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  • March 01, 2017

    198 Reasons to Celebrate: Honoring Wisconsin Lawyers in Practice 50 Years

    Congratulations to 198 members who entered the profession in 1967. The State Bar is hosting an event in May to honor their 50-year milestone as Wisconsin lawyers.
    honorees stand as their names are called

    During a program honoring last year's class of 1966, honorees stand as their names are called by Chief Justice Roggensack. Last year's class included such notables as Gov. Tommy Thompson. Read more.

    March 1, 2017 – In 1967, stamps cost 5 cents, and a gallon of gasoline was 31 cents. We cheered as coach Vince Lombardi and quarterback Bart Starr led the Green Bay Packers to a 35-10 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in the first-ever Super Bowl (then called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game).

    We explored a new level in popular music with the Beatles album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” watched actors Burt Ward and Adam West in “Batman” on television, and Paul Newman in “Cool Hand Luke” in movie theaters (ticket prices were $1.22), and mourned soul artist Otis Redding, who died in a plane crash on Lake Monona in Madison.

    We witnessed the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, and the adoption of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (on succession of the presidency). Thurgood Marshall became the first African-American justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

    And, in 1967, these 198 lawyers (listed below) were admitted to practice in Wisconsin.

    Join the State Bar of Wisconsin in honoring members who this year reach their 50-year milestone in the legal profession. If you’re one of our honorees, expect an invitation by mail in early April for a celebratory luncheon May 10 in Delafield.

    If you know of members who were admitted to the State Bar in 1967 whose names are missing from this list, please contact Beth Drake at (608) 250-6171 or (800) 444-9404, ext. 6171.

    Celebrate these 50-year Members

    Hon. Lynn S. Adelman, Mukwonago

    Leonard G. Adent, Pewaukee

    Louis E. Archambault, Green Bay

    Perry J. Armstrong, Madison

    Anthony W. Asmuth III, Mequon

    Wayne E. Babler Jr., Boynton Beach, Florida

    Thomas A. Bailey, Milwaukee

    Ronald S. Bailis, Westchester, Illinois

    James C. Barkley, Knoxville, Tennessee

    Robert M. Bell, Fort Atkinson

    Stephen R. Bell, Washington, D.C.

    Gilbert J. Berthelsen, Milwaukee

    Lawrence J. Bilansky, West Hartford, Connecticut

    William M. Bleakley, Springfield, Illinois

    Wayne H. Brogelman, Mequon

    Thomas H. Bround, Madison

    Mary Ellen A Brown, Madison

    Hon. Michael J. Bruch, Whitefish Bay

    Arnold B. Brustin, Los Angeles, California

    Clement L. Budny Jr., Hales Corners

    Frank E. Burgess, Madison

    Michael A. Burke, Madison

    John L. Burley, Chicago, Illinois

    William I. Caldwell Jr., Woodstock, Illinois

    Gloria L. Case, University Park, Florida

    Rodney A. Charnholm, Green Bay

    Roger W. Clark, Appleton

    Richard M. Clinton, Seattle, Washington

    Lawrence J. Cofar, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Bradford J. Colbert Jr., Chippewa Falls

    James W. Conway, Pleasant Prairie

    Dennis D. Costello, Williams Bay

    John D. Craig, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

    Thomas R. Cuthbert, Arlington, Virginia

    Larry R. Dalton, Thiensville

    Ronald W. Damp, Plymouth

    Tod O. Daniel, Janesville

    Martin L. Dean, San Francisco, California

    Denis W. Dugan, Milwaukee

    Richard H. Ebbott, Flint, Michigan

    Scott H. Engroff, Mequon

    Hon. James R. Erickson, Balsam Lake

    John A. Esler, Appleton

    Theodore S. Fins, Sycamore, Illinois

    Charles P. Fischbach, Chicago, Illinois

    Robert W. Fletcher, Louisville, Kentucky

    Hon. Dennis J. Flynn, Racine

    Thomas E. Funk, Milwaukee

    Richard S. Gallagher, Milwaukee

    Emmett A. Gambrell, Milwaukee

    Benjamin F. Garmer III, Milwaukee

    Michael L. Gill, Westlake, Ohio

    Ronald M. Goergen, Kansas City, Missouri

    Hon. Aaron E. Goodstein, Milwaukee

    Amedeo Greco, Madison

    Lonnie O. Grigsby, Bradenton, Florida

    Thomas P. Guszkowski, Milwaukee

    Joel A. Haber, Chicago, Illinois

    F. Roberts Hanning Jr., Cedarburg

    Stephen F. Hansen, Waupaca

    Wayne W. Hansen, Mercer Island, Washington

    Webster A. Hart, Eau Claire

    Thomas A. Hauke, Mukwonago

    C. Michael Hausman, Delafield

    Hon. Fred H. Hazlewood, Manitowoc

    Clemens V. Hedeen Jr., Sturgeon Bay

    John H. Hendricks, Superior

    Thomas L. Herlache, Sturgeon Bay

    Joel Hirschhorn, Miami, Florida

    John G. Hoeschler, Saint Paul, Minnesota

    Fred D. Hollenbeck, Mauston

    Charles D. Hoornstra, Madison

    James E. Hough, Madison

    Thomas W. Hutchison, Chevy Chase, Maryland

    Jonathan D. Jackson Jr., Madison

    Thomas J. Janssen, Appleton

    Robert D. Johns Jr., La Crosse

    Ted B. Johnson, Fox Point

    Rod K. Johnston, Washington, D.C.

    Patrick W. Jordan, Chicago, Illinois

    Richard C. Kelly, Whitewater

    Richard C. Kelly, Hebron, Illinois

    John R. Kenefick, River Falls

    John A. Kieckhafer, Thiensville

    William A. Kirkpatrick Jr., La Crosse

    Philip M. Kleinsmith, Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Hon. John D. Koehn, Sturgeon Bay

    Ronald S. Koener, New Berlin

    Eugene S. Koster, Lynchburg, Virginia

    Phillip R. Krass, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Alvin H. Kriger, Brookfield

    David J. Kundert, Mequon

    Paul H. Lamboley, Reno, Nevada

    Eliot A. Landau, Downers Grove, Illinois

    Dexter Larsen, Duluth, Minnesota

    Andrew R. Lauritzen, Milwaukee

    Paul D. Lawent, Hoffman Estates, Illinois

    Timothy F. Lenicheck, Somerville, Massachusetts

    Carl D. Liggio, Chevy Chase, Maryland

    Laurence J. Love, Gaithersburg, Maryland

    Martin E. Love, Mequon

    Thomas J. Lyons, Saint Paul, Minnesota

    Todd C. Lyster, Chicago, Illinois

    James R. Mack, Beaver Dam

    Dennis C. Mahoney, Racine

    Jerry E. McAdow, Madison

    Michael J. McCabe, Milwaukee

    Michael P. McClone, Milwaukee

    Joseph F. McDonnell Jr., Milwaukee

    Max Meinel, Monroe

    Tom D. Mellencamp, Milwaukee

    Robert T. Melzer, Sheboygan

    Con J. Merten, Los Angeles, California

    William D. Mett, Las Vegas, Nevada

    John C. Miller, Kohler

    Frederick H. Miller, Madison

    William F. Mundt, Madison

    James A R Nafziger, Salem, Oregon

    Timothy D. Nelson, Piedmont, California

    Lowell J. Noteboom, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Dwight L. Nye, Dallas, Texas

    Thomas E. Obenberger, Milwaukee

    Thomas W. O'Brien, Shorewood

    Larry W. O'Brien, Madison

    Ronald F. Ochsner, Glastonbury, Connecticut

    Richard Olbrich, Madison

    Gerald C. Opgenorth, Spring Green

    Robert G. Ott, West Bend

    Virginia J. Parkinson, Milwaukee

    W. Stuart Parsons, Milwaukee

    Robert J. Penegor, Brookfield

    W. Thatcher Peterson, Oshkosh

    Ross A. Phelps, La Crescent, Minnesota

    Seymour Pikofsky, Fox Point

    Roger Pinkert, Sturgeon Bay

    John C. Plous, Kenosha

    Charles F. Polidori, West Allis

    William R. Powell, Sheboygan

    John E. Rashke, Verona

    Jared C. Redfield, Stevens Point

    William V. Reilly Jr., Milwaukee

    Michael B. Rick, Greenfield

    Michael J. Riebe, Grafton

    Daniel H. Riley, Dallas, Texas

    James N. Roethe, Orinda, California

    Terry W. Rose, Kenosha

    David J. Ross, Evansville

    Floyd D. Rudy, Minong

    Robert C. Rutgers, Milwaukee

    Dennis K. Sage, New Berlin

    Peter J. Salza, Milwaukee

    John P. Savage, Milwaukee

    Louis Henry Scherb, Glenview, Illinois

    Robert B. Schneider, Kenosha

    William A. Schroeder III, Rhinelander

    Raymond F. Sebastian, Ross, California

    A. Richard Seminaro, Onalaska

    Stephen F. Sewell, Arlington, Virginia

    Ronald C. Shikora, Milwaukee

    James M. Siehr, San Benito, Texas

    Lawrence C. Silton, Appleton

    Hon. Michael J. Skwierawski, Milwaukee

    R. Duane Slayton, Hampshire, Illinois

    Thomas J. Smith, Encino, California

    Albert Solochek, Milwaukee

    Sheldon Sorosky, Chicago, Illinois

    Benjamin Southwick, Richland Center

    Hon. J.P. Stadtmueller, Milwaukee

    Marguerite B. Stein, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    James H. Stewart, Duluth, Minnesota

    Darrel A. Talcott, West Salem

    Hon. Louise M. Tesmer, Greendale

    Thomas R. Thibodeau, Sarasota, Florida

    Joseph J. Till III, Superior

    Joseph P. Trapp, Brookfield

    James R. Truschke, Lees Summit, Missouri

    Paul R. Tyler, Des Moines, Iowa

    Mark J. Ugoretz, Washington, D.C.

    Steven C. Underwood, Verona

    Thomas G. Van de Grift, Naples, Florida

    James F. Vedder, Neenah

    James O. Vollmar, Port Washington

    Theodore R. Voss, Westport, Connecticut

    Hon. Emmanuel J. Vuvunas, Racine

    Vance M. Waggoner, Sackets Harbor, New York

    Ruben Leonard Weiner, Houston, Texas

    David Akers Weinstein, Denver, Colorado

    David L. Werth, Weyauwega

    Richard H. Wessels, Saint Charles, Illinois

    Marion L. Westen, Arcadia, California

    Thomas E. Whipp, Shorewood

    Dennis H. Wicht, Milwaukee

    Peter J. Wick, Mequon

    Thomas C. Wilkoski, Greenfield

    Robert A. Wilmot, Adell

    Thomas A. Wilson, Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Mark E. Wilson, Spokane, Washington

    Hon. Richard O. Wright, Westfield

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