Press Release: Wisconsin Court System Left with Multimillion Dollar Funding Gap:

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    Wisconsin Court System Left with Multimillion Dollar Funding Gap

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    Madison, WI –The State Bar of Wisconsin is expressing concern regarding the Joint Finance Committee’s decision to allow the Wisconsin Court System to face a funding lapse of nearly $12 million.

    In his proposed budget, Gov. Walker recommended a $17 million lapse, which was carried over from the 2011-13 budget. Prior to today’s executive session, the Wisconsin Supreme Court had stated that the lapse represented the largest cut ever to the court system’s budget, and would affect its county financial partners, the services it provides online, and the services it provides to courthouses throughout the state. In today’s motion, committee members voted (largely along party lines) to reduce that lapse by roughly $5.2 million, leaving the court facing a remaining $11.8 million funding gap.

    “Adequate funding is of critical importance to provide a system of justice which is fairly administered and impartial to all people,” said State Bar of Wisconsin President Kevin Klein. “Wisconsin Courts have constitutional functions and obligations that require funding at a level sufficient to meet those responsibilities.”

    “As an independent branch of government, the court system’s responsibilities are great, but our budget is less than 1 percent of all state general fund spending,” said Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson.  “It is disappointing that the Joint Committee on Finance voted to only partially address the double-cut applied to the court system as outlined by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau. I hope the full Legislature will appreciate the detrimental effects the committee’s action will have on people and businesses that rely on courts in local communities throughout the state.”

    The full Legislature is expected to take up the budget proposal in June, once the Joint Finance Committee concludes its work.