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    May 20, 2014

    Marquette Law School Graduates Challenged to Be Courageous

    Marquette Admissions pictures

    More than 120 Marquette Law School graduates were sworn in during four ceremonies on May 19.

    Marquette Admissions pictures

    Graduates point to their names on the welcome board.

    Marquette Admissions pictures

    New attorney Kristen Danielle Hardy (third from left) sits with her family following the swearing in ceremony.

    Marquette Admissions pictures

    Families and friends gathered at the Madison Club to celebrate the recent graduates.

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    May 20, 2014 – More than 120 Marquette University Law School graduates were admitted to the profession yesterday, with a call to be courageous lawyers.

    The lawyers were welcomed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson and justices Ann Walsh Bradley, N. Patrick Crooks, David T. Prosser, Patience D. Roggensack, Annette Kingsland Ziegler, and Michael J. Gableman; Board of Bar Examiners (BBE) Director Jacquelynn Rothstein; and State Bar President Patrick J. Fiedler. 

    Following the swearing-in ceremonies, Justice Bradley addressed the new lawyers. She recalled an article by the late Marquette Law School Dean Howard B. Eisenberg describing what he thought was necessary for lawyers to meet the BBE’s character and fitness requirement. Eisenberg wrote:

    “A lawyer must be courageous. A lawyer must have the guts to tell people things they don’t want to hear, make decisions that will upset people, take positions that are unpopular, and assert claims and positions before hostile tribunals. A lawyer’s ethical obligation sometimes is to say to a client, a senior partner or a supervisor – this I will not do.”

    Bradley also referenced a book written by her brother-in-law James Bradley about the courageous men who raised the flag in Iwo Jima in WWII. The book explains that many countries have brave freedom fighters but without judicial independence and integrity they will have no continuing freedoms. An independent judiciary is as much responsible for American freedoms as the bravery of our military.

    Tying those thoughts together, Bradley said, “We have no unifying religion or ethnicity. We are united by our Constitution. The framers of our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence demonstrated tremendous courage in standing up to the King of England.

    “And so I bring Dean Eisenberg’s question back home to you,” she said. “What does it mean to you as you embark upon this new stage in your career – to be people of courage? You won’t be standing up to tyranny from a king and you won’t be raising a flag in a remote island in the Pacific.”

    Bradley continued: “You have taken the oath to uphold the rule of law, what does that mean? I think it means when you are putting together a deal for a client and there’s a wink or a nod, that you will have the courage to be an aggressive advocate, but you will not shade the truth. It means that you have the courage to embrace unpopular causes and to stand up for the victims, and the poor, and the powerless in our community.

    “Courage also means that you join in the public debate when the independent judiciary is being threatened,” she said. “Courage means that you make sure that the voices who speak thoughtfully about the role of judges, the role of courts, and the rule of law are not silent. Courage means standing tall and having your voice heard.”

    The State Bar welcomes the following new attorneys:

    Jeremy R. Abrams, Milwaukee

    Todd Allen, Franklin

    James Edward Anderson, Milwaukee

    Steven Charles Ayala, Milwaukee

    Blaine Balow, Eau Claire

    Derek Karl Becker, Waukesha

    Michael Cannova Beckman, Freeport, Ill.

    Lauden Ashley Belongia, Burlington

    Myriem Bennani, Mequon

    William T. Berens, Milwaukee

    Samuel Thomas Berg, Milwaukee

    Erin V. Boyd, Sussex

    Christian L. Bray, Milwaukee

    Chelsea Belinda Brocker, Sussex

    Kenneth Samuel Brooks, Milwaukee

    Sean Brown, Dallas

    Codi C. Carstens, West Allis

    Nicholas G. Chmurski, Brookfield

    Matthew Comella, Milwaukee

    Brianna Marie Covington, Milwaukee

    Rachel Renae Craig, Milwaukee

    Andrea L. Davis, Milwaukee

    Jillian Leigh Davis, Milwaukee

    Christian Thomas Deme, Hawthorn Woods, Ill.

    Andrew Docter, Milwaukee

    Alex Edwin Eichhorn, Milwaukee

    Mark A. Eldridge, Elm Grove

    Steven Elmer, Monroe, WI

    Kara Eileen Espera, Milwaukee

    Joelle R. Espinosa, Muskego

    Daniel Thomas Fahey, Milwaukee

    Kirk Fedewa, West Allis

    Kristina L. Frew, Franklin

    Trisha Janet Fritz, Milwaukee

    Zachariah D. Fudge, Milwaukee

    Alexander Golubiewski, Green Bay

    Charles Gordon, Milwaukee

    John P. Graham, Milwaukee

    Sarah Kaitlyn Haas, Milwaukee

    Thomas C. Haese, Milwaukee

    Alexander James Hall, Milwaukee

    Kristen Danielle Hardy, Detroit

    Cord James Harris, Milwaukee

    Gregory T. Helding, Racine

    Benjamin Heller, Miami, Fla.

    Matthew J. Hills, Madison

    Stephanie Nicole Horner, Vancouver, British Columbia

    Rene Fabricio Jovel, Milwaukee

    Maya Kamath, Milwaukee

    Marisa L. Kasriel, Milwaukee

    Ryan Lawrence Kehl, Milwaukee

    Susana Kim, Hoffman Estates, Ill.

    Nicole Rae Koch, New Berlin

    Steven Kruzel, Milwaukee

    Jill Suzanne Lake, West Bend

    Christopher L. Lambrecht, Waukesha

    Catherine Clara Lambrechts, Kenosha

    Bora Lee, Brookfield

    Patrick James Leigl, Milwaukee

    Elise Emeline Libbey, Wauwatosa

    Christine Anne Lindstrom, Milwaukee

    Hans Walter Lodge, Wayzata, Minn.

    Steven MacDonald, Milwaukee

    Laura Malugade, Wauwatosa

    Kevin Thomas McCormick, Dayton, Ohio

    Elizabeth Egasti Miller, Brookfield

    Paul Mark Miller, Milwaukee

    Britany Elizabeth Morrison, Milwaukee

    Vincent M. Morrone, Milwaukee

    Tiffanie Nicole Mosey, New Berlin

    Kyla N. Motz, Glendale

    John Thomas Murphy, Milwaukee

    Nicole Marie Murphy, Brookfield

    Natalie Sarah Neals, Brookfield

    Thomas Richard Neuman, Brookfield

    Mindy M. Nolan, Milwaukee

    Tea B. Norfolk, Milwaukee

    Katherine M. O’Malley, Milwaukee

    Ohioma Emil Ovbiagele, Milwaukee

    Bryant Park, Franklin

    Timothy John Patterson, Milwaukee

    Helen T. Pegram, Milwaukee

    Kyra K. Plier, Milwaukee

    Jessica C. Puhl, Oshkosh

    Kerri M. Puig, Chetek

    Dillon Raunio, Green Bay

    Kaitlyn Jean Reise, Milwaukee

    Brendon G. Reyes, Greenfield

    Joseph S. Riepenhoff, Milwaukee

    Chelsey Nicole Ritter, Prairie du Chien

    Antwayne M. Robertson II, MilwaukeI

    Jeffery Roeske, Milwaukee

    Craig Rudolph Roush, Milwaukee

    David Rucker, Milwaukee

    Nick Schaffran, Milwaukee

    Samantha Rae Schmid, Milwaukee

    Brianna M. Schonenberg, Mequon

    Megan E. Schulz, Milwaukee

    Jessica Anne Shank, West Bend, WI

    Sarah Marie Sharrar, Dallas

    Casey P. Shorts, Milwaukee

    Joy N. Sisler, Appleton

    Amy Jean Smith, Milwaukee

    Kevin J. Spexarth, Big Bend

    Chad Alan Spoolhoff, West Allis

    Martin F. St. Aubin, Milwaukee

    Brittney S. Steele, Fort Wayne, Ind.

    Robert Wayne Steele, Wheaton, Ill.

    Brandon Stenseth, Eau Claire

    Andrew R. Swanson, Milwaukee

    Timothy Neil Sweeney, Los Gatos, Calif.

    Kevin P. Teal, Milwaukee

    Kavin Tedamrongwanish, Milwaukee

    Katherine Thometz, Milwaukee

    Hans R. Thompson, New London

    Scott Twelves, Milwaukee

    Alexandra Weiland, Milwaukee

    Brandon A. Wigley, Milwaukee

    Zachary A. Wittchow, Brookfield

    Lydia M. Witte, Green Bay

    David Michael Woolf, Deerfield, Ill.

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