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    April 22, 2016

    State Bar President-elect Post Goes to Paul Swanson

    Paul Swanson of Steinhilber, Swanson, Mares, Marone & McDermott, Oshkosh, is the next president-elect of the State Bar of Wisconsin.
    Paul G. Swanson

    Paul G. Swanson wins president-elect post.

    April 22, 2016 – Paul Swanson of Steinhilber, Swanson, Mares, Marone & McDermott, Oshkosh, is the next president-elect of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

    In the elections ending April 22, 2016, Swanson defeated John Danner of Harrold, Scrobell & Danner S.C., Minoqua, by 2,616 votes to 2,274.

    Swanson will serve a one-year term as president-elect, beginning July 1, before succeeding Fran Deisinger as State Bar president on July 1, 2017.

    "I am honored at the privilege the voting members have bestowed me with the election to this office. I thank you all,” Swanson said.

    Swanson said he is looking forward to serving. “I will use every effort to encourage the delivery of value to the members for their dues and strive to make our State Bar more self-sufficient as well as efficient in its operations. I also hope to address the longstanding problems related to the funding or delivery of services to those in the State of Wisconsin that need them – both civil and criminal."

    Members need to be the conscience of the Legislature, Swanson said. "We, collectively, should continue the effort to educate the public on the value of access to the legal system in a free and democratic society."

    See more information about Swanson.

    Mary Lynne Donohue

    Mary Lynne Donohue wins secretary post.

    Sherry Coley

    Sherry Coley elected as Judicial Council representative

    In Other State Bar Races

    Mary Lynne Donohue of Sheboygan was elected to a two-year term as secretary, defeating Ann I. Brandau of Brandau & Waltz Law Offices LLP, La Crosse, by 2,535 votes to 2,007.

    Winning a three-year term as Judicial Council representative is Sherry Coley of Green Bay, by 1,725 votes to 1,669 for Jesse B. Blocher of Waukesha, and 1,323 votes for Charles (Chuck) Stertz of Appleton.

    Board of Governors

    Those elected to serve two-year terms beginning July 1 as district representatives on the State Bar Board of Governors are:

    ​​District 2 (five vacancies)

    District 4 (one vacancy)

    • Jeffrey R. Wisnicky, Kewaunee County Corporation Counsel, Kewaunee, Northern Illinois University 2003

    District 6 (two vacancies)

    District 8 (one vacancy)

    District 9 (four vacancies)

    District 10 (one vacancy)

    District 12 (one vacancy)

    District 14 (one vacancy)

    District 16 (one vacancy)

    • Amanda J. Ley, State Public Defenders Office, Wausau, Washington College of Law, American University 2011

    Not sure which district is yours? See the district map on

    The State Bar’s Board of Governors is the policymaking body of the organization, and is represented by 52 board members (governors) in 16 districts who serve two-year terms.

    Governors represent the district in which they work. In 2016, Districts 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, and 16 elected governors. District 2 (Milwaukee) elected five; District 6 (Waukesha) elected two; District 9 (Dane) elected four; and all other districts elected one.

    New Division Officers and Board Members Announced

    All terms begin on July 1. The presidents-elect serve a one-year term before becoming president and then serve one year as past president. The secretary and board members’ positions are two-year terms.

    Government Lawyers Division

    Mary SchanningPresident-elect: Mary Schanning, Milwaukee

    Board members:
    Michael P. May, Madison
    Judith Schmidt-Lehman, De Pere
    Hon. Lisa Marmet, Milwaukee


    Nonresident Lawyers Division

    David WerwiePresident-elect: David Werwie, St. Paul, MN

    Board members:
    Kathryn Bullon, Sombra, Ontario, Canada
    Paul Conrad, Washington, DC
    Erik Guenther, St. Thomas, VI
    Debra Kuper, East Greenwich, RI
      H. Charles Stahmer, Bozeman, MT


    Senior Lawyers Division

    Steven SorensonPresident-elect: Steven Sorenson, Oshkosh

    Board members:
    Dean Dietrich, Wausau
    Myron LaRowe, Reedsburg
    Anne Taylor Wadsack, Madison – elected to a second term
    Earl Munson, Madison – elected to a second term


    Young Lawyers Division

    Danielle KranzPresident-elect: Danielle Kranz, Sparta
    Secretary: Chad Schimmelpfenning, Appleton

    Board members:
    Elizabeth Bush, Brookfield
    Amy Ferguson, Rhinelander
    Michael Gentry, Madison
    Jane Howard, Mequon
    Richard Orton, Milwaukee

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