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    August 03, 2011

    State Bar updates consumer publication on Wisconsin adults' legal rights and responsibilities


    Aug. 3, 2011 – The State Bar has released the 17th edition of its consumer publication What You Should Know About Wisconsin Law: Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities, formerly titled On Being Eighteen: Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities. The 40-page booklet informs Wisconsin citizens of their legal rights and responsibilities, and helps them recognize and avoid possible problems.

    The new edition now includes sections on sexual crimes and online privacy, and social media and related issues. Sections on voting, driving, auto insurance, marriage, divorce, and children have been updated. The booklet provides an overview of basic laws that impact most citizens and offers resources for further information.

    “We have updated the title of this publication to reflect that understanding your rights and responsibilities under the law is important at any age,” says Public Education Committee Co-chair Jennifer N. Dye.  “Our contributing attorneys wanted to make sure we provided an overview of Wisconsin law that would benefit any Wisconsin resident.”

    What You Should Know About Wisconsin Law is available to Wisconsin schools free of charge. Individuals may order a limited number of copies, plus shipping and handling. Download a PDF version.

    The booklet was originally authored by Madison attorney David E. McFarlane. The current edition is compiled by Public Education Committee, Publications & Technology Task Force members Charles Stertz, Appleton; Brian C. Sajdak, Franklin; Maria J. Selsor, Madison; and Public Education Committee Co-chair Jennifer N. Dye; Janesville.

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    State Bar offers a variety of consumer publications and law-related education resources. The consumer pamphlet series communicates basic information about legal issues that many people eventually face in their lives. Consumer publications save lawyers time by answering clients’ basic questions. They can be used in law offices to educate clients and in community outreach efforts. Law-related education resources are available for classroom and community presentations.


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