Inside Track: PINNACLE releases a new collection of the statutes municipal lawyers deal with the most:

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    PINNACLE releases a new collection of the statutes municipal lawyers deal with the most

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    State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® new release, Wisconsin Municipal Law Codebook: Cities, Towns, Villages, can help lawyers represent clients more efficiently, whether they are municipalities or private citizens dealing with matters involving their cities, towns, or villages.

    March 21, 2012 – You’re home from the office for the day, it’s time for peace and quiet … and then you hear the neighbors’ sound system blaring. There should be a law against that.

    And there probably is, just as there are laws governing the myriad activities people engage in every day in their communities. The Wisconsin Municipal Law Codebook: Cities, Towns, Villages includes Wisconsin statutes that give municipalities power to, among other things, impound “sound-producing devices,” hire and regulate dog catchers, establish parking rules, set up recycling programs, and regulate the sale and service of alcohol.

    These statutes and hundreds of others appear in the Municipal Law Codebook, which will help attorneys as they confront tasks such as the following:

    • learning what powers municipalities can and cannot exercise
    • helping individuals with transactional matters, from seeking zoning-variance approvals to challenging property assessments to requesting a liquor license for a new restaurant
    • guiding parties through the municipal court process
    • counseling local governmental entities regarding issues involving municipal employees (including collective bargaining and benefits), revenue sharing, and taxation

    Several members of the State Bar’s Government Lawyers Division assisted PINNACLE editors with selecting statutes and Wisconsin Constitution provisions to include in the Municipal Law Codebook. Their knowledge and expertise is reflected in the publication’s breadth of coverage, which ranges from the expected (e.g., chapter 66, General Municipality Law) to the perhaps unexpected (e.g., section 98.04, municipal enforcement of state weights and measures laws).

    Like all publications in the PINNACLE library of codebooks, this codebook contains a detailed table of contents and index, both of which help you find the specific statutes you need to answer clients’ questions and resolve their problems.

    To order

    The Wisconsin Municipal Law Codebook is available to members for $57.50, plus tax and shipping. Subscribers to the State Bar’s automatic supplementation service will receive updates at 10 percent off the regular price. For more information, contact the State Bar at (800) 728-7788 or (608) 257-3838.