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    May 24, 2016

    Marquette Admissions: Welcoming 126 New Lawyers to the State Bar of Wisconsin

    The State Bar Welcomes the 126 graduates of Marquette University Law School who took the Attorney’s Oath and signed the Supreme Court Roll on May 23, 2016.

    Shannon Green

    Elizabeth Ehrmann with parents

    Newly-made Wisconsin attorney Elizabeth Ehrmann points at her name and poses with her mother Tammy and father, Wisconsin attorney Mark Ehrmann of Madison.

    Visit the State Bar’s Facebook page for more photos of this event.

    May 24, 2016 – They came from across Wisconsin, as well as California, Rhode Island, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and even Puerto Rico and Russia.

    But they are all now alumni of Marquette University and all new Wisconsin lawyers.

    In the Wisconsin Capitol building, before members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court as well as friends and family members, 126 graduates took the Attorney’s Oath and signed the Supreme Court Roll.

    “This is a celebration,” said Chief Justice Patience Roggensack.

    The new lawyers include Brycen Breazeale, now the first lawyer in his family, who entered law school as the best way to help others; and Katrina Seipel, who, after working at a rape crisis center and learning the victims’ point of view, plans to go into criminal law.

    And there’s Elizabeth Ehrman, who according to her mother, always wanted to be lawyer. “I knew she wanted to be an attorney since she started to talk,” said Tammy Ehrmann. It is now a family tradition – Elizabeth joins her father Mark Ehrmann of Madison and grandfather Thomas Ehrmann of Brookfield as Wisconsin lawyers. She is pursuing sports law as a practice area.

    alt text

    126 Marquette Law School graduates became Wisconsin lawyers in four separate ceremonies on May 23, 2016, at the State Capitol. Here, 31 lawyers take the Attorney’s Oath, administered by Justice Rebecca Bradley.

    Visit the State Bar’s Facebook page for more photos of this event.

    Patrick Hancock traveled a long way to see his godson, Christopher Rundell, graduate and become a Wisconsin lawyer. Hancock, from Texas, was briefly admitted by Chief Justice Roggensack to act as movant for Rundell. “I’m so proud of him,” Hancock said. “If I needed a lawyer, he’s the one I’d want.”

    For Meghan Pirics, the choice of Marquette as a law school was an easy one: she’s going into sports law – and has worked as a legal intern for Marti Wronski, vice president and general counsel for the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club. Growing up in Chicago, Pirics and her family are lifelong Cubs fans, says Meghan’s mother, Gail. But it is a privilege to work with Wronski. “Meghan’s very willing to put on a Brewers shirt,” Gail said.

    Shannon Green is communications writer for the State Bar of Wisconsin, Madison. She can be reached by email or by phone at (608) 250-6135.

    Rebecca Borkovec is a pioneer, the first Marquette student to earn the joint degrees in law and human resources. With her J.D. in hand, she has one more – and probably much less stressful – year to go to complete her master’s degree in human resources. The two degrees will allow her to do what she is passionate about – helping people do the best at their work, and helping employers support them.

    Perhaps the graduate who traveled the farthest is Olivia Fitzgerald, adopted from Russia at age 10. She now joins her aunt, attorney Marcia O’Loughlin of Madison, as a Wisconsin lawyer – an achievement after coming to the U.S. and learning English as her second language.

    “She’s overcome obstacles, persevered, and worked harder to get here than anybody else in this room,” O’Loughlin said of her niece while speaking as her movant.

    During the ceremony, all graduates received words of wisdom from Justice Annette Ziegler, including encouragement to help the next generation. “Try to be the type of lawyer you’d want as a mentor,” she said. “Then go forward and be a mentor.”

    And don’t miss opportunity when it knocks on your door, even if you think you don’t have the right experience. Frequently, opportunity is “dressed in overalls and looks like work,” Justice Ziegler said. “Walk through that door and give yourself a chance. There’s all sorts of people out there who really need your help.”

    Molly Rose Madonia

    Marquette University Law School graduate Molly Rose Madonia signs the Supreme Court Roll to become a Wisconsin lawyer at the Madison Club in Madison on May 23, 2016.

    Visit the State Bar’s Facebook page for more photos of this event.

    The new Wisconsin lawyers are:

    Alex R. Ackerman, Oshkosh

    Matthew Ackmann, Milwaukee

    Matthew W. Adrian, Milwaukee

    Shannon Lynn Alberts, Brussels

    Alicia Anderson, Madison

    Lindsey M. Anderson, Germantown

    Francesco J. Balistrieri, Milwaukee

    Joseph P. Bastien, Milwaukee

    Robert Paul Berry, Milwaukee

    Rebecca Marie Borkovec, Franklin

    Nicole Alice Brandemuehl, Milwaukee

    Brycen Breazeale, Milwaukee

    Sean Adam Bukowski, Milwaukee

    Krista Czapla Callaghan, Mequon

    Alexa Callahan , Milwaukee

    Samuel John Casson, Milwaukee

    Joel Steven Chappelle, Janesville

    Kevin James Clark, Oconomowoc

    Nicholas John Conrardy, Milwaukee

    Larissa Dallman, Milwaukee

    Mallory Rachel Davis, Milwaukee

    Evann Dahl Schwerm Derus, Milwaukee

    Joshua Anthony Dryak, Brown Deer

    Elizabeth Loran Ehrmann, Madison

    Mary Catherine Ellis, New Berlin

    Kirk R. Emick, Wauwatosa

    Abbey M. Essman, Milwaukee

    Anna V. Fay, Twin Lakes

    Jordan Feest, Two Rivers

    Nathaniel Colin Stephenson, Sacramento, California

    N. Swanson, Milwaukee

    Daniel J. Fiorenza, Brookfield

    Olivia Fitzgerald, Madison

    Anne Eileen Flinchum, Milwaukee

    Zachary J. Flood, Milwaukee

    Laurel Nicole Foshag, Mequon

    Alex Foundos, Milwaukee

    Morgan M. Galusha, Milwaukee

    Solomon H. Gatton, Belgium

    Carl Gee, Pleasant Prairie

    Zachary C. Geren, Francis Creek

    Jonathan J. Gigot, Milwaukee

    Timothy James Gisi, Wauwatosa

    Nathan Daniel Groth, Monona

    Justin J. Harrison, Franklin

    Ryan P. Heiden, Milwaukee

    Tyler M. Helsel, Milwaukee

    Thomas L. Henry, Milwaukee

    Elizabeth M. Herrick, Milwaukee

    James Thomas Hornstein Jr.,
    Lincoln, Rhode Island

    Andrew S. Hovestol, Milwaukee

    Trace P. Hummel, Milwaukee

    Jessica Jurevis, Chicago, IL

    Rebecca Kaj, Milwaukee

    Caleb Christian-Dale Katz, Bloomington, Illinois

    Ashley Swick, Milwaukee

    Dawid T. Szymanski, Milwaukee

    Kyle Thelen, Appleton

    Teresita Torres, Milwaukee

    Katherine Anna Trudell, Kenosha

    Cassandra J. Van Gompel, Green Bay

    Steven Wah, Wauwatosa

    Gerard Maximilian Warren, Lake Forest, Illinois

    Jeremy M. Klang, Milwaukee

    Jennifer Krueger, Sussex

    Kevin Lasiter, Oak Creek

    Kyle Christopher Lepak, Sheboygan

    Christopher R. Little, Milwaukee

    Claire F. Longdin, Whitefish Bay

    Darius Love, Milwaukee

    Joshua Lurie, Milwaukee

    Molly Rose Madonia, Milwaukee

    Daniel Marazan, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

    Adam Victor Marshall, Milwaukee

    Sean Patrick McCarthy, Milwaukee

    Miguel F. Mendez Lopez, Gurabo, Puerto Rico

    Collin T. Mettelka, Milwaukee

    Phillip Tyler Munson, Naperville, Illinois

    Daniel Murphy, Milwaukee

    Mark James O’Neil Jr., Milwaukee

    Ryan Andrew Onosko, Milwaukee

    Sheldon Oppermann, Milwaukee

    Michael David Panlener II, Milwaukee

    Carlos M. Pedraza, Summerfield, North Carolina

    Alexander Dominic Perwich III, Milwaukee

    Connor Peterson, Milwaukee

    Jillian Pfeifer, Waukesha

    Kelly Pingel, Milwaukee

    David Watson, Whitefish Bay

    Nicole M. Ways, Milwaukee

    Theodore James Wendel, Whitewater

    Patrick Louis Wewel, Cedarburg

    Larry Alexander Whitley, Milwaukee

    John Wilson, Mt. Prospect, Illinois

    Rachael A. Wolfe, Milwaukee

    Meghan Mae Pirics, Milwaukee

    Joseph Paul Poehlmann, Milwaukee

    Morgyn Marie Ray, Wauwatosa

    Benjamin P. Reider, Muskegon, Michigan

    Vanessa El Richmond, Milwaukee

    Andrew Rissler, Santa Clara, California

    Shane Thomas Roeber, Pewaukee

    Brianna K. Ross, Rockton, Illinois

    TalorMarie Rudolph, Milwaukee

    Patrick Ruelle, Milwaukee

    Christopher Charles Rundell II, Milwaukee

    Gabriella R. Saenz, Milwaukee

    Aleksa Akerfelds Sanders, Milwaukee

    Natalie Schiferl, Golden Valley, Minnesota

    Armand Schonscheck, Oak Creek

    Jordan Christine Schrader, Milwaukee

    Katrina Seipel, Milwaukee

    Jacob Aaron Shapiro, Madison

    Lori Noelle Shaw, Milwaukee

    Stephanie Jo Shelton, Milwaukee

    Daniel Simandl, Milwaukee

    Megan A. Slayback, Waukesha

    Jeffrey Alan Smith, Westborough, Massachusetts

    Elisabeth H. Sobic, Mequon

    Arthur M. Sonneland IV, De Pere

    Ryan M. Spott, Milwaukee

    John Tucker Woodson, Menomonee Falls

    Lucas Andrew Wyshnytzky, Milwaukee

    Jeff Yostanto, Milwaukee

    Kaitlin Ann Zitterman, Milwaukee

    Claire Zyber, Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Visit the State Bar’s Facebook page for more photos of this event.

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