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    May 21, 2013

    Marquette Admissions: Justice Bradley Asks New Lawyers What It Means to Uphold the Rule of Law

    More than 175 Marquette Law School graduates were admitted to the profession yesterday. Justice Ann Walsh Bradley challenges new lawyers to stand tall and be people of courage.
    Colleen Crowley and Alyssa Dianne Curtis

    Colleen Crowley, Milwaukee, (left), will practice alternative dispute resolution, and Alyssa Dianne Curtis heads home to Pennsylvania where she will clerk for a federal judge in Philadelphia.

    Alaina K. Fahley with her family

    Alaina K. Fahley, Menasha, Marquette Public Interest Law Student of the Year, with her family at the State Bar-sponsored reception.

    Pamela Stokke-Ceci

    Pamela Stokke-Ceci, Wauwatosa, smiles at her father-in-law, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis J. Ceci, Elm Grove, as he moves her admittance to the State Bar.

    Russell Steinbrenner and his wife Mary Kathryn

    New lawyer Russell Steinbrenner and his wife Mary Kathryn, who proudly moved her husband’s admission to the State Bar. They will practice in Minnesota.

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    May 21, 2013 – More than 175 Marquette Law School graduates were admitted to the profession yesterday. All seven Wisconsin Supreme Court justices, Marquette Law School Dean Joseph Kearney, State Bar President Kevin Klein, and Board of Bar Examiners Director Jacquelynn B. Rothstein welcomed the new lawyers.

    Following the swearing-in ceremonies, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley addressed the new lawyers and invoked the late Howard Eisenberg, former Marquette University Law School Dean, who asked: “What does it take to be a good lawyer struggling to uphold the rule of law?”

    Dean Eisenberg ventured to answer this question in an article in the Wisconsin Lawyer magazine. He wrote: “It takes honesty and courage. A lawyer must have the guts to tell people things they don’t want to hear, make decisions that will upset people, take positions that are unpopular, and assert claims and positions before hostile tribunals. A lawyer’s ethical obligations sometimes to say to a client a senior partner or a supervisor – this I will not do.”

    Bradley said, “You have taken the oath to uphold the rule of law, what does that mean? I think it means when you are putting together a deal for a client and there’s a wink or a nod, that you will have the courage to be an aggressive advocate, but you will not shade the truth. It means that you have the courage to embrace unpopular causes and to stand up for the victims, and the poor, and the powerless in our community.

    “Courage also means that you join in the public debate when the independent judiciary is being threatened,” she said, “Courage means that you make sure that the voices who speak thoughtfully about the role of judges, the role of courts, and the rule of law are not silent. Courage means having your voice heard, standing tall.”

    Reflecting on Wisconsin’s history and judges who have stood tall and even lost elections because they had the courage to stand up for what they believed in, she concluded, “I join this morning with Dean Howard Eisenberg, and my challenge to all of you as you embark upon this stage of your life is that you also be people of courage.”

    The State Bar welcomes the following new attorneys:

    Ryan Albregts, Milwaukee

    Phoebe A. Amberg, Milwaukee

    Erica L. Avery, Milwaukee

    Erin C. Barke, Milwaukee

    Priya Barnes, Milwaukee

    Joel Beckman, Milwaukee

    David J. Behm, Milwaukee

    Jesse L. Beringer, Milwaukee

    Jacob Mitchell Bibis, Menomonee Falls

    Joseph D. Birdsall, Milwaukee

    Scott Matthew Birrenkott, McFarland

    Kristopher Bolom, Tyler, Texas

    Julia Bouianova, Sun Prairie

    Amanda A. Bowen, Hartland

    Colleen E. Boyle, Brookfield

    Bailey Briggs, Milwaukee

    Clayton Dean Britnell, Milwaukee

    Rachel H. Bryers, Milwaukee

    Ashley A. Butle, Wautoma

    Warren Butler, Milwaukee

    Nicole L. Cameli, Milwaukee

    Patrick Carroll, Waukesha

    Allison Ceille, Milwaukee

    Sara Cole, Middleton

    Lisamarie A. Collins, Franklin

    Holly E. Courtney, Milwaukee

    Chantal M. Couture, Milwaukee

    Colleen Crowley, Milwaukee

    Alyssa Dianne Curtis, Bensalem, Penn.

    Alexander Anton Czarnecki, Waukesha

    Lindsey Dargiewicz, Muskego

    Mark C. Darnieder Jr., Milwaukee

    Wyatt D. Dittburner, Milwaukee

    John M. Doherty, Milwaukee

    Leonie Dolch, Madison

    Alexandra Dziamski, Milwaukee

    Gerold F. Eberl III, Germantown

    Kurt Ellison, Appleton

    Jonathan Michael Esp, Whitefish Bay

    Alaina K. Fahley, Menasha

    Joseph William Faulds, Milwaukee

    Emily Fumo, Muskego

    Heidi M. Gabriel, Milwaukee

    Matthew J. Galvin, Shillington, Penn.

    Kody S. Garza, Milwaukee

    Elizabeth Ruth Gebarski, Milwaukee

    Michael J. Gentry, Milwaukee

    Barry P. Gill, Neenah

    Dana J. Gilman, Milwaukee

    Andrea Leigh Glasgow, Walcott, Iowa

    Kristina Gordon, Milwaukee

    Patrick Greeley, Milwaukee

    Nicholas Paul Grode, Nekoosa

    Steven D. Gruber, Milwaukee

    Brian M. Guyer, Milwaukee

    Nickolas J. Hagman, Milwaukee

    Courtney D. Hall, Taylorsville, Ky.

    Kathryn M. Hallanger, Cedarburg

    Michael J. Hanna, Milwaukee

    Matthew R. Hanson, Manitowoc

    Matthew L. Hartung, Minneapolis, Minn.

    Devin S. Hayes, Milwaukee

    Patricia Ann Heise, Milwaukee

    Jennifer O’Neill Hemmer, Wauwatosa

    Caitlin Elizabeth Herbert, Wauwatosa

    Nicholas L. Hermann, Milwaukee

    Juan Aaron Hernandez, El Paso, Texas

    Rebecca M. Hillary, Oregon

    Amber Nakol Hinson, Belton, Texas

    Mark Christopher Hollaar, Milwaukee

    Naveed S. Husain, Glendale Heights, Ill.

    Marissa Lynne Iancu, Milwaukee

    Donald F. Jankowski II, Milwaukee

    Alex E. Johnson, Neenah

    Mackenzie Anne Johnson, Milwaukee

    Valerie A. Johnston, Milwaukee

    Kevin Wendt Jolivette, Shorewood

    Paul Robert Jonas, Wauwatosa

    Michael Jude, Racine

    Christopher Kaminski, Whitefish Bay

    Aneet Kaur, Milwaukee

    Jessica Ann Kim, Milwaukee

    Paul Erdman King, Milwaukee

    Juell A. Klein, Milwaukee

    Adam C. Koenings, Milwaukee

    Michael George Koutnik, Milwaukee

    Jessica L. Kramer, Madison

    Gregory P. Kruse, Milwaukee

    Trent A. Kubasiak, Cedarburg

    Derek Kulland, Milwaukee

    Stephen Laczniak, Milwaukee

    Dayna J. Lefebvre, Milwaukee

    Alana Leffler, Wauwatosa

    Brandon Leibsohn, Scottsdale, Ariz.

    Jenna K. Leslie, Milwaukee

    Beau M. Levinson, Beverly Hills, Calif.

    Kristin K. Lindemann, Milwaukee

    Katie S. Lonze, Milwaukee

    Adam W. Lopez, Hales Corners

    Maria I. Lopez, Greenfield

    Matthew Joseph Ludden, Appleton

    Joseph D. Luedke, Milwaukee

    Elizabeth Majerus, Kohler

    Lauren Ashley Malizia, Milwaukee

    Brian Lawrence Manda, Milwaukee

    Patricia Mattingly, Milwaukee

    Kayleigh R. Mayer, Appleton

    Timothy P. Maynard, Milwaukee

    Michael McAuliffe, Milwaukee

    Jenna L. McConnell, Milwaukee

    Eric M. McGregor, Milwaukee

    Sarah Maureen McNutt, Milwaukee

    Samuel Collins Mentkowski, Milwaukee

    Kristin R. Menzl, Cedarburg

    Brad Lee Meyer, Milwaukee

    Kristina Minor, Milwaukee

    Steven L. Miracle, Milwaukee

    Erika Frank Motsch, Milwaukee

    Jill E. Mueller, Milwaukee

    Margaret Murphy, Milwaukee

    Kelli S. Nagel, Milwaukee

    William John Nelson, Milwaukee

    Paul Nylen, Milwaukee

    Kelly O’Neill, Milwaukee

    John M. Osmanski, Milwaukee

    Megan Maureen Ostling, Milwaukee

    Talitha Pachuca-Kroenke, Chicago

    Jessica Madison Pfau, Milwaukee

    Matthew Andrew Phelps, Milwaukee

    Emily Elizabeth Pines, Milwaukee

    Charles William Pollard IV, Lake Geneva

    Lauren Elaine Raupp, Milwaukee

    Kauser Khan Razvi, Milwaukee

    Matteo Reginato, Milwaukee

    Thomas Jeffrey Rhodes, Sheboygan

    Patrick Ritter, Milwaukee

    Heidi Roche, San Francisco

    Emerita Carolina Rodriguez-Alfaro, Ann Arbor, Mich.

    Ben Roovers, Milwaukee

    Nicholas Michael Rotar, Pewaukee

    Anne Rebecca Rowley, Milwaukee

    Rebecca J. Sandler, Milwaukee

    Jacob J. Schmidt, Brookfield

    Brett D. Schnepper, Milwaukee

    Jessie Schreier, Milwaukee

    Nida Shakir, Milwaukee

    Allison V. Shepard, Milwaukee

    Andrew Simon, West Bend

    Emily S. Smith, Milwaukee

    Ryan M. Spanheimer, Milwaukee

    Benjamin A. Sparks, Milwaukee

    Jordan C. Staleos, Pewaukee

    Russell Steinbrenner, Eden Prairie

    Emily Stenhoff, Milwaukee

    Max Thomas Stephenson, Milwaukee

    Pamela Gwen Stokke-Ceci, Wauwatosa

    Elaine C. Streng, Milwaukee

    Ariane Clair Strombom, Milwaukee

    Maureen Sullivan, Milwaukee

    Erin Elizabeth Tapke, Cincinnati, Ohio

    Rachel S. Taylor, Fox Point

    Elliott D. Thron, Westmont, Ill.

    Michael Quinn Tidey, Milwaukee

    Kyle M. Tompkins, Hales Corners

    Alexis L. Townsley, West Allis

    Ryan Joseph Truesdale, Milwaukee

    Emily T. Van Deraa, Wauwatosa

    Benjamin T. Van Severen, Milwaukee

    Aaron Vanselow, Wauwatosa

    Charles Andrew Walgreen, Milwaukee

    Victoria Watson, Abilene, Texas

    Steven Samuel Weinshel, De Pere

    Matthew C. Weith, Milwaukee

    Shane Wheeler, Green Bay

    Chris Winchester, Madison

    Melodie Wiseman, Arlington Heights, Ill.

    John Paul Zabkowicz, Milwaukee

    Megan Mooney Zabkowicz, Milwaukee

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