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    June 10, 2013

    U.W. Law School Admissions: State Bar Welcomes 130 New Lawyers

    • Andrew Remington and parents
    • New attorneys Lisa Herndon, Erin Johnson, Kristen Irgens, and Marie Bahoora
    • Kathryn Foley and Stephanie Hilton
    • Amber Raffeet and family
    • Torrie Smith with Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson
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    June 10, 2013 – More than 130 University of Wisconsin Law School graduates were admitted to the legal profession today. All seven Wisconsin Supreme Court justices, U.W. Law School Associate Dean Heinz Klug, State Bar President Kevin Klein, and Board of Bar Examiners Director Jacquelynn B. Rothstein welcomed the new lawyers.

    Following the swearing-in ceremonies, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley addressed the new lawyers, invoking the words of former Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Edward Ryan. Ryan addressed new lawyers at the admissions ceremony in June 1873, 140 years ago, and was appointed chief justice of the state’s high court one year later.

    According to Justice Bradley, among those listening to Ryan’s remarks was Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette, former Congressman and Wisconsin Governor. La Follette refers to Ryan’s 1873 speech to new lawyers in memoirs written years later.

    “I welcome you to a calling of excessive labor, high duty, and great responsibility,” Bradley recited Ryan’s words to new lawyers. “No country is free where the bar is not stronger than the army,” Ryan had said. “The power of integrity is the rule.”

    “May each of you admittees strive to achieve the character described by Chief Justice Ryan,” Justice Bradley said. “May the power of integrity be your rule.”

    The State Bar welcomes the following new attorneys:

    Julie Altenburg Anderson, Madison

    Christopher P. August, Madison

    Marie Bahoora, West Bloomfield, Mich.

    Jesse Jonas Bair, Madison

    Andrew Bassan, Baltimore, Md.

    Frederic Behrens, Mequon

    Brandon R. Bergmann, Madison

    Nicole Bohen, Middleton

    Brian J. Bohl, Whitefish Bay

    Paul Aaron Borovay, Madison

    Alexandra K. Brousseau, Madison

    Melissa Burchell, Madison

    Alysha Burt, Marshfield

    Brittney Busalacchi, Oxford

    Alexandra Cali, Waukesha

    Diana Camosy, Madison

    Chip Corwin, Madison

    Bryce P. Cummings, Madison

    Kelley Schacht Daugherty, Milwaukee

    Ashley J. Davis, Madison

    Katherine Dellenbach, Madison

    Brinda Koirala Dixit, Madison

    Collin George Doherty, West Bend

    James E. Drennan ,Madison

    Kenneth L. Earl, Madison

    Angel Marie Eggleston, Green Bay

    Lisa Lynn Ellmaurer, Madison

    Kyle W. Engelke, Madison

    Daniel Ericson, Madison

    Lauren Lea Fangmann, Madison

    Mark Alexander Fetzko, Milwaukee

    Kathryn S. Finley, Madison

    Elisabeth Spidle Fletcherm, Madison

    William C. Foley, Madison

    Kyle C. Foust*, Madison

    Grant R. Gardner, Madison.

    Daniel James Gawronski, Waukesha

    Alexander E. George, Tomahawk

    Jason Alexander Gorn, Madison

    David Russell Groose, Milwaukee

    Thomas W. Griesheimer, Madison

    Nicholas L. Hahn, Milton

    Christina M. Hamati, Madison

    Chris Head, Madison

    Robert Bebb Held, Arbor Vitae

    Lisa Herndon, Madison

    James P. Heyn, Prairie du Chien

    Stephanie R. Hilton, Madison

    Lisa Hirschman, Madison

    Ronald Howard, Madison

    Douglas J. Huenink, Oostburg

    Nathan Hurlbut, Madison

    Kristen A. Irgens, Milwaukee

    Ajit Iyer, Madison

    Laura Anne Janowitsch, Madison

    Melissa Rae Jeddeloh, Sun Prairie

    John Johannes, Mequon

    Erin Ashley Johnson, Madison

    Woo Min Kang, Madison

    Kari Kastenholz, Madison

    Grant Marshall Keebler, Milwaukee

    Paul Kilgas, Neenah

    Kimberly Ann Koopman, Phelps

    Jessica L. Krejcarek, Neenah

    Kenneth John Kucinski, River Falls

    Rachel Ann Krueger, Madison

    Brian Lee Kuhl, Madison

    Jordan Lippert, Madison

    Trevor C. Lippman, Milwaukee

    Amaro López. Neenah

    Catherine Malchow, Milwaukee

    Sarah Markham, Madison

    Brian Peter McCall, Madison

    Alisha Lenae McKay, Madison

    Amber R. McReynolds, Madison

    Ilana Jean Mindell, Madison

    Paul Mirr, Eau Claire

    R. Spencer Montei, Chicago

    Melissa Louise Mroczkowski, Madison

    Jason W. Myatt, Madison

    Alexander James Micah Neuworth, Hartford

    Abbey Nickolie, Madison

    Robert D. Novak, Madison

    Ryan O’Hara, Madison

    Amy C. Papsun, Madison

    Andrew Pascaly, Madison

    Maciej Pietruczak, Madison

    Lauren Kay Powell, Madison

    Andrew Price, Milwaukee

    Lisa M. Rabaut, Madison

    Amber Lane Raffeet, Madison

    Valyncia Colette Raphael, Madison

    Andrew David Remington, Madison

    Alyssa Faith Ricketts, Madison

    Andrew Rider, Madison

    Pamela M. Ritger, Milwaukee

    Mackenzie Roach, Madison

    Matthew David Robles, Wauwatosa

    Daniel L. Rosenow, Appleton

    Scott E. Rosenow, Madison

    Kathryn Marie Sabo, South Milwaukee

    John Harrison Sacia, Galesville

    Mark Joseph Samartino, Madison

    Elizabeth Jones Sanger, Madison

    Christopher Schmidt, Madison

    Ryan Shervey, Chippewa Falls

    Ryan Siehr, Mequon

    Aisha Nichole Smith, Madison

    D. Addison K. Smith, Madison

    Breanne Leigh Snapp, Madison

    Michael T. Solberg, Madison

    Brian M. Spangler, Madison

    Julie A. Steigerwaldt, Tomahawk

    Megan Stelljes, Madison

    Elizabeth A. H. Stevens, Middleton

    Karen Graham Thimke, Madison

    Jeffrey J. Tierney, Bozeman, Mont.

    Tina Marie Van Dyn Hoven, Madison

    Jerry Blong Vang, Madison

    KaZoua Vang, Madison

    Rukmini Vasupuram, Madison

    Erin Elizabeth Vermillion, Madison

    Nicholas John Vlies, Green Bay

    Michael William Weigel, Verona

    Mark S. Weinstein, Madison

    Torrie R. Williams, Madison

    Samantha J. Wood, Milwaukee

    Sarah E. Wood, Madison

    Michael Seung-Hock Yang, Madison

    Katherine Anne Young, Madison

    Melissa A. Young, Madison

    Scott D. Zehr, Madison

    Danielle E. Zimmerman, Madison

    Erica Lee Zurawski, Madison

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