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    May 23, 2018

    Marquette Admissions: Welcome, New Wisconsin Lawyers

    They are the 147 new Wisconsin lawyers, Class of 2018 graduates of the Marquette University Law School. As one proud father said, these new lawyers are proof that “our profession is in very good hands in the future.”
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    Taking the oath

    Soon-to-be Wisconsin lawyers -- new alumni of Marquette University Law School -- take the Attorney’s Oath during a ceremony on May 21.

    See more photos of the event on the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Facebook Page: 9 a.m. ceremony, 10 a.m. ceremony, 11 a.m. ceremony, 1 p.m. ceremony, 2 p.m. ceremony

    May 23, 2018 – In a ceremony in Madison before friends and family, 147 new alumni of Marquette University Law School became Wisconsin lawyers.

    The graduates took the Attorney’s Oath and signed the Supreme Court Roll, and listened to words of wisdom to help guide their first career steps.

    The 147 took their oaths in groups of around 30, so that their friends, family members, and colleagues could fit into the Supreme Court Hearing Room. Each group included advice from Wisconsin Supreme Court justices.

    Admissions ceremony

    Justice Annette Ziegler speaks to a standing-room only audience during the admissions ceremony for Marquette Law School alumni on May 21.

    “You will sleep most soundly if your character remains above reproach,” said Justice Dan Kelly.

    “Set lofty goals … and remember your oath,” said Justice Annette Ziegler. “Be honorable, and don’t fear failure, but seize opportunity.”

    “Take the time to thank those who helped you,” said Justice Rebecca Bradley. “And be grateful for your gifts of intelligence and for the opportunity you had to go to law school.”

    Debbie Thomas signs the Roll book

    Debbie Thomas signs the Supreme Court Roll book on May 21, one of the final steps to becoming a Wisconsin lawyer.

    Family Traditions

    John Kramer of Wausau proudly moved admission for his daughter Raeann Kramer. “She will serve her clients extremely well, and is proof that our profession is in very good hands in the future,” he said.

    Grady “Trey” Crosby III is following in the footsteps of his father, Grady Crosby II, a North Carolina lawyer with Johnson Controls. Trey is headed into civil litigation with MWH Law Group, Milwaukee. “He’s ready to go,” said Trey’s father.

    Crosby Family

    Grady “Trey” Crobsy III, center, stands next to his father, Grady Crosby II, a lawyer with Johnson Controls who moved admission for his son at the admissions ceremony. Standing with them are Trey’s grandmothers, Cora Revel, left; and Francis Crosby, right; and his mother, Monique Crosby, second from left.

    Proud mother Amy Seibel moved admission for her daughter, Nicole Paterson, who she said “has a passionate spirit.”

    While some families have a tradition of lawyers, some also have a tradition of generations attending Marquette University Law School. One such family is that of new admittee Alexander Kay, moved for admission by his father, Timothy Kay, Class of 1984. Timothy was moved into admission by his father, Thomas J. Kay, Class of 1960.

    “I love that this is a family matter,” said Chief Justice Patience Roggensack, who said that one of her most proud moment include acting as movant for her daughter in 1999. “We have so many lawyers acting as movants for their children, nieces, and nephews. That’s absolutely wonderful.”

    John Birdsall and Nicole Muller

    John Birdsall, a member of the State Bar Board of Governors, moved admission for new Wisconsin lawyer Nicole Muller.

    Ready to Start

    Nick Jordan of Dallas attended Marquette specifically because for its sports law program. Now that he is a lawyer, he will use this coming year as his “baseball mission trip” en route to becoming an agent. He is headed to Central America, including Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba. He plans to brush up on his Spanish, then do volunteer work with the baseball academies there. He’ll do “whatever they need, from painting fences and putting down chalk, to negotiating contracts.”

    His passion is baseball. “It’s something that I’ve always wanted to pursue,” he said. “It’s good to have the legal background, so I can take care of the players.”

    Zineb Davis

    Zineb Davis stands for a photo taken by her daughter, Nora, following the admissions ceremony May 21.

    Moroccan native Zineb Davis plans to practice in immigration law – posed for photos taken by her proud daughter, Nora Davis, 12. Nora plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps – and become a lawyer herself. “I can learn from her,” she said.

    Adrianna Hromadka of Milwaukee is heading into family law and estate planning. She chose the profession to help people “get a fair shot” and to help make things right. “I want to help people,” she said. “Deep down, I think that’s why we’re all here.”

    Tsz-King Tse

    Tsz-King Tse points to his name on the name wall following admission to the State Bar on May 21.

    See more photos of the event on the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Facebook Page:

    Welcome to these New Wisconsin Lawyers

    Michael R. Anspach, Toledo, Ohio

    Donald Applegate, Milwaukee

    Ambrose Bailey, Milwaukee

    Bryn I. Baker, Milwaukee

    Kenneth Baker, Milwaukee

    Mitchell Lyle Benzine, Raleigh, North Carolina

    Jasmine Betancourt, Milwaukee

    John Michael Binder, Milwaukee

    Benjamin A. Birtch, Neenah

    John Bogar, Milwaukee

    Stephen Bollom, Beach Park, Illinois

    Courtney Brenk, Milwaukee

    Benjamin James Britton, Saukville

    Collin David Brunk, Milwaukee

    Joseph Warren Bukowski, South Milwaukee

    Dominic Busalacchi, Milwaukee

    Mary L. Bussie, Germantown

    Tessa Button, New Franken

    Jillian Caggiano, Milwaukee

    Francis J. Capria III, Milwaukee

    Alexandria S. Carlson, Milwaukee

    Matthew W. Carlson, Milwaukee

    Alexander Castro, Hollywood, Florida

    Michael Chargo, New Berlin

    Margo Elise Clark, Milwaukee

    Joseph Corcoran, Milwaukee

    Veronica Corcoran, Milwaukee

    Shane Crager, Genoa City

    Grady Crosby III, Milwaukee

    Cate Cusack, Brookfield

    Zineb Davis, Madison

    Nicholas de Lorme, Milwaukee

    Jill M. Demski, Menomonee Falls

    Sara E. Dilanjian, Milwaukee

    Meredith J. Donaldson, Milwaukee

    Ryan A.W. Dummann, Menomonee Falls

    Stacia Dunn, Waunakee

    Kaitlynn Ebben, Milwaukee

    Zachary L. Enstrom, Milwaukee

    Joseph R. Esposito, Milwaukee

    Geoff Estes, St. Francis

    Isabelle Faust, Fox Point

    Kathleen Marie Fitzpatrick, Madison

    Corinne L. Frutiger, Monroe

    Sean Frye, Brookfield

    Matt Gagnier, Milwaukee

    Craig Gericke, Milwaukee

    Oliver Edward Bolin Gibson, Watertown

    Keegan Girodo, Milwaukee

    Tim Greenwood, Kaukauna

    Connor Haas, Madison

    Kenneth D.A. Habeck, Milwaukee

    Aaron K. Haller, Madison

    Jacob A. Haller, Milwaukee

    Cody Christopher Hallowell, Milwaukee

    Jacob Branson Hansen, Milwaukee

    Jennifer N. Haro, Milwaukee

    Joseph Herriges, Kewaskum

    Haley Rae Hinze, Milwaukee

    Adrianna Mary Hromadka, Milwaukee

    Ryan W. Hudak, Milwaukee

    Samantha Huddleston, Milwaukee

    Dailey Johnson, Milwaukee

    Kyle Edward Johnson, Poplar Grove, Illinois

    Nick Jordan, Dallas

    Ryan S. Jordan, Oregon

    Jon Richmond Josephsen Jr., Milwaukee

    Hannah Kaufman, Milwaukee

    Alexander T. Kay, Milwaukee

    Robert J. Keenan, Milwaukee

    Bria Kelly, Panama City, Florida

    Kelsey Kerr, Wauwatosa

    Katherine V. Klein, Milwaukee

    Melissa Lauren Kleine, Franklin


    Alison E. Kliner, Milwaukee

    Raeann A. Kramer, Wausau

    Hayley Kresnak, Milwaukee

    Mark L. Krueger, Milwaukee

    Ioua Alen Marcyn B. Lagazo, Aurora, Illinois

    Brian Laning, Milwaukee

    Amber Lee Lara, Denver, Colorado

    Andrew J. Lawton, Milwaukee

    Craig Alan Leckie, Bartow, Florida

    Robin Woongho Lee, Brookfield

    Alexis M. Leineweber, Milwaukee

    Isaac R. Lent, New Berlin

    Daniel Levin, Scottsdale, Arizona

    Natalie Lewandowski, Milwaukee

    Kaitlyn Lewis, Farmersburg, Indiana

    Craig J. Lindsey, Reno, Nevada

    Jessica S. Lothman, Wauwatosa

    Ben Lucareli, Cedarburg

    Samuel Miles Mayer Check, Milwaukee

    Patrick McDonald, Milwaukee

    John McNally, Milwaukee

    Jason Moore, Milwaukee

    Kyle Moore, Milwaukee

    Matthew Mowery, Milwaukee

    Nicole A. Muller, Milwaukee

    Blake A. Nold, Milwaukee

    Anthony Nudo, Kenosha

    Tiara Oates, Milwaukee

    Nathan Oesch, Milwaukee

    Robert Ollman, Grafton

    Ken Olstinski, Saint Francis

    Richard Warren O’Neal, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Alex O’Reilly, Milwaukee

    Nicole Antoinette Paterson, Mequon

    Chelsea Pierski, Milwaukee

    Tyler Daniel Pluff, Milwaukee

    Sarah Ratayczak, Cedarburg

    Annette Rauch, Milwaukee

    David A. Richie, Eau Claire

    Jared Riedl, Milwaukee

    McKinnon Roberts O’Neal, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Ana S. Rodriguez, Milwaukee

    Courtney L.A. Roelandts, Milwaukee

    Cassidy Sandoval, Milwaukee

    Christopher J. Saugstad, Milwaukee

    Kelsey Schanke, Milwaukee

    Rachel L. Scott, Milwaukee

    Anjali Sharma, Wauwatosa

    Austin E. Simarski, Oconomowoc

    Alex Slepica, Oregon

    Ashley Ariel Smith, Milwaukee

    Adam Stuart, Milwaukee

    Richard E. Stueckroth, Wauwatosa

    Thomas Luke Swieciak, Franklin

    Brandon J. Talbert, Milwaukee

    Ilena Telford, Elm Grove

    Meranda Teller, Green Bay

    Sheila Thobani, Grapevine, Texas

    Debbie A. Thomas, Milwaukee

    Elisabeth Winston Lambert, Milwaukee

    Bailey Anne Timmons, Oak Creek

    Naomi Tovar, Chicago

    Rachel L. Treuer, Oak Creek

    Tsz-King Tse, LaCrosse

    Jonathan R. Van Geffen, Bear Creek

    Nicholas G. Verhaalen, Sussex

    Karl Vogel, Milwaukee

    Jonathan Walsh, Appleton

    Corey Kaikane Westfall, San Diego

    Apallonia C. Wilhelm, Milwaukee

    Adam Woodside, Milwaukee

    Hannah R. Zacharias, Milwaukee

    Zachary Paul Zastrow, New Berlin

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