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    Judicial Teacher Institute Teaches Teachers

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    CONTACT: Teresa Weidemann-Smith
    State Bar of Wisconsin
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    Judicial Teacher Institute Teaches Teachers

    MADISON, February 16, 2005 -- Lee Arbetman, co-author of Street Law, will be featured with Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices Ann Walsh Bradley and Patience Roggensack and University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Curriculum and Instruction professor Dr. Diana Hess at the annual Judicial Teacher Institute - From the Courtroom to the Classroom from Thursday afternoon, February 17 to Friday morning, February 18 at the State Bar of Wisconsin, 5302 Eastpark Boulevard in Madison. On Saturday, February 19 participants will convene at the Wisconsin Supreme Court chambers at the state capitol.

    A two and a half day professional development program for 30 public and private secondary social studies teachers, the Judicial Teacher Institute provides the newest tools to teach students about the judicial system in Wisconsin and outline the role of the Supreme Court. Other Wisconsin Supreme Court justices, attorneys, teachers, circuit court and municipal court judges from around the state will also participate.

    "The institute utilizes a curriculum with innovative traditional and web-based teaching materials for teachers to better teach students about the judicial system," said "Chuttie" Senn, Chair of the State Bar of Wisconsin Law-related Education Committee. "The institute also provides the opportunity for the Supreme Court Justices to present their viewpoints on the judicial system. The event offers a face to face government learning experience for participating teachers."

    By participating in the institute teachers will:

    • use the case study approach to help students understand the facts, issues, arguments, and Court's decision in a Wisconsin landmark case, State v. Yoder;
    • hear from judges who grapple with tough decisions about whether to take away a person's freedom;
    • bring Wisconsin courts and the law to life for students while interacting with educators, attorneys, judges, and Supreme Court justices;
    • participate in mini mock trials to find out how Wisconsin municipal courts handle different types of ordinance violations; and
    • learn how the Supreme Court sifts through the 1,000 petitions filed each year to choose the approximately 100 cases it will hear.

    The State Bar of Wisconsin is the mandatory professional association, created by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, for attorneys who hold a Wisconsin law license. With more than 21,000 members, the State Bar aids the courts in improving the administration of justice, provides continuing legal education for its members to help them maintain their expertise, and assists Wisconsin lawyers in carrying out community service initiatives to educate the public about the legal system and the value of lawyers.

    For more information about the Judicial Teacher Institute, contact Dee Runaas, State Bar of Wisconsin Law-related Education Coordinator at 608/250-6191 or visit