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  • November 16, 2016

    E-filing Update: CCAP Streamlines Proposed Orders; E-filing Rolls Out in Waukesha and Oneida Counties

    E-filers can now submit certain proposed orders in PDF format, streamlining the filing process.

    Nov. 16, 2016 – With the e-filing rollout proceeding smoothly for civil, small claims, family, and paternity cases, the Director of State Courts Office, Office of Court Operations reports that CCAP is working on e-filing improvements requested by users.

    Generally, e-filers must submit proposed orders in a Word editable (.docx) format so the court can edit the proposed order or fill in checkboxes before signing. Proposed orders in Word format must omit the signature block for the court official.

    However, there are many documents where court officials rarely make a change to the proposed order. Common examples include stipulations and orders, motions and orders appointing counsel, motions and orders for dismissal, and bench warrants.

    CCAP now offers the ability to submit certain proposed orders in PDF format. If the e-filer anticipates that the court is not likely to edit the order, based on experience, the e-filer may submit the order in PDF format. This makes it possible to submit the motion and order as a single document, or to gather signatures on a stipulation and have the judge sign it. PDF documents must include a standard signature block that can be downloaded from the e-filing website.

    Other recent enhancements include improved garnishment e-filing, added filing options and new document types, and increased user security measures.

    For more information:

    Mandatory E-filing Rolls Out in Waukesha and Oneida Counties, Next Month to Marathon and Racine

    Mandatory e-filing for civil, small claims, family, and paternity cases rolled out this week in Waukesha and Oneida counties.

    On Dec. 1, Marathon and Racine join the 21 counties where mandatory e-filing is already in place.

    Many counties also begin voluntary e-filing for criminal cases at the same time they transition to mandatory e-filing for civil cases. Criminal e-filing will become mandatory on March 1, 2017, for all counties with mandatory civil e-filing.

    For notifications about when new counties and case types are scheduled, subscribe to the e-filing notification service on the right side of the circuit court e-filing home page, or follow CCAP_Wisconsin on Twitter. Video tutorials and written guides are also available.

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    To eFile or Not to eFile? It's No Longer a Question, PINNACLE OnDemand Seminar

    Court documents are catching up to modern filing practices with mandatory eFiling effective July 1, 2016. Although only certain types of cases will fall under the eFiling requirement initially, by 2019 all case types must be eFiled. Get your firm ready for eFiling with help from “To eFile or Not to eFile?”

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