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  • April 19, 2017

    Justice for All: Remember Why You Became a Lawyer

    April 19, 2017 – "Because I have been given so much, I think that a lot is expected of me. And so I need to be able to provide access to justice for people that can't do it for themselves."

    Erica Lopez chose to leave a Wall Street law firm to help low-income individuals receive access to legal services. "I didn't care about that work as much as I care about the work that I do now." She recommends attorneys remember why they became lawyers in the first place and do more to give back to their communities.

    Lopez attended the 2017 Wisconsin Equal Justice Conference, March 10, at the State Bar Center in Madison.

    Profiles in Public Interest Law

    Lawyers choose to practice in the public interest for many reasons. They’re passionate about providing access to justice for unrepresented or underrepresented people or groups. They like the variety of legal work. Their work is meaningful and gives them personal satisfaction. They get to work in the “trenches” and effect change. Here 10 lawyers talk about why they pursue a public interest career.

    "Profiles in Public Interest Law," Wisconsin Lawyer, March 2017

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