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    January 16, 2013

    New and Revised Mandatory Court Forms: Civil, Criminal, Guardianship, Juvenile, and Probate

    Jan. 16, 2013 – The Wisconsin Records Management Committee updated or introduced 25 civil, criminal, guardianship, juvenile, and probate forms. Forms became effective Nov. 16, 2012. Forms can be downloaded from the court’s website.

    Key: New (N)/Revised (R)


    • CV-405 Petition for TRO and/or Petition and Motion for Injunction Hearing (Harassment) Spanish, Hmong
    • CV-409 Order Dismissing/Denying Petition for TRO/ Injunction Spanish, Hmong
    • CV-412 Petition for TRO and/or Petition and Motion for Injunction Hearing (Child Abuse) Spanish, Hmong
    • CV-428 Petition for TRO and/or Injunction (Individual at Risk)
    • CV-449 Notice and Order for Injunction Hearing When TRO is Not Issued.
    • CV-502 Confidential Address Information in Domestic Abuse and Harassment TRO and Injunction Actions


    • CR-240 Victim Notification Card (N)


    • GF-102 Stipulation and Order for Return/Destruction of Exhibits
    • GF-103 Return/Destruction of Exhibits Continuation
    • GN-3100 Petition for Temporary/Permanent Guardianship Due to Incompetency
    • GN-3110 Order and Notice of Hearing
    • GN-3130 Examining Physician's or Psychologist's Report
    • GN-3170 Determination and Order on Petition for GN Due to Incompetency
    • GN-3430 Notice of Appointment of Successor Guardian (w/o hearing)
    • GN-3570 Application to Authorize or Confirm Sale/ Mortgage/Lease of Income and Assets of Person under GN or Conserv.
    • GN-3590 Order on Petition to Authorize and/or Confirm Sale/ Mortgage/Lease of Real Estate of Ind. under GN or Conserv
    • GN-4040 Petition for Protective Placement/Protective Services
    • GN-4170 Petition for Involuntary Administration of Psychotropic Medication (N)
    • GN-4180 Order on Petition for Involuntary Admin. of Psychotropic Medication (N)
    • IW-1711 Order on Petition for Temp. Physical Custody-Secure/Non-Secure ICWA
    • JC-1647 Order on Petition for Adoption – Minor Child/Adult


    • PR-1814 Estate Account (Informal and Formal Administration)
    • PR-1819 Claim Against Estate (Informal and Formal Administration)
    • PR-1850 Petition for Special Administration (Formal Administration)
    • PR-1933 Order Discharging Trustee

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