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    CLE Books updates Employment Law: Volume Eight of The Wisconsin Business Advisor Series

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    March 18, 2009 – People make a business work, but hiring people makes a business complicated. The employee-employer relationship invokes a myriad of laws covering everyone’s rights and obligations. That relationship can be complex, and the potential problems are nearly inexhaustible. It’s critical that employers have a solid employment law advisor.

    This book is for you, the lawyers who advise those employers.

    Employment Law is a hands-on, practical, manual, written by experienced Wisconsin practitioners who share their experiences and insights in representing business clients. It’s filled with case law, statutory references, practice tips, cautions and caveats, sample language, and more. It devotes a chapter each to employment contracts, discrimination and sexual harassment, wages and hours, plant closings, employee benefits, and immigration law. It also provides an overview of those and other issues. And, because the first step in any employment relationship is to determine who is, and who is not, an employee, the book opens by defining the employment relationship, including a checklist for establishing independent contractor status. Employment Law is fully-indexed, and a comprehensive index of the entire Wisconsin Business Advisor Series is also available.

    The November 2008 supplement to Employment Law reflects legal developments since the publication of the first edition in 2007 and includes new or expanded discussions of the following: 1) the sole test for determining whether a person is an independent contractor exempt from the Worker’s Compensation Act’s coverage; 2) the EEOC’s decision to issue enforcement guidance to assist in determining whether an employment decision affecting a caregiver might be unlawful; 3) the IRS’s issuance of final regulations for tax shelter annuity plans qualified under I.R.C. § 403(b), which was the most significant IRS advice since the audit guidelines issued in 1995; 4) the creation of the Tax Relief and Health Care Act, which included many Health Savings Account (HSA) enhancements; and 5) an administrative regulation that sets the civil penalties for each offense of employing an unauthorized alien after March 27, 2008.

    As with the original, the authors of the 2008 supplement include many recognized authorities in this field. CLE Books thanks these authors, namely, Sardar N. Durrani, E. Vanessa Jones, Anna M. Pepelnjak, Roger Pettit, Robert J. Simandl, Lynn M. Stathas, and Katherine L. Williams, for their willingness to share their expertise with their fellow practitioners.

    Members can buy Employment Law, the eighth volume of the series, for $129. As with all CLE Books, it will be updated regularly, and buyers may subscribe to automatic supplementation and receive future updates at 10 percent off the regular price.

    Check your library and see if you have the other books of the series. If not, order them today.