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    May 23, 2017

    Marquette Admissions: State Bar Welcomes 148 New Wisconsin Lawyers

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court and the State Bar of Wisconsin welcomed 148 new Wisconsin lawyers – alumni of Marquette University Law School.

    Shannon Green

    • Krystyn Kuzniar poses with her parents
    • Marquette Law School graduates take the Attorney’s Oath
    • Megan Harmon poses with family
    • Tamara Johnson poses in front of the Capitol
    • Judge Michael Fitzpatrick and law clerk Kayla McCann
    • Nicholas Ramos signs the Supreme Court Roll book
    • Justice Daniel Kelly administers the Attorney’s Oath

    Visit the State Bar’s Facebook page for more photos from each admissions ceremony.

    May 23, 2017 – They are third-generation lawyers, and those who want a career helping others. They are the 148 new Wisconsin lawyers, graduates of the Marquette University Law School.

    In a ceremony in Madison before friends and family members, 148 alumni of Marquette University Law School became new Wisconsin lawyers.

    The graduates took the Attorney’s Oath and signed the Supreme Court Roll, and listened to words of wisdom to help guide them on their first steps in their law careers.

    “Persistence, passion, and preparation will get you where you want to go,” said Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman in the court’s hearing room at the State Capitol yesterday. “Be a zealous advocate” not only for your client, but for the legal profession, he said.

    “Maintain the dreams you had when you started law school,” advised Chief Justice Patience Roggensack. “As you go on, dreams make the hard jobs easier to bear.”

    “My wish is for your dreams to come true,” she told the admittees.

    Look to your local and State Bar for advice and aid, said State Bar President Fran Deisinger. “You will find a community of professionals who will help you,” he said. “We are advocates, not enemies.”

    Alyssa Gemein

    New Wisconsin lawyer Alyssa Gemein loves soccer – and won’t let a broken ankle slow her down when starting her career in bankruptcy law.

    Family Traditions, Future Plans

    The admittees included 14 with a grandparent, parent, or sibling who is a Wisconsin lawyer, acting as movants. Some are third-generation lawyers in their family. Benjamin Anderson’s father and grandfather are Marquette Law School alumni. Kirsten Cooper’s grandfather was a tax lawyer and her father worked in real estate law.

    Shannon Green is communications writer for the State Bar of Wisconsin, Madison. She can be reached by email or by phone at (608) 250-6135.

    Andrew Trevino is following in the footsteps of his brother, Joseph Trevino, his movant. Others are the first in their family to attend law school, including Dylan Gehrtz from North Dakota. He is headed to Kenosha to work in bankruptcy law.

    Also beginning work in bankruptcy law is Alyssa Gemein, who planned to become a lawyer at a young age because she likes talking to people. Gemein also loves soccer, which she’s played since she was small. But an unfortunate incident left her wearing a boot for a broken ankle during the ceremony rather than heels. It won’t stop her from playing in the future. Soccer, she said, “is my de-stressor.”

    Megan Kaldunski has been talking about being a lawyer from age seven. “In fourth grade, when we came to school dressed up as what we wanted to be, I went dressed as a lawyer,” Megan said. And, her mother Mary said, “She likes to argue.” “I can argue both sides now,” Megan added.

    Admittee Megan Harmon had another reason to celebrate as she entered the Wisconsin Supreme Court hearing room for the ceremony: just 30 minutes earlier, she received an offer for a job she’s very happy about - working in immigration law with Catholic Charities in Milwaukee while she finishes her master's degree in International Studies.

    Harmon admitted she was quiet as a child, but she has always wanted a job where she can help people. “My mom said ‘be a lawyer.’”

    Justice Daniel Kelly takes a photo

    Justice Daniel Kelly takes a photo after the 2:30 p.m. ceremony of Justice Rebecca Bradley, center, with her future law clerk, Christina Wabiszewski, second from right, who begins Aug. 1. Posing for the photo, from the left, are Mike Wabiszewski, Christina’s father; Justice Bradley; Deb Wabiszewski, Christina’s mother and owner of the phone; Christina; and Shelley Grogan, judicial assistant to Justice Bradley.

    Welcome to these New Wisconsin Lawyers

    Edona Ajvazi, Milwaukee

    Benjamin Anderson, Kenosha

    Kelsey Ann Anderson, Milwaukee

    T. Samuel Azinger, Thiensville

    Daniel John Balk III, Milwaukee

    Jasmyne Baynard, Milwaukee

    Will Kolton Bell, Nocona, Texas

    Andrew Yamanaka Belter, Brown Deer

    Garrett B. Bickford, Milwaukee

    Jacob Birenbaum, Random Lake

    Celeste Borjas, Madison

    Austin Borton, Milwaukee

    Abbey Kathleen Bowen, Milwaukee

    Barry James Braatz, Fond du Lac

    Sean M. Brown, Milwaukee

    Jennifer Budzien, Hartland

    Nick Burkett, Milwaukee

    Jesse Byam-Katzman, Milwaukee

    Leah Marie Cameron

    Brandon Carlin, Jackson

    Matthew E. Carlson, Milwaukee

    Chelsea J. Collins, Milwaukee

    David T. Conley, Milwaukee

    Kirsten Cooper, Milwaukee

    Robert Copley, Milwaukee

    Courtney A. Creekmore, Kinston, North Carolina

    Katie L. Czapanskiy, Milwaukee

    Christopher M. D’Errico, Milwaukee

    Aaron J. Davis, Milwaukee

    Prashant Dayal, Milwaukee

    Alexander M. DeGuire, Pewaukee

    Matthew Derus, Milwaukee

    Alyson Dieckman, Milwaukee

    Matthew Dobbe, Glendale

    Hannah Dockendorff, Milwaukee

    Frederick Hudson Dore III, Milwaukee

    Samuel Draver, Shorewood

    Andrew Paul Duff, Greenfield

    Brandi DuPree, Milwaukee

    Karyn J. Durkin, Milwaukee

    Michael A. Edwards, Milwaukee

    Andrea L. Fendry, Greendale

    Evan R. Fingert, Milwaukee

    Kali Fournier, Huntington Beach, California

    Carolyn E. Garski, Milwaukee

    Kevin J. Garstka, Park Ridge, Illinois

    Michael R. Gavin, Latrobe, Pennsylvania

    Dylan Gehrtz, Milwaukee

    Alyssa Lauren Gemein, Milwaukee

    Carly Gerard, Milwaukee

    Christopher Gill, Appleton

    Megan E. Glise, Milwaukee

    Jessica M. Goldstein, Milwaukee

    Emily Greene, Fox Point

    Erik M. Gustafson, Milwaukee

    Christopher M. Guthrie, Milwaukee

    Dana Hall, Milwaukee

    Megan Lynese Harmon, Milwaukee

    Emily R. Harriman, Omaha, Nebraska

    Christopher M. Hayden, Milwaukee

    Candace W. Hays, Milwaukee

    Ashley S. Heard, Hudson

    Blake Heiman, Kansas City, Missouri

    Jessica L. Hendrick, Richmond, Virginia

    Katelynn J. Hill, Onalaska

    Amber J. Horak, Cedarburg

    Alexander Huppertz, Milwaukee

    Jill K. Ingels, Milwaukee

    Kelsey P. Johnson, Milwaukee

    Tamara N. Johnson, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Brandon G. Jubelirer, Milwaukee

    Megan Kaldunski, Mequon

    Stephen M. Kaminsky, Milwaukee

    Saiba Kapila, New Berlin


    Kyla Karcz, Wausau

    Michael Karp, Milwaukee

    Adam Kerner, Milwaukee

    Alexandra A. Klimko, Pewaukee

    Alicia H. Kort, Milwaukee

    John Kreuser, Milwaukee

    Elizabeth Kulinski, Milwaukee

    Kristyn R. Kuzniar, Milwaukee

    Julian B. Lacera, Milwaukee

    Michael R. Laing, Oconomowoc

    Julia Faye Mader, Stockbridge

    Omar Malcolm, Milwaukee

    Melissa Maldonado, Milwaukee

    Cody J. Marschall, Milwaukee

    Carly Gerads, Milwaukee

    Kevin Alfred Martin, Milwaukee

    Ellen M. Matyas, Wauwatosa

    Kayla Ashlyn McCann, Milwaukee

    Sara C. McNamara, Milwaukee

    Danielle Meriwether, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Brianna J. Meyer, Milwaukee

    Laura P. Mikeworth, Woodridge, Illinois

    Jerome C. Mohsen, Shorewood

    Andrew Mong, Milwaukee

    Tracy J. Murn, Waukesha

    Jason P. Muth, Milwaukee

    Karla M. Nettleton, East Helena, Montana

    Averi Anne Niemuth, Racine

    Mohammad Ayman Owaynat, Chicago

    Kayla Paleka, Genoa City

    Brandon L. Parks, Burlington

    Sally M. Paul, Neenah

    Jack A. Pitzo, Milwaukee

    Nicholas Prudenzano, Miami, Florida

    Nicholas Ramos, Milwaukee

    Ami Annette Regele, Milwaukee

    Lauren G. Remsik, Milwaukee

    Matthew John Richer, Kenosha

    Colin J. Robinson, Sun Prairie

    Quinton Robinson, Milwaukee

    John A. Rome, Milwaukee

    Drew Rosen, New Hope, Pennsylvania

    Brittany Rose Running, Milwaukee

    Henry M. Russo, Milwaukee

    Raymond R. Rutz III, Milwaukee

    Amber Saskowski, Milwaukee

    Christian Nicholas Schaefer, Milwaukee

    Nicholis Schroeder, Madison

    Peter Edward Schuster, Milwaukee

    Rexford Sheild, Oconomowoc

    Angela Wonmi Shin, Glenview, Illinois

    Amardeep K. Singh, Union Grove

    Danielle Snyder, Milwaukee

    Alex J. Stein, Green Bay

    Erica H. Stoltz, West Bend

    Nicholas E. Sulpizio, Cherry Hills, New Jersey

    Corey Swinick, Milwaukee

    Shannon Tenney, Milwaukee

    Gianna Tenuta, Kenosha

    Emily A. Tercilla, Milwaukee

    Charles Tortorici, Stuart, Florida

    Andrew Trevino, Milwaukee

    Jon M. Tyus, Milwaukee

    Adam James VandenHeuvel, Milwaukee

    Keith Kolby Venema, Darien

    Brian Thomas Vogt, Milwaukee

    Christina L. Wabiszewski, Elm Grove

    Dena Welden, West Allis

    Michelle Alexander Wenninger, Slinger

    Lee Wickert, Cedarburg

    Natalie L. Wisco, Greenfield

    James J. Wold, Milwaukee

    Micah Woo, Richmond, Virginia

    Lucas Wood, Mequon

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