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    June 02, 2016

    Poised for Greatness: State Bar Welcomes 90 New Wisconsin Lawyers, U.W. Law School Grads

    The State Bar of Wisconsin recently welcomed 90 new Wisconsin lawyers, graduates of the U.W. Law School. Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler said the new lawyers are “poised for greatness” and should pursue their goals without fear of failure.

    Shannon Green

    June 2, 2016 – Bette’s mom Catherine White will always know how long she’s practiced as a lawyer: her daughter’s age will forever serve as a reminder. Bette was born about three weeks from the day her mom was admitted as a Wisconsin lawyer.

    “She was born between finals and graduation,” said Bette’s grandmother, Hester White of Beloit.

    Catherine White is one of 90 new Wisconsin lawyers, graduates of the U.W. Law School, who took the Attorney’s Oath and signed the Supreme Court Roll on June 1, 2016.

    Fiona Frimpong Awe smiles up at her husband, Lekan Awe, while signing the Attorney's Roll.

    Fiona Frimpong Awe smiles up at her husband, Lekan Awe, while signing the Attorney's Roll.

    Poised for Greatness

    “I think you’re personally poised for greatness,” Justice Annette Ziegler told the admittees during one of the three ceremonies on June 1. Even those who are considered most successful – think of Bill Gates or Michael Jordan – suffered failures. But they did not stop because of failure.

    “It’s the people who keep trying again and again who are the most successful,” Justice Ziegler said. “Don’t let fear of failure overcome your drive to succeed.”

    State Bar of Wisconsin President Ralph Cagle – who taught some of them as students during his last semesters as a U.W. Law School professor – told the admittees that he has no doubt they will be able to deal with the changes in the legal profession, spurred by technological developments, consumer demand, and a changing marketplace.

    “I think you’re well-suited to deal with the changing world,” Cagle said.

    Chief Justice Patience Roggensack encouraged the admittees to practice “with truth and honor” and to never go back on their word.

    “Your word is the most precious thing you have,” Chief Justice Roggensack said. “The court relies on you to be honest on the facts” as well as knowledgeable about case law. “That will make you very, very successful.”

    Catherine White has two reasons to be proud - as a new Wisconsin lawyer and as the mother of 3-week-old, yawning Bette Fagan.

    Catherine White has two reasons to be proud - as a new Wisconsin lawyer and as the mother of 3-week-old, yawning Bette Fagan.

    Basketball, Ghana, Immigrant Children, and a Great Profession

    Among the graduates is Daniel Fahey from Chicago, who played as No. 10 on the Wisconsin Badger’s men’s basketball team as an undergraduate, following in the footsteps of his father, Illinois lawyer Tom Fahey. Dan Fahey plans to work in Chicago, at the same firm where his father started 35 years ago – Hinshaw and Culbertson LLP.

    Daniel went into law after seeing the respect his father received as a lawyer, and also as a way to both help people and challenge himself on a daily basis. And to keep up with his competitive side.

    “I enjoy the challenge, I enjoy working with others,” Daniel Fahey said.

    Fiona Frimpong Awe’s parents likely came the farthest distance to attend her graduation. Sarah-Mary and Dan Frimpong are from Ghana.

    “They are very proud,” Fiona said of her parents.

    She looks forward to spending time with her sister, Phillippa Amankwah and her 7-month-old niece, Isabel. Fiona lives in Milwaukee with her husband, Lekan Awe; she came to the U.S. in 2009 to attend college at Cardinal Stritch in Milwaukee, and works as a guardian ad litem at the Legal Aid Society in Milwaukee – taking the day off to become a lawyer.

    “Everyone said I talked too much, so I should be a lawyer,” Awe said. It was an idea that resonated with her.

    Miriam Eniolorunda, left, poses with parents Esther and Olaolu Eniolorunda of Dallas, following the ceremony.

    Miriam Eniolorunda, left, poses with parents Esther and Olaolu Eniolorunda of Dallas, following the ceremony.

    Miriam Eniolorunda’s parents also traveled far – from Dallas – to celebrate the first lawyer in their family. Her mother, Esther, said they used to call her “baby lawyer” when she was young. “I’ve always been known as the lawyer,” Miriam said.

    She became a lawyer to help women and children, and plans to practice in family law in New York, helping children with their immigration status.

    Other new Wisconsin lawyers include: Jeffery Pugh, planning to work in mergers and acquisitions as well as securities with a Chicago firm; Thomas Wilson, whose father Gerald, a lawyer in Marinette, moved for his son’s admission; Samuel Robins, who will clerk for Chief Justice Roggensack; and Aissa Oliverez, planning to help immigrant children in her native Texas as a staff attorney with ProBAR Children’s Project.

    Carin Frank plans to work with the Army Corps of Engineers in Chicago, practicing in environmental and labor law. Her father, Mark, proudly moved for her admission. A Wisconsin attorney practicing criminal law, he “definitely influenced” her choice to become a lawyer. “It’s a great profession,” Mark Frank said.

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    Attorney Mark Frank, right, poses for a photo with his daughter Carin Frank, a new Wisconsin lawyer, and wife, Eileen Frank.

    Visit the State Bar of Wisconsin on Facebook and Flickr for additional photos of this event.

    The State Bar welcomes these new attorneys:

    Sonal Agarwal, Verona

    Kathryn Allen, Milwaukee

    Karl E. Anderson, Madison

    Natasha Katlina Araya-Schraner, Madison

    David Allen Ausloos, Kiel

    Fiona Frimpong Awe, Milwaukee

    Laura Cathryn Bachmann, Sheboygan

    Kelsey Christine Boehm, Madison

    Zachary Brown, Madison

    Erin Burns, Rio

    Joseph Bryant-Henderson Calavenna, Madison

    Alexander Carson, Madison

    Lisa Anne Claxton, Milwaukee

    Forrest John Crawford, Cottage Grove

    Nicolas del Campo, El Paso, Texas

    Victoria del Campo, El Paso, Texas

    Justin J. Dreikosen, Sheboygan

    Lawrence Drewry, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Patrick L. Finnegan DuBois, Neenah

    Emily Eklund, Janesville

    Miriam Adunola Eniolorunda, Arlington, Texas

    Mackenzie Jess Fagan, Madison

    Daniel L. Fahey, Chicago, Illinois

    Caleb Saunders, Menasha

    Christopher K. Schuele, Milwaukee

    Danielle Scott, Madison

    Chase Shoemaker, Madison

    Justin Michael Sondalle, Madison

    Charles Lowell Spector, Tucson, Arizona

    Frederick Fassbender, New London

    Caitlin A. Fish, Madison

    Corydon James Fish, Madison

    Neal J. Fitzgerald, Madison

    Carin Josephine Frank, Madison

    Nolan Thomas Franti, Rice Lake

    Brian P. Goodman, Madison

    Joshua Greatsinger, Manitowoc

    Kenneth LeAnder Gresham II, Glen Rock, New Jersey

    Claudia Harke, Appleton

    Madisson Leigh Heinze, Madison

    Curtis Hinca, Madison

    Caitlin Irene Holzem, Madison

    Alyssa L. Kempke, Green Bay

    Matt Klos, Madison

    Kenton P. Knop, Hartland

    Trent P. Koerner, Madison

    Jenna Renee Konruff, Sun Prairie

    Mary J. Kotleski, Racine

    Katherine Kratcha, Madison

    Stephanie M. Kreager, Madison

    Charles Kreger, Monona

    May Y. Lee, Madison

    Shin-Yen Lee, Madison

    Kathryn Clare Llaurado, Madison

    Bryce A. Loken, Madison

    Molly C. Stacy, Milwaukee

    Tyler Bischoff Stevenson, Middleton

    Ian M. Tenderholt, Madison

    Anne Terrien, Middleton

    David Malkus, Madison

    Eric Michael Markisen, Green Bay

    Cameron E. R. Marston, Milwaukee

    Jessica D. Miller, Middleton

    Elizabeth R. Ness, Milwaukee

    Gina DeAnn Nugent, Prairie du Sac

    Kelsey A. O’Gorman, Brookfield

    Aissa I. Olivarez, McAllen, Texas

    Mitchel Olson , Phillips

    Konrad Paczuski, Madison

    Randy J. Pflum, Madison

    Michael Polich, Madison

    Jeffery Ryan Pugh, Madison

    Janelle Ramsel, Madison

    Kahini Ranade, Madison

    Marissa Anne Reynolds, Madison

    Samuel G. Robertson, Madison

    Samuel Robins, Madison

    Christopher D. Russell, Madison

    Clorissa Nichole Santiago, Green Bay

    Samantha R. Schacht, Madison

    Bailey K. Steffes, Milwaukee

    Michael Ullman, Madison

    Brett R. Valentyn, Chicago

    Loredana Valtierra, Joliet, Illinois

    Ryan P. Van De Hey, Madison

    Crystal Vera, Madison

    Xinyi Wei, Madison

    Catherine E. White, Madison

    Thomas Lloyd Wilson, Madison

    Tiffany E. Woelfel, Madison

    Visit the State Bar's Facebook page and Flickr for more photos of this event.

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