grassroots Advocacy with Cheryl Daniels

    2021-2022 State Bar President Cheryl Daniels makes the case for lawyers to get involved in legislative advocacy efforts (2:20 min).

    ​June 20, 2022 -​ We sat down with State Bar President Cheryl Daniels to talk about why you should get involved in legislative advocacy efforts. Whether it's working on State Bar issues like civil legal aid and criminal justice reform, or topics specific to you and your practice, it's never been more important for attorneys to build relationships with their lawmakers and ensure that those who write law are hearing from those who practice it. 

    You can watch a longer edit of this interview here.

    What You Can Do: State Bar of Wisconsin Advocacy Network

    Advocacy Network

    State Bar members are encouraged to send a message to their lawmakers expressing support on legislative topics which positively affect the legal system using the Advocacy Network. Choose "compose your own," and write a message to suit your own thoughts and opinions that will help to demonstrate the breadth of support for policies that prioritize access to justice.

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