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    January 28, 2013

    Legislature Announces Initiative to Reform Wisconsin Administrative Rules

    Assembly leaders have announced plans to review all 1,768 chapters of the Administrative Code.

    January 28, 2013 – Now that Governor Walker has released a Small Business Regulatory Review Board report highlighting a total of 218 administrative rule changes and 307 modifications that the governor believes will help relieve the regulatory burden on small business, Assembly leaders have announced their own plan to review all 1,768 chapters of the Administrative Code.

    According to legislative leadership, the goal is to determine whether the rules are working the way they were intended, or if current rules should be changed or repealed.

    Each standing Committee in the Assembly will receive assigned portions of the Administrative Code to review during the 2013-14 legislative cycle. The assignments will be determined by a given committee’s purview. The Assembly Committees will hold either public hearings or informational hearings on the rules and determine what further action might be taken on the rules before them.

    A website and email address were created so the public could have input on the process.  

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