Rotunda Report: "The Wisconsin Plan" Takes Center Stage at Recent Public Policy Forum:

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    "The Wisconsin Plan" Takes Center Stage at Recent Public Policy Forum

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    Nov. 20, 2013 – State Bar Judicial Task Force members shared what they’re calling “The Wisconsin Plan” with Marquette law students, faculty and members of the community yesterday.

    Joseph Troy (chair), Christine Bremer Muggli, Catherine Rottier, and Thomas Shriner talked about the State Bar’s proposal that would limit Wisconsin Supreme Court justices to single, 16-year terms as part of the latest installment of Mike Gousha’s On the Issues forum series, hosted by Marquette University Law School. 

    Gousha, who interviews newsmakers, policy shapers, and opinion leaders, talked to task force members on the hours of research, debate and discussion that went into the proposal, and its prospects for the future now that it has been endorsed by the State Bar Board of Governors.

    Watch the video here.