Press Release: News Release June 2002: State Bar to focus on toxic mold:

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    News Release June 2002: State Bar to focus on toxic mold

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    State Bar to focus on toxic mold
    Seminars in Madison, Milwaukee to educate professionals

    MADISON, June 3, 2002 - Concern about mold in Wisconsin buildings has increased during the last year. Classes were moved from schools in Madison, Oconomowoc, Sheboygan, Berlin and Oshkosh because of mold found in buildings. An environmental health specialist for the state of Wisconsin told the Wisconsin State Journal in March that "there are a lack of experts in the field of toxic mold."

    The State Bar of Wisconsin is responding to the growing concern over toxic mold and the need for experts by sponsoring two, full-day seminars dedicated to studying all aspects of mold. Seminars will be held June 5 at the State Bar Center in Madison and June 6 at the Radisson Milwaukee West from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Video replays will be aired statewide on June 26.

    A wide variety of professionals involved in mold claims will share their perspective on all issues brought by mold contamination. Attendees will include lawyers, contractors, sub-contractors, builders, building managers, insurers, and real estate brokers.

    The seminar will overview the science of mold from knowledgeable physicians, industrial hygienists, and engineers who will discuss studies of the effects of inhalation exposure to mold, the methodology for sampling, analyzing and remediating mold, and the analysis of construction techniques and materials for the prevention of mold growth. Both lawyers and representatives from the insurance industry will also discuss effective claims investigation and claims management techniques.

    Topics to be covered include:

    • What is Mold and Can it Make you Sick?
    • Investigating for Mold and Interpreting the Data
    • Mold Remediation
    • Prosecuting and Defending Mold Claims
    • Alternative Solutions for Resolving Mold Claims
    • Construction Techniques to Avert the Mold Problem

    Insurance Coverage Issues Attorney Cynthia E. Smith of Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP in Milwaukee is chairing the seminar, which includes the following well-known mold experts:

    Sharon Bessa, Bessa & Associates, Madison (biography attached)
    Mark Meiling, Foresight Home Performance, Milwaukee (biography attached)
    Donald Murphy, Murphy, Vaughan, Boller & Pressentin LLC, Madison
    James Olson, Lawton & Cates, SC, Madison
    John J. Ouellette M.D., UW Health, Madison (biography attached)
    Kent Rahowser, A&J Specialty Services, DeForest (biography attached)
    John Rieter, Kisco, Inc., Milwaukee
    Richard Schulz, Schulz, Duffy & O'Brien, SC, Milwaukee

    The State Bar of Wisconsin is the mandatory professional association, created by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, for attorneys who hold a law license in Wisconsin. With more than 20,000 members, the State Bar aids the courts in improving the administration of justice, provides continuing legal education for its members, and assists Wisconsin lawyers in carrying out initiatives to educate the public about the legal system.

    For more information, visit the online brochure.