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WisBar InsideTrack Posting Guidelines and Rules

To facilitate a productive and professional exchange, participants are expected to follow these courtesy guidelines and rules. State Bar members must login to read or post comments.

To post a comment related to an article, enter your comment in the “Add Your Comment” field; then, click on “Post” to display your comment. Include your name and affiliation at the end of your comment to enhance the credibility of and provide context to your comments.

Courtesy guidelines

  1. Be relevant. Comments should relate to the topic of the article.
  2. Be concise. Keep your response short and to the point.
  3. Be civil. Do not post inflammatory messages. These discussions are public, and they are meant for constructive exchanges. Comments should address the issues and not be a personal attack on others.

Posting rules

  1. Include your name at the end of your comment to enhance the credibility of and provide context to your comments.
  2. This forum is not to be used for commercial purposes, and the advertisement or promotion of commercial products or services is prohibited.
  3. Solicitations for and endorsements of political candidates on State Bar are prohibited. Requests for financial contributions to any non-State Bar entity also are prohibited.
  4. Do not post copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner.
  5. Do not post any defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, obscene, or otherwise illegal materials.
  6. The knowing posting of false or misleading information is prohibited.
  7. Postings shall not encourage or facilitate agreements between State Bar members concerning the following as they pertain to legal services: prices, discounts, or terms or conditions of sale; salaries; profits, profit margins or cost data; market shares, sales territories, or markets; allocation of customers or territories; selection, rejection or termination of customers or suppliers; or any other term or condition relating to competition.


The State Bar does not actively monitor comments for inappropriate postings. However, in the event that any inappropriate posting is discovered or brought to the attention of the State Bar, the State Bar will take appropriate action to enforce these rules, including the removal of inappropriate posts.


The opinions and information posted in comments are provided by the participants, and the State Bar does not endorse or provide any warranty concerning the information posted to discussions.