Press Release: Reimbursement Fund: Protecting Clients for 25 Years:

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  • Press Release

    Reimbursement Fund: Protecting Clients for 25 Years

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    For Immediate Release

    CONTACT: Teresa Weidemann-Smith
    State Bar of Wisconsin
    (800) 444-9404, ext. 6025

    Reimbursement Fund: Protecting Clients for 25 Years

    MADISON, November 28, 2006 – For the past 25 years, tens of thousands of Wisconsin lawyers have been helping the clients of others recover money lost to unscrupulous lawyers. The Wisconsin Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection has awarded $3.4 million in reimbursements to a total of 537 clients over the last quarter of a century, helping to rectify wrongs perpetrated by those in the legal profession. This means less than three tenths (.024) of a percent of the State Bar of Wisconsin’s 22,098 members are responsible for claims.

    A feature article, “Wisconsin Client Protection Fund: Lawyers Doing the Right Thing,” in the October issue of Wisconsin Lawyer magazine highlights the only professional fund that actively seeks to provide a “safety net” for the public and the initiatives that attorneys have taken to seek and gain restitution payments from other attorneys claims have been paid against. To find out how this program aids the public, access the article

    Attorney Dave Reddy is available for interviews about the Fund. To set up an appointment, contact Teresa Weidemann-Smith at (800) 444-9404 ext. 6025 or at Teresa Weidemann-Smith.

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