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    Official Supreme Court and State Bar Notices Now Published Electronically

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    Aug. 6, 2014 – For years, members of the State Bar of Wisconsin have received “official notices” from the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the State Bar via the Wisconsin Lawyer magazine, the organization’s official flagship print publication. Now, the State Bar has greater flexibility to publish official notices in electronic publication mediums.

    Until recently, Supreme Court Rule (SCR) 10.12 and various State Bar Rules and Bylaws required that official notices be published in the State Bar’s official publication (currently Wisconsin Lawyer). However, the court has adopted a rule amendment, effective July 1, 2014, that allows the State Bar to publish notices on its website and in other electronic formats to take advantage of more timely and cost-effective options.

    The State Bar’s Communications Committee recommended the change, recognizing that when the rules were originally written, print publications were the primary means to communicate with members. Today, the organization communicates with its members through various electronic means, including email, e-newsletters, and, as well as print publications.

    The change will free valuable space for other content in the Wisconsin Lawyer magazine. In the past, scheduling and final orders consumed an average of 3.5 pages per issue, and could consume as many as 10 pages in the print magazine.

    The Wisconsin Lawyer will continue to publish official notices in a shorter, abridged format, and will publish links to court orders on the supreme court’s website.

    Where can members find official notices that are published electronically?

    State Bar members and the public can find official notices on the “official notices” webpage of, the organization’s official website. This page, accessible under the “News & Publications” tab of WisBar’s homepage, is a quick reference for locating recent official notices of Wisconsin Supreme Court orders adopting, amending, or repealing rules, statutes, or policies related to Supreme Court rules and State Bar rules and bylaws.

    The State Bar will also publish official notice updates to members through the print and online Wisconsin Lawyer magazine and WisBar InsideTrack, a bimonthly online publication that is sent to all State Bar members who opt to receive it via email.

    This change will allow members to receive official notices through a variety of electronic channels, providing cost-effective and timely information to State Bar members.