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  • December 16, 2015

    Options for Health, Vision, and Dental Plans: What to Consider Before Open Enrollment Ends

    Now is the time to explore and change your insurance options for your specific situation. If you have questions, the State Bar can help you find the answers.

    Dec. 16, 2015 – The open-enrollment period for switching or updating your health insurance policies runs through Jan. 31, 2016. This is the time to review your coverage for health, vision, and dental plans.

    If you are contemplating changing your health insurance during this open enrollment period, please read the following important information:

    Health Insurance Considerations

    Whether you have an individual or group plan, evaluate whether you need to make any changes in your health insurance policy, and to seek options available through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

    Now is the time to review your coverage and make any needed changes. Factors to consider when deciding whether you need to make changes in your plan include:

    • the product’s premium cost;

    • out-of-pocket health care expenses not paid by insurance;

    • eligibility for government subsidies;

    • the product’s exclusions and benefit limitations; and

    • access to specific health care providers and/or provider networks.

    Who Can Answer My Questions?

    Bultman Financial Services and Professional Insurance Programs have a long-standing working relationship with the State Bar of Wisconsin and are trusted experts in helping members find coverage. Contact either of them to get your questions answered – they will help you find the best options for your situation:

    Need More Answers?

    In 2014, the State Bar ran a series of articles and a video to answer questions about changes in health care coverage related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These articles provide additional information about the ACA and health care coverage:

    See Clearly with the EyeMed Vision Plan

    Even if you don’t need vision correction or an updated prescription, an annual eye exam enables your doctor to check the health of your eyes.

    Keep your vision clear and get the care you need with the State Bar’s EyeMed Vision Plan for members and their families, administered by Bultman Financial.

    The EyeMed Vision Plan covers access to the biggest nationwide network and has the largest choice of providers compared with other nationwide carriers. Whether you live in Wisconsin or practice in another part of the country, you can take advantage of this cost-saving benefit.

    The EyeMed Vision Plan is an economical way to fit eye care into your budget, maintain your health, and help your kid’s school performance.

    Find Out More

    For more information or to determine the plan for you, visit EyeMed’s interactive webpage, view the brochure and application form, or call (866) 723-0596 to speak with EyeMed Customer Service.

    Delta Dental Plan: Keep Up Your Smile

    State Bar of Wisconsin members and their families are invited to join the State Bar’s group dental plan with Delta Dental of Wisconsin.

    When services are provided by an in-network dentist, the plan offers 100 percent coverage for routine diagnostic and preventive care, and discounts of 50 to 80 percent for major, emergency, and orthodontic services.

    Every person’s situation is different: If you are thinking about signing up for dental insurance, read this article to learn how to assess whether it is worth the cost to you.

    Learn More About the State Bar’s Dental Plan and Other Member Insurance Programs

    Learn more about the State Bar’s Delta Dental Plan and other member insurance programs offered through Bultman Financial, or call (262) 782-9949 for more information.

    Dental, Vision, and More for State Bar Members

    In addition to dental and vision plans – both new in 2015 – the State Bar offers a wide variety of insurance plans for you, from auto, home, and life insurance, to group term, long-term care to disability, professional liability, group accidental death and dismemberment, and property and casualty plans.

    For more information, visit the Member Benefits insurance page on

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