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    Legal Research, Enhanced: Fastcase Just Got Better

    Fastcase 7 is now available to State Bar of Wisconsin members, with new enhancements and unlimited access to one of the largest law libraries in the world.
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    Nov. 15, 2017 – Flexible search options, alerts for search results, customizable document formats, and a new Authority Check are new enhancements offered by the latest update to Fastcase.

    Fastcase is now available in its latest version, Fastcase 7. The Fastcase service ordinarily costs $995 per year for an individual subscriber, but State Bar members have access to Fastcase and Fastcase 7 for no cost as a complimentary member benefit.

    The member benefit allows free access to Fastcase’s intuitive and smarter legal research tools, training webinars and tutorials, industry-leading mobile apps, and live customer support from members of the Fastcase team.

    With Fastcase, State Bar members have unlimited access to one of the largest law libraries in the world, including unlimited printing, reference assistance, and customer service, as well as a newspaper archive, legal forms, and a one-stop PACER search of federal filings.

    What’s New with Fastcase 7

    The new version has all of the familiar features and tools, plus an enhanced Forecite, Tag Cloud, Authority Check and Bad Law Bot, more advanced search options, new results screen options, larger fonts and selections to make documents easier to read on computer screens, and new dual-column printing options.

    Choose between versions – use the slider in the top right corner of your screen to toggle back and forth between Fastcase 7 and the classic Fastcase service.

    Fastcase 7 offers these new features:

    The New Home Screen. You will notice several resources, tools, and updates are prominently displayed, including Help resources. Live chat with a Fastcase reference attorney, and get new results on search alerts and quick access to a much more detailed version of your search history.

    A More Advanced Search. Search across different types of materials at the same time: cases, state constitutions, attorney general opinions. Choose to search everything or filter results down to just a select category. And search across all materials associated with a particular state jurisdiction simultaneously.

    The Results Screen. Search results are accompanied by several tools, all on the same page and all customizable. Filter which results are displayed. Use the Tag Cloud by clicking any term to see only results that use that term. Use the new Interactive Timeline for another way to see your results. Suggested Results include not only HeinOnline materials, but Forecite Results, Journals, and everything in between.

    The Document Page. Reading cases is easier now with larger fonts, and an optional full-screen mode using the diagonal arrows on the top right of the opinion text.

    The New Authority Check. You can view Authority Check alongside your opinion. All of your citing cases, the case-level Interactive Timeline, and Bad Law Bot can be viewed without opening a new tab or window. Statistical information about which jurisdictions are citing your case is now clearer so you can spot trends in the law on the fly. You can view the Authority Check report right next to your case or expand it to the full dashboard view.

    New Dual-Column Printing. Now you can download up to 500 documents at a time in a zip file, with each document in a separate file. Each file has an intelligent name, so you can identify them in a snap.

    Where to Find Out More

    For more information, follow Fastcase on Twitter at @Fastcase or visit

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