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    October 22, 2013

    New Lawyers Encouraged to Speak Up, Be Courageous, and Listen

    Oct. 21, 2013 – Seventy-nine lawyers who passed the bar exam, were admitted to practice in Wisconsin yesterday. Of the 172 people took the bar exam representing 31 jurisdictions, 82 percent passed.

    The lawyers were welcomed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson and justices Ann Walsh Bradley, N. Patrick Crooks, David T. Prosser, Patience D. Roggensack, Annette Kingsland Ziegler, and Michael J. Gableman; Board of Bar Examiners Director Jacquelynn Rothstein; and State Bar President Patrick J. Fiedler.

    James Coates and John Creagh

    New lawyers James Coates (left) and John Creagh are sworn in.

    Michael Rosolino and Krista LaFave-Rosolino

    Krista LaFave Rosolino smiles as her dad, attorney Thomas LaFave, moves her admission into the State Bar of Wisconsin.

    Congratulating the new lawyers, Rothstein read a quote from Abraham Lincoln "The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every other calling, is diligence. Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today. Never let your correspondence fall behind. Whatever piece of business you have in hand, before stopping, do all the labor pertaining to it which can then be done."

    Following three swearing-in ceremonies, Justice Bradley spoke to the new lawyers.

    Recalling the late Marquette Law School Dean Howard Eisenberg in her comments at the 9:30 swearing in ceremony, “Dean Eisenberg who served on the Board of Bar Examiners wrote an article describing what he thought were the necessary qualities to meet the character and fitness prerequisites for bar admission – honesty, judgment, and courage,” she said.

    Focusing her comments on courage and using the dean’s words, Bradley said, “Dean Eisenberg wrote, ‘a lawyer must be courageous, a lawyer must have the guts to tell the people things that they don’t want to hear, make decisions that will upset people take positions that are unpopular and assert claims before hostile tribunals.’ So what does it mean today to be people of courage in your legal careers?”

    Bradley compared the bravery of soldiers and their courage to the rule of law, citing author of Flags of Our Fathers James Bradley, who said, “An independent judiciary is as much responsible for America’s freedom as the bravery of our military. Many countries have brave freedom fighters, but without judicial independence and integrity they will have no continuing freedoms.”

    Sarah Petre and family

    New State Bar of Wisconsin member Sarah Petre poses with her family. Petre works on federal policy in Washington, D.C.

    Kim Roegner and father

    New State Bar of Wisconsin member Kim Roegner and her dad.

    Edward Bremberger with wife and father

    New State Bar of Wisconsin member Edward Bremberger with his wife and dad.

    Bradley also quoted Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Edward Ryan in his welcoming address to the the 1873 U.W. Law School of new lawyers: ‘No country is free when their bar is not stronger than the army.’

    “They both understood what countless legal scholars and what leaders of developing countries realize today as they come to visit our nation to study our Constitution and the legal system,” she said. “They know the backbone of our country’s success as a nation has been the rule of law. Unlike other countries, American has no unifying religion or ethnicity. What unites us as a nation are the values embodied in our Constitution. The framers of our Constitution demonstrated tremendous courage as they stood up to the King of England just like the leaders of other countries who are drafting constitutions today.”

    “What does this characteristic of courage mean to you as you embark upon the practice of law,” Bradley asked the new members. “You are not going to be called upon to raise a flag on a remote island in time of war or write a constitution or stand up to the King of England. What does it mean to you to be attorneys of courage?

    “It may mean that when you are putting together a deal and there is a wink and nod to do something under the table, that you will be an aggressive advocate and that you will not shade the truth,” said Bradley. “You will have the courage to do what is right when the pressure is high; you will have the courage to embrace unpopular causes to stand up for the victims who are poor and powerless; you will have the courage to join in the public debate when the independent judiciary is being threatened; you will make sure the voices who speak thoughtfully about the role of judges and the importance of the rule of law are not silenced.

    “My challenge to you today is to that you reflect upon what it means for you to be a person of courage,” Bradley concluded.

    The State Bar welcomes the following new members:

    Benjamin H. Accola, Marshfield

    Sarah Kathryn Adamski, Kildeer, Ill.

    Richard A. Bartolomei II, Milwaukee

    Brett Bauer, Madison

    Mae Beeler, St. Paul, Minn.

    Rachel Cedrone Bell, Milwaukee

    Zachary Peter Bemis, Madison

    Garret Foss Bishop, Milwaukee

    Kristen Kelley Bohnert, Green Bay

    Matthew D. Brehmer, Appleton

    Edward Michael Bremberger, Wauwatosa

    Walter Brummund, Milwaukee

    Anne Marie Carroll, Milwaukee

    Mattie Ramonda Clay, Milwaukee

    James Coates, Wauwatosa

    John Creagh, Milwaukee

    Susan Bakken-Donskey, Rockland

    Scott D. Drummond, Oconomowoc

    Kristopher R. Ellis, Saint Francis

    Barbara Anne Fagan, River Falls

    Cameron F. Field, Madison

    Brittany Leigh Finlayson, Milwaukee

    Rachel Ann Friedlander, Des Moines, Iowa

    Jacob Fritz, Milwaukee

    Kelsey M. Gmeinder, Madison

    Kasey Rose Grams, Fairchild

    Acalia Halverson, Verona

    Gregory Heinen, New Berlin

    AnnMarie M. Helt, Brookfield

    Christine Jensen, Madison

    Lindsay K. Jones, Milwaukee

    Thomas C. Kallies, La Crosse

    Philip A. Kappell, Milwaukee

    Jana Lee Kern, Minneapolis

    Andrew D. Klopfenstein, Hartford

    James Kenneth Kokalj, Madison

    Kelly Ann Kramer, Osseo

    Nicholas S. Krienke, Delafield

    Erik J. Krueger, Sussex

    Courtney J. Latzig, Merrill

    Andrew Leibfried, Madison

    Catherine Leonard, Shorewood

    Matthew R. Leusink, Wautoma

    Kem Tae Lynch, Saint Paul, Minn.

    Shauna Driscoll Manion, Milwaukee

    Jeremiah Wolfgang Meyer-O’Day, Fort Atkinson

    Jacqueline Milhone, DeForest

    Amanda M. Montgomery, Monroe

    Jamie Eric Nelson, Milwaukee

    Adam Lloyd Nicolet, Eau Claire

    Lucky C. Nwankwo, Washington, D.C.

    Richard Lynn Parins, Milwaukee

    Vikram Saahil Patel, Chicago

    Molly P. Petitjean, Madison

    Sarah Catherine Petre, Falls Church, Va.

    Jacqueline Kate Pfeil, Milwaukee

    Wade M. Pittman, Madison

    Andrew Polzin, Rhinelander

    Christopher Prescott, Madison

    Jennifer Ann Rashel, Sussex

    Kim Roegner, Janesville

    Krista G. LaFave Rosolino, Milwaukee

    Michael J. Rosolino, Milwaukee

    Sarah Jane Simonson, Saint Paul, Minn.

    Emilu E. C. Starck, Wausau

    Christopher D. Steenrod, Racine

    Joshua Sylla, Brookfield

    Patrick Taylor, Cudahy

    Ashley Thronson, Independence

    Corey Scott Tilkens, New Franken

    Jacqueline Jeannette Vandrell, Campbellsport

    Cory C. Voigt, Watertown

    Ted Clayton Wagor, Minneapolis

    Aaron R. Wegrzyn, Mequon

    James Brian Woywod, Madison

    Kia Xiong, Milwaukee

    Melissa York, Milwaukee

    Clayton Zak, Milwaukee

    David Ronald Zoppo, Madison

    Visit the State Bar of Wisconsin on Facebook for admissions photos.

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