Inside Track: Do You Know When an Award of Punitive Damages is Excessive in Wisconsin?:

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    Do You Know When an Award of Punitive Damages is Excessive in Wisconsin?

    You do if you own the 2015 edition of The Law of Damages in Wisconsin. from State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® with its analysis of this year’s new and trending issues. 
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    May 20, 2015 – The law of damages can be complex, requiring attorneys to track the ever-shifting relationships between the various principles and procedures. Featuring a detailed evaluation of relevant cases, PINNACLE’s The Law of Damages in Wisconsin is essential for any attorney hoping to stay current in this demanding practice area.

    Nowhere is this more true than in the realm of punitive damages, a subject addressed in detail by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in Kimble v. Land Concepts, Inc., 2014 WI 21, 353 Wis. 2d 377, 845 N.W.2d 395. The Kimble court addressed information that every trial lawyer should know: whether the size of a punitive damages award is subject to de novo review, the purpose of punitive damages, and the most important indicium of the reasonableness of the award. 

    Through six editions, The Law of Damages in Wisconsin has continued to be the most comprehensive resource for pleading and proving damages in Wisconsin courts since 1988. The 2015 edition features 41 chapters of detailed research and analysis written by experienced Wisconsin attorneys, addressing issues such as pleading damages, meeting evidentiary burdens, and evaluating the sufficiency of evidence.

    This three-volume treatise is the definitive guide to damages in Wisconsin. Thorough yet accessible, this book is a must for Wisconsin lawyers. Indispensable as a tool for in-depth research, The Law of Damages in Wisconsin also provides numerous practice tips from seasoned professionals, covering a wide range of real-world topics including professional ethics, fee agreements, and more.

    In addition to punitive damages, the book also contains recent decisions relating to tortious interference, creditor obligations under guaranty of payment, constitutional damages caps, the complicity rule, and wrongful-death beneficiaries. This edition has been expanded to include an updated discussion of conflict of laws and Wisconsin’s wrongful-death statute, as well as a new section addressing the relationship between the First Amendment and the disclosure of information in matters of public concern.

    This latest edition of The Law of Damages in Wisconsin is available in print for $219 and via PINNACLE Books UnBound® – the State Bar’s interactive online library – for $149.

    For more information, or to place an order, visit the WisBar Marketplace or call the State Bar at (800) 728-7788 or (608) 257-3838. Subscribers to the State Bar’s automatic supplementation service will receive future updates at a discount off the regular price.

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