Inside Track: Add On-the-Road Battery Power for Electronic Devices to Your Holiday Gift List:

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    Add On-the-Road Battery Power for Electronic Devices to Your Holiday Gift List

    Nerino J. Petro Jr.

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    Dec. 5, 2012 – There is no reason to be without power while you are on the road. It never fails that when you need your electronic device the most is when see the low battery warning. To further complicate charging, it also seems that each device has its own power cord and charger. This can be very frustrating, especially when you are not in your office or at home.

    Nerino Petro State Bar Practice Management Advisor presents several options to keep your devices charged:

    • Small compact USB wall chargers are generally smaller than the adapters that come with your device. USB chargers fit easily in a briefcase or purse. Petro shows the 360electric device, which plugs into an ac outlet and costs about $10.

    • The Energizer Energi To Go rechargeable ultra-slim portable charger provides smartphones up to one full charge and cell phones up to three full charges. Energy To Go costs less than $35.

    • Charging a tablet? Try the Anker Astro3 battery. You can charge two devices simultaneously. It has enough power to charge an iPad 3 at least once, add up to 40 hours of talk time to your iPhone, or charge your iPhone six times. The Anker battery also works with non-Apple tablets, phones and other 9- or 12-volt devices from different manufacturers. The Anker battery quickly charges devices and recharges from a wall outlet. It costs under $80.

    • USB charging adapter plugs are also available for under $5. This is a great standby tool to let you charge your iPad with a regular USB port. The USB charging adapter plugs in into any USB port on a computer or a USB hub.

    For more information, contact Petro at, or call (800) 444-9404, ext. 6012, or (608) 250-6012.

    Nerino Petro is the law practice management advisor for the State Bar of Wisconsin.