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    April 01, 2015

    New From PINNACLE: The Wisconsin Construction Lien Law Handbook, 2014-15 Edition

    April 1, 2015 – A properly perfected construction lien encumbers the affected real property, just as a mortgage or judgment lien does. But only if the lien is properly perfected. That’s why you need the Wisconsin Construction Lien Law Handbook.

    Chapter 779 of the Wisconsin Statutes creates lien rights for those who provide labor, services, and materials for improvements to real estate. If a contractor, service provider, or supplier provides work for real estate improvement but does not receive payment, that contractor, service provider, or supplier can file a lien – known as a construction lien – against the real estate. 

    The Wisconsin Construction Lien Law Handbook explains the principles for filing and perfecting construction liens. It analyzes specific factual situations and offers detailed analyses of problematic statutory provisions. Updated forms, a master information list, and a checklist provide valuable, practical aids. A complete set of the updated forms is included on a CD-ROM that accompanies the book.

    And construction liens can reach beyond real property. They also can also encompass contract funds, actions against surety bonds, and breach-of-contract actions. A lien claimant may have a right to place a lien against the contract funds on public works and private bonded projects. But, again, only if the lien is properly perfected.  

    This year’s edition has been expanded to address Wisconsin’s Right-to-Cure Act, which requires contractors to supply consumers with notice of the defect claim procedures before, and at the time of, contracting. It also includes a Wisconsin Lawyer article that discusses the Act in detail, and contains a chart setting out the appropriate actions to take in various situations. 

    The Wisconsin Construction Lien Law Handbook is available to members for $179 and nonmembers for $229, plus tax, shipping, and handling.  Book owners who subscribe to the State Bar’s automatic supplementation service will receive the revised edition at 10 percent off the regular price. 

    The Handbook is also available via Books UnBound for $149 per year for members and $189 per year for nonmembers. To review the entire library of PINNACLE Books and Books Unbound, visit the WisBar Marketplace.

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