Press Release: News Release August 1999: Supreme Court Accepts Three New Cases:

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    News Release August 1999: Supreme Court Accepts Three New Cases

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    Supreme Court Accepts Three New Cases

    Madison, Wis. (Aug. 25) - The Wisconsin Supreme Court yesterday voted to grant review in three new cases. The case numbers, issue, and county of origin are listed below. Please note that the statement of the issue is cursory. To read the full record, go to the Supreme Court Clerk's office, Ste. 215, Tenney Building, 110 E. Main St., Madison. Court of Appeals opinions in these cases, if they exist, may be found on the court system's Web site.

    T. Gritzner v. Miahcel R.
    County of Origin: Walworth County

    Issues: Was the negligent failure to warn claim properly barred on public policy grounds pursuant to Kelli T-G v. Charland, 198 Wis. 2d 123, 542 N.W.2d 175 (Ct. App. 1995) (petition for review denied)? Was the negligent failure to supervise claim valid under Restatement of Torts provisions relating to the duties of affirmative action? From

    State v. D. Oakley
    County of Origin: Sheboygan County

    Issues: Was it appropriate for the trial court to require the payment of fines imposed following earlier unrelated convictions as a condition of probation on the current conviction?

    Hanlon v. Town of Milton

    Issues: May a litigant challenging an administrative determination according to the provisions set forth in Chapter 68, bring an equal protection claim and may the reviewing Wisconsin court consider the merits of such a claim under this chapter when the claim arises from the same transaction forming the basis for the administrative determination so that the failure to raise such a claim invokes the doctrine of claim preclusion? A certified question from the federal court.