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    June 03, 2015

    UW Law School Admissions: The State Bar of Wisconsin Welcomes Class of 2015

    New lawyers took the Attorney’s Oath during swearing-in ceremonies on June 2, 2015.

    Shannon Green

    Ashley Bailey

    Ashley Bailey pauses for a photo taken by her mother, Samantha Bailey, following the ceremony.

    June 2, 2015 – The time of learning is just beginning for 110 new lawyers.

    “The life of a lawyer is a life of learning,” Justice Annette Ziegler told the new lawyers at a swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday.

    The U.W. Law School class of 2015 – 110 in all – took the Attorney’s Oath and signed the Supreme Court Roll to join the State Bar of Wisconsin.

    The U.W. Law School graduates were admitted to the profession Monday by members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, U.W. Law School Dean Margaret Raymond, State Bar President Robert Gagan, Board of Bar Examiners Director Jacquelynn B. Rothstein, and by family and friends.

    Jazmyn Janee Taitingfong

    Jazmyn Janee Taitingfong points to her name on the new attorneys list.

    Choosing Law

    Among the new lawyers is Ashley Bailey, whose brother, Bezel Bailey III, a Minnesota lawyer, vouched for her character on her behalf before the court. Ashley, from Minnesota like her brother and aiming to practice corporate law at a Minneapolis firm, chose the U.W. Law School after careful consideration. The school, she said, is especially welcoming to students of color.

    “There is a strong sense of community,” she said.

    Many of the new lawyers, now licensed in Wisconsin, are studying to take the bar exam in other states, including Ashley Bailey – Minnesota; Kai Wong, who intends to work in business law and will take the New York bar exam; and Daniel Tombasco, who will take the exam soon in Illinois.

    Tombasco has a background in journalism, and hopes to become a prosecutor. He is the first lawyer in his family, the son of parents who serve in the U.S. Navy.

    Nicholas Zuiker

    Nicholas Zuiker signs the roll book, officially becoming a Wisconsin lawyer.

    Erin Nagy’s father, Casey Nagy, flew in from Singapore to witness his daughter joining his profession. Law as a profession suits her and was an intelligent choice for her, he said.

    “She is one of the finest people I know,” Casey told the Court as his daughter’s movant.

    Be Human

    Chief Justice Patience Drake Roggensack welcomed the new lawyers, telling them this day is a happy one for the court.

    Speaking to the new lawyers, Justice Annette Ziegler told them, “Get involved. You’ll continue to learn.”

    And as lawyers, they have the power to affect others’ lives in profound ways.

    “Don’t forget to be human – it’s really important,” Justice Ziegler told them.

    State Bar President Robert Gagan of Green Bay urged the new lawyers to join the State Bar and local bar associations, and to do pro bono work. “You get more than you give.”

    Shannon Green is communications writer for the State Bar of Wisconsin, Madison. She can be reached by email or by phone at (608) 250-6135.

    Visit the State Bar of Wisconsin on Facebook and Flickr for photos of this event.

    The State Bar welcomes these new attorneys:

    Samantha S. Ahrendt, Milwaukee

    Andrew Joseph Amari, Madison

    Ashley R. Bailey, Minneapolis

    Yoon Kyoung Bang , Madison

    Danielle Elizabeth Baudhuin, Madison

    Alex J. Belmonte, Madison

    Janel Bergsbaken, Appleton

    J. William Boucher, Madison

    Lola Sophia Bovell, Madison

    Lauren Jane Breckenfelder, Madison

    Andrew Riley Brehm, Madison

    Dana Brudvig, Madison

    Christopher P. Buhr, Mount Horeb

    Ramneek Singh Button, Madison

    Abigail L. Churchill, Madison

    Tyler John Claringbole, Appleton

    Bennett  Conard, Madison

    Steven W. Curry, Appleton

    Iga Cyganczuk, Lake in the Hills, Ill.

    Laura Marie Davis, Madison

    Richard Brian Davis, Milwaukee

    Maria de Arteaga, Madison

    Charles Robert Delorey, Madison

    Lauren Devine, Racine

    Jennifer Dillman, Madison

    Katherine Gay Domina, Madison

    Colin A. Drayton, Lake Villa, Ill.

    John Driscoll, Madison

    Aaron Dumas, Madison

    Bailey Brienne Ebben, Madison

    Ross C. Eberlein, Cleveland

    Nicole Finco, Madison

    Lisa Ellen Fishering, Madison

    Leslie Anne Freehill, Madison

    Connor Glynn, Apple Valley, Minn.

    A.J. Grund, Madison

    Alexander Hairston, Madison

    Sydney Lynn Hawthorne, Grand Rapids, Mich.

    Nicholas J. Herdrich, Middleton

    Amanda Herman, Madison

    Andrew R. Herrmann, Kenosha

    Steven Edward Hughes, New Berlin

    Heather M. Jansen, Appleton

    Angel L. Johnson, Madison

    Meghana Niteen Joshi, Hoffman Estates, Ill.

    Kaitlin E. Kelly, Madison

    Ryan Kieler, Platteville

    Yeongsik Kim, Madison

    Michael J. King, Milwaukee

    Grace Christina Knutson, Madison

    Ross R. Kornowske, Green Bay

    Jason Krautkramer, Marathon

    Elizabeth Krick-Nelson, Madison

    Jeffrey G. Krug, Wauwatosa

    Amanda Michelle Kuklinski, Madison

    Andrew W. Lang, Madison

    Noel A. Lawrence, Minocqua

    Michael J. Levy, Chicago

    Aaron Jeramie Loudenslager, Madison

    Adam T. Mand, Madison

    Jeffrey Carter Mason, Madison

    Victoria Mattox, Atlanta

    Amelia R. V. Maxfield, Madison

    Steven Richard McCarthy, Madison

    Aaron Joseph McKean, Madison

    Kellan McLemore, Madison

    Max Ahrens Meier, Madison

    Chelsey Metcalf, Madison

    Amanda M. Meyers, Racine

    Andre Moreira, Houston

    Erin Elizabeth Nagy, Madison

    Jennifer Kristen Niemeier, Dodgeville

    Evan Thomas Bins Nordgren, Madison

    Gabriela Parra, Milwaukee

    Renee Marie Parton, Madison

    John Phillip Pinzl, Wausau

    Ryan M. Platt, Chicago

    Jared Prado, Madison

    Adam Reed Prinsen, Madison

    Patrick J. Proctor-Brown, Wauwatosa

    Ashley Y. Rouse, Fitchburg

    Nathan Daniel Schlavensky, Madison

    Kelsey J. Schmidt, Madison

    Lorenz C. Schuerch, Madison

    John J. Sears, Madison

    Polly Shoemaker, Madison

    Nicholas J. Sideras, Madison

    Richard R. Staley , Madison

    Brandon S. Stein, Chicago, Illinois

    Michael A. Stein, Madison

    Robert T. Steinhoff, Munising, Mich.

    Jazmyn Janee Taitingfong, Gilbert, Ariz.

    Scott B. Thompson, Madison

    Daniel J. Tombasco, Grayslake, Ill.

    Grant Turpin, Springbrook

    Luis Valdez Jimenez, Madison

    Ian Franklin Vance-Curzan, Milwaukee

    Benjamin Verhulst, Milwaukee

    Kai Wang, Shanghai, China

    Stephanie J. Whirry, Madison

    Brendan Wildt, Madison

    Joyce Carmel Williams, Madison

    Katelynn Williams, Madison

    David A. Wilson, Madison

    Joseph Winandy, Mazomanie

    Hannah Wrobel, La Crosse

    Daniel Yousaf, Madison

    Ou Zhang, Beijing, China

    Paul W. Zimmer, Madison

    Nicholas W. Zuiker, Madison

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