Inside Track: Let PINNACLE Be Your Research Assistant, New Info-Bundles Provide Info on Health and Labor and Employment Law:

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    Let PINNACLE Be Your Research Assistant, New Info-Bundles Provide Info on Health and Labor and Employment Law

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    State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE introduces two volumes of a new line of publications called Info-Bundles, which are packets of legal writings that focus on specific practice areas, gathering trusted content from a variety of State Bar of Wisconsin sources.

    Aug. 15, 2012 – PINNACLE Info-Bundles compile excerpts from valued resources including PINNACLE’s Annual Survey of Wisconsin Law and other titles, PINNACLE seminars course materials, and State Bar of Wisconsin publications. Presented in portable softbound volumes, Info-Bundles focus on specific areas of practice, and highlight discussions of recent legal developments and relevant topics within those practice areas.

    “Our goal is to provide members of the State Bar of Wisconsin with timely, accurate information to help answer the most pressing legal questions of the day,” said PINNACLE Director Trish Carrera.

    The 2012 Health Law Info-Bundle features articles on health care reform and Medicare and insurance fraud. The sources include PINNACLE’s Annual Survey of Wisconsin Law and 2012 Health Law Update program materials and Wisconsin Lawyer magazine. In addition, the reprinted “Privacy and Individual Rights” chapter from PINNACLE’s Wisconsin Employment Law treatise contains information pertaining to the accessibility and use of personal medical records in the employment context.

    The 2012 Labor & Employment Law Info-Bundle compiles articles on diverse topics that can potentially arise in the employment context, including not only matters such as overtime and FMLA, but also disability law and ethical considerations for attorneys leaving a firm. Sources include PINNACLE seminar materials, PINNACLE books – Annual Survey of Wisconsin Law, Wisconsin Employment Law, Hiring and Firing in Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Wages and Hours Handbook – and Wisconsin Lawyer magazine.

    “We expect that Wisconsin’s attorneys will find these Info-Bundles a valuable resource; and we invite you to org jknight wisbar contact PINNACLE if you have any suggestions for topics and materials you’d like to see bundled in future volumes,” said PINNACLE Managing Attorney-Editor org jknight wisbar Judith Knight.

    The Health Law and Labor and Employment Law Info-Bundles will be available to State Bar of Wisconsin members for an introductory price of $39 each (plus tax & shipping) through Sept. 30. After Sept. 30, the regular member price will be $59 per copy. To order an Info-Bundle, or for more information, visit the WisBar Marketplace or call State Bar customer service at (800) 728-7788 or (608) 257-3838.