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  • April 05, 2017

    Volunteer Spotlight
    405 Lawyers Donate More than 20,000 Pro Bono Hours in 2016

    Congratulations to the 405 lawyers who are recognized as part of the Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society for lawyers providing pro bono legal services in excess of 50 hours in 2016.
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    April 5, 2017 – A commitment to pro bono service is one way that reinforces the role of lawyers as true professionals in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission and the State Bar of Wisconsin Pro Bono Program recognize 405 lawyers as 2016 Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society members.

    The State Bar and the Commission created the honor society to annually recognize Wisconsin lawyers who volunteer a substantial amount of their time to help improve the administration of justice and expand access to justice for low-income Wisconsin residents.

    “These lawyers made a huge difference in the lives of abuse victims, parents, children, consumers, immigrants, tenants, homeowners, and organizations that serve the poor,” says the State Bar’s Pro Bono Coordinator Jeff Brown.

    Through SCR 20:6.1, the Wisconsin Supreme Court set a goal of 50 hours of pro bono legal services per year as a way of acknowledging that the legal profession has an important role to play in helping to close the justice gap in Wisconsin.

    Join the Pro Bono Honor Society in 2017

    Learn more about the Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society on the Commission’s website – and be sure to register your pro bono hours with the Pro Bono Honor Society this fall. To find more opportunities for pro bono service, visit the State Bar Pro Bono Directory.

    50 Hours or More

    To qualify for the honor society, lawyers must have performed at least 50 hours of eligible pro bono legal services during the previous calendar year. Eligible pro bono legal services for this program means the direct provision of legal services without fee or expectation of fee, or at a substantially reduced fee to:

    1. persons of limited means;

    2. organizations in matters that are designed primarily to address the needs of persons of limited means; or

    3. charitable, religious, civic, community governmental and educational organizations to secure or protect civil rights, civil liberties, or public rights so long as a substantial majority of such services benefit persons of limited means or organizations that serve persons of limited means

    The number of lawyers reporting 50 or more hours of pro bono service has increased from 120 in 2013, to 398 in 2014, and 407 in 2015. There were 405 lawyers who registered their service in 2016.

    The 405 Lawyers

    Congratulations to the 405 lawyers, listed here with their counties or cities of residence, recognized as 2016 Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society members:

    Renae Aldana, Waukesha

    Scott Allen, Milwaukee

    Amy Allwardt, Outagamie

    Erika Amundson, Eau Claire

    Lindsey Anderson, Waukesha

    Christopher Anderson, Dane

    Shara Aranoff

    Phillip Arieff, Milwaukee

    Alicia Armstrong, Dane

    Allen Arntsen, Dane

    Robert Arthur, Milwaukee

    Philip Babler, Milwaukee

    Jennifer Bachorik, Dane

    Marie Bahoora, Milwaukee

    Valerie Bailey Rihn, Dane

    Jesse Bair, Dane

    Kristi Baker, Dane

    John Bannen, Milwaukee

    Erin Barbato, Dane

    Priya Barnes, Waukesha

    Andrew Barragry, Milwaukee

    Thomas Barrett, Milwaukee

    Sarjo Barrow, Dane

    David Bartel, Milwaukee

    Paul Bauer, Milwaukee

    Amanda Beggs, Milwaukee

    Marshall Belton, Dane

    Linda Benfield, Milwaukee

    Eric Berg, Lake Forest, Illinois

    Candace Berg, Milwaukee

    Jordan Bergmann, Milwaukee

    Marisa Berlinger, Dane

    Ave Bie, Dane

    Angela Biese,, Marathon

    Melita Biese, Milwaukee

    Jennifer Binkley, Dane

    David Blinka, Dane

    Rachel Blise, Milwaukee

    Barry Blonien, Dane

    Anita Boor, Dane

    Brian Borkowicz, Washington

    Lisa Bouterse, Kenosha

    Warren Brandt, Pierce

    Bridget Brave, Milwaukee

    Mary Braza, Milwaukee

    Kenneth Brooks, Milwaukee

    Heather Brooks, Milwaukee

    Douglas Buck, Dane

    Robert Buckett, Washington

    Michael Burton, Milwaukee

    Christopher Cain, Dane

    Dawn Caldart, Milwaukee

    Carmel Capati, Dane

    James Carney, Rock

    Charles Carter, Milwaukee

    Patricia Cavey, Milwaukee

    Katherine Charlton, Milwaukee

    Monica Chase, Ashland

    Max Chester, Milwaukee

    Abigail Churchill, Dane

    David Clark, Milwaukee

    Linda Clifford, Dane

    David Clowers, Door

    Meghan Coffey, Milwaukee

    Frances Colbert, Dane

    Jennifer Collins, Milwaukee

    Lisamarie Collins, Dane

    David Coon, Waukesha

    Kevin Corrigall, Kenosha

    Carmen Couden, Milwaukee

    Michael Covey, Dane

    Forrest Crawford, Dane

    Brenda Dahl, Kenosha

    Collin Dahl, Door

    Robin Dalton, Dane

    Julie Darnieder, Milwaukee

    Andrea Davenport, Milwaukee

    Lindsey Davis, Milwaukee

    Jeffrey Davis, Milwaukee

    Laura Davis, Dane

    Andy DeClercq, Dane

    Angele Dentice, Milwaukee

    Steven DeVougas, Milwaukee

    Kimberly Dodd, Milwaukee

    Anna Dontje, Dane

    Alyssa Dowse, Milwaukee

    Thomas Dreblow, Milwaukee

    Nicole Druckrey, Racine

    Emily Dudak-Taylor, Dane

    Robert Duffy, Milwaukee

    Andrew Dufresne, Dane

    Hannah Dugan, Milwaukee

    April Dunlavy, Shawano

    William Dusso, Dane

    Zachary Eastburn, Milwaukee

    Maureen Easton, Dane

    Timothy Edwards, Dane

    Erik Eisenmann, Milwaukee

    Melissa El Menaouar, Dane

    Chesley Erwin Jr., Manitowoc

    Malinda Eskra, Milwaukee

    Eileen Evans, Washington

    Gregory Everts, Dane

    Andrea Farrell, Dane

    Catherine Faught Pollard, Milwaukee

    Emily Feinstein, Dane

    Elliot Fink, Dane

    Casey Fleming, Milwaukee

    Julie Flessas, Ozaukee

    Chris Flowers, Milwaukee

    Renae Flowers, Dane

    Emily Fons, Milwaukee

    Victor Forberger, Dane

    Rory Foster, Dane

    David Frank, Milwaukee

    Andrew Frank, Rock

    James Friedman, Milwaukee

    Rebecca Furdek, Arlington, Virginia

    Kerry Gabrielson, Dane

    Fred Gants, Dane

    Kate Gehl, Milwaukee

    Zachary Glascock, Marathon

    Barbara Gnat, Milwaukee

    James Goldschmidt, Milwaukee

    Michael Gonring, Milwaukee

    Rhonda Gorden, Ozaukee

    James Gormley, Milwaukee

    Cathy Gorst, Wood

    Rachel Graham, Dane

    James Gramling Jr., Milwaukee

    Noelle Granitz, Milwaukee

    Danielle Grant-Keane, Dane

    Gary Grass, Milwaukee

    Robert Gray, Marathon

    Matthew Greene, La Crosse

    Martin Gregorcich, Milwaukee

    Kevin Grzebielski, Dane

    Lars Gulbrandsen, Milwaukee

    Patrick Hall, Milwaukee

    Nathaniel Hammons, Milwaukee

    Mark Hancock, Dane

    Linda Hansen, Milwaukee

    David Hanson, Milwaukee

    Lauren Harpke, Milwaukee

    Andrew Harrington, Barron

    Michael Hatch, Milwaukee

    Eric Hatchell, Dane

    Kristine Havlik, Milwaukee

    Rebecca Hays, Dane

    Rhonda Hazen, Dane

    Eugenia Hedlund, Marathon

    Gregory Heinen, Milwaukee

    Regan Hendrickson, Columbia

    Donald Hermanson, Marathon

    Alex Hewett, Wood

    Mark Hinkston, Racine

    Patricia Hintz, Milwaukee

    Marcus Hirsch, Milwaukee

    Thomas Hochstatter, Milwaukee

    Kari Hoel, Chippewa

    Nicholas Hoffman, Ozaukee

    Caroline Hogan, Milwaukee

    Bryan House, Milwaukee

    Sarah Huck, Milwaukee

    Joshua Hufford, Milwaukee

    Sarah Hyde, Milwaukee

    Nathan Imfeld, Milwaukee

    Matthew Impola, Milwaukee

    Richard Jacobson, Dane

    Anne Jaspers, Milwaukee

    Kadie Jelenchick, Milwaukee

    David Jennings III, Ozaukee

    Kyle Jesinski, Milwaukee

    Stephen Johnson, Door

    Eugene Johnson, Waukesha

    Christa Johnson, Door

    Jennifer Johnson, Milwaukee

    Geraldine Johnson-Coy, Milwaukee

    Catherine Jones, Fond du Lac

    Scott Jurk, Racine

    David Karpe, Dane

    Robert Kasieta, Dane

    Alyce Katayama, Milwaukee

    Gouthami Katta, Dane

    Anne Kearney, Milwaukee

    Philomena Kebec, Ashland

    William Keeler III, Milwaukee

    Janet Keleher, Milwaukee

    Bruce Keyes, Milwaukee

    Joshua Kindkeppel, Dane

    Peter Kisken, La Crosse

    Natalie Kitzrow, Milwaukee

    Vanessa Klemish, Eau Claire

    Douglas Klingberg, Marathon

    Kathryn Knowlton, Milwaukee

    Jason Knutson, Dane

    Jason Kohout, Milwaukee

    Brandon Krajewski, Milwaukee

    Kelly Kramer, Eau Claire

    Charles Kreimendahl, Dane

    Joe Kremkoski, Racine

    Mark Krueger, Sauk

    Steven Kruzel, Milwaukee

    Harvey Kurtz, Chicago

    Daniel LaFrenz, Milwaukee

    Nicholas Lagerwall, Dane

    Scott Langlois, Milwaukee

    Beth Lauck, Waukesha

    Peggy Lautenschlager, Fond du Lac

    James Law, Milwaukee

    Kimberly Lawton, Bayfield

    John Lazarus, Milwaukee

    Matthew Lee, Dane

    Edward Leineweber, Richland

    Amanda Leipold, Dane

    Stephen Leopold, Milwaukee

    Benjamin Levin, Milwaukee

    Jessica Lewis, Dane

    Brenda Lewison, Milwaukee

    Mitchell Lindstrom, Milwaukee

    Joanne Lipo Zovic, Milwaukee

    Jack Longert, Dane

    Maria Lopez, Milwaukee

    Shabnam Lotfi, Dane

    Paul Lucey, Milwaukee

    Raymond Luk Jr., Milwaukee

    Mark Lukoff, Racine

    Samuel Magnuson, Milwaukee

    Michael Maistelman, Milwaukee

    Kurt Malmquist, Ozaukee

    Jeffrey Mandell, Dane

    Brenda Manning, Minneapolis

    Marsha Mansfield, Dane

    Thomas Margolis, Dane

    Margaret Maroney, Dane

    Trisha Martin, Milwaukee

    Rachel Mather, Milwaukee

    Kristina Matic, Milwaukee

    Julie Maule, Washington

    Theodore Mazza, Waukesha

    Melissa McCord, Milwaukee

    Andrew McDonald, Rock

    Patrick McDonald, Rock

    Maureen McGinnity, Washington

    S. Means, Dane

    Max Meckstroth, Milwaukee

    Jodi Meier, Kenosha

    Deborah Meiners, Dane

    Justin Mertz, Milwaukee

    Kathryn Mertz, Milwaukee

    Chelsey Metcalf, Milwaukee

    Courtney Meyer, Ozaukee

    Jeremiah Meyer-O'Day, Grant

    Marta Meyers, Dane

    Naomi Michel, Milwaukee

    Jennifer Miller, Dane

    James Miller, Marathon

    Jay Miller, Milwaukee

    Peggy Miller, Winnebago

    John Mitby, Dane

    Ryan Moertel, Eau Claire

    Kerry Mohan, Dane

    Rachel Monaco-Wilcox, Milwaukee

    Isaac Morris, Milwaukee

    Jeffrey Morris, Milwaukee

    Mitchell Moser, Milwaukee

    John Movroydis, Waukesha

    Kristian Mukoski, Milwaukee

    Kathryn Muldoon, Milwaukee

    Kate Murtaugh, Polk

    Brittany Naleid, Milwaukee

    Natalie Neals, Milwaukee

    Andrew Nelson, Dane

    Joseph Neterval, Milwaukee

    Maxfield Neuhaus, Pierce

    Christopher Nickels, Milwaukee

    Willem Noorlander, Milwaukee

    Daniel O'Callaghan, Dane

    Katherine O'Malley, Milwaukee

    Matthew O'Neill, Milwaukee

    Kristin Occhetti, Milwaukee

    Rebecca Oettinger, Sauk

    Odalo Ohiku, Milwaukee

    Christine Olsen, Marathon

    Michael Palid, Marinette

    Richard Parins, Dane

    Ryan Parsons, Milwaukee

    Timothy Patterson, Milwaukee

    Rebecca Paul, Portage

    Mary Payne, Milwaukee

    Katherine Perhach, Milwaukee

    Michael Petersen, Fond du Lac

    James Peterson, Milwaukee

    Elizabeth Pfeuffer, Kenosha

    Pamela Ploor, Milwaukee

    Kathleen Popp, Ozaukee

    Jared Prado, Dane

    Matthew Pribyl, Door

    Matthew Prior, Dane

    Patrick Proctor-Brown, Milwaukee

    Andrew Pyatskowit, Shawano

    J. Quiroga, Dane

    Amber Raffeet August, Dane

    Brendyn Reinecke, Dane

    David Reinecke, Dane

    John Remington, Milwaukee

    Linda Renard, Washington

    Daniel Repka, St. Paul, Minnesota

    Bartholomew Reuter, Milwaukee

    Michael Reyes, Waukesha

    Beth Richlen, Marathon

    Patricia Risser, Milwaukee

    Isaac Roang, Milwaukee

    Sara Roemaat, Waukesha

    Travis Romero-Boeck, Milwaukee

    Charles Roozen, Dane

    Joel Rosenthal, Milwaukee

    Anne Ross, Dane

    Patrick Rowe, Price

    Joseph Russell, Milwaukee

    Michael Rust, Winnebago

    Dawn Sabel, Fond du Lac

    Leila Sahar, Milwaukee

    Robert Sanders, Milwaukee

    Jason Sanders, Dane

    Jodi Sanfelippo, Milwaukee

    Gricel Santiago-Rivera, Dane

    Bradley Sarkauskas, Oneida

    S. Sarskas, Milwaukee

    Deborah Scheid, Milwaukee

    Collin Scheuermann, Milwaukee

    Jill Schilling, Eau Claire

    Steven Schinker, Marathon

    Andrew Schmidt, Marathon

    Francis Schmitz, Waukesha

    Patrick Schoen, Milwaukee

    Raymond Schrank II, Waukesha

    Tricia Schulz, Dane

    Paul Schwartz, Dane

    Gerald Schwartz, Milwaukee

    Ethan Schwenker, Dane

    Ryan Seib, Dane

    Theresa Selenske, Wood

    Megan Senatori, Dane

    Amy Shapiro, Milwaukee

    Alexandra Shortridge, Milwaukee

    Thomas Shriner Jr., Milwaukee

    J.J. Silverstein, Milwaukee

    Jeffrey Simmons, Dane

    Ashley Sinclair, Milwaukee

    Ellen Sinclair, Milwaukee

    Carol Skinner, St. Croix

    Sarah Slack, Dane

    Sarah Smith, Boston

    Jane Smith, Oconto

    Breanne Snapp, Dane

    Todd Snow, Dodge

    Melissa Soberalski, Milwaukee

    Anita Sorensen, Dane

    Grant Sovern, Dane

    Matthew Splitek, Dane

    John Starkweather, Dane

    Emily Stedman, Milwaukee

    Megan Stelljes, Dane

    Marjory Stewart, Milwaukee

    Pamela Stokke-Ceci, Milwaukee

    John Stutt, Racine

    Heather Stutz, Milwaukee

    Ili Subhan, Milwaukee

    Melinda Swartz, Milwaukee

    Nikki Swayne, La Crosse

    H. Taylor, Dane

    Urszula Tempska, Milwaukee

    Bill Thompson, Duluth, Minnesota

    Naikang Tsao, Dane

    John Turlais, Milwaukee

    Cassandra Van Gompel, Sheboygan

    Eric Van Schyndle, Milwaukee

    Eric Van Vugt, Milwaukee

    Sara Vanden Brook, Dane

    Nicole Vander Meulen, Dane

    Julia Veenendaal, Ashland

    Charles Ver Hoeve, Dane

    Valerie Vidal, Milwaukee

    Matthew Vogel, Milwaukee

    Rhonda Vosdingh, Dane

    Aaron Wegrzyn, Milwaukee

    Matthew Weil, Washington

    Nick Welle, Milwaukee

    Diane Welsh, Dane

    Karin Werner, Milwaukee

    Ronald Westgate Jr., Marathon

    Chelsea Whitley, Polk

    Jameson Whitney, Dane

    Jacqueline Wilcox, Milwaukee

    Emily Wilson, Dane

    Dustin Woehl, Milwaukee

    Andrew Wronski, Milwaukee

    Hillary Wucherer, Milwaukee

    Timothy Young, Winnebago

    Lilah Zajac, Waukesha

    Patricia Zamba, Kenosha

    Jeanne Zamzow, Waushara

    Nicholas Zepnick, Milwaukee

    Lawrence Zieger, Milwaukee

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