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  • Discount Room Rates Expire May 27 for Annual Meeting & Conference

    The 2014 State Bar Annual Meeting & Conference, on June 26 and 27, in Lake Geneva offers more than 20 CLE sessions. Programs focus on a variety skill levels, practice areas, and office settings.
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    2014 Annual Meeting and ConferenceMay 7, 2014 – Mark your calendars for the largest gathering of lawyers in the state in 2014. The State Bar will hold its Annual Meeting & Conference at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa on June 26 and 27. Attendees can earn up to 13 CLE credits and 6 EPR credits at 24 sessions designed for a variety of office settings, practice areas, and experience levels.

    Dozens of CLE Sessions

    Choose from more than 20 CLE sessions designed for a variety of office settings, practice areas, and experience levels that deliver up to 13 CLE credits and 6 EPR credits.

    Day One. Thursday’s opening plenary session, 8:15 – 9:30 a.m. features two U.S. Court of Appeals judges for the Seventh Circuit. Diane Sykes was nominated by George W. Bush and confirmed in 2004, and David F. Hamilton was nominated by President Barack Obama and confirmed in 2009.

    General CLE sessions, 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., include:

    • President’s Forum: Practical Advice for Negotiation, Discovery, Mediation and Trial
    • Law Firm Boot Camp: A Practical Guide to Hanging Your Own Shingle
    • Administrative Law Practice & Procedure
    • Wisconsin New Revised Uniform Partnership Act
    • Trial Advocacy Skills
    • Hot Topics in Construction law
    • The (Sometimes Surprising) Environmental Side of Disaster Preparedness
    • Cloud Computing: The Good the Bad & The Ethics
    • Retaining Good Clients, Your Health, and Your License
    • Point/Counterpoint: An Overview of Recent Cases and Legislation for the Criminal Law Practitioner
    • A Judges Perspective: Tips on Electronic Discovery and Recent Changes to the Privilege and Work product Statutes
    • Professionalism and Its Importance to Wisconsin Lawyers
    • A Lawyer’s Time and Advice are His Stock in Trade
    • Wisconsin’s New Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

    Day Two. General CLE sessions, 8:15– 11:45 a.m., include:

    • Special Needs Individuals, Special Legal Considerations
    • The Intersection of Labor, Employment Law, and Social Media
    • Building Client Relationships through Better Communication: First Meeting, Difficult Conversations, and More
    • Adventures in Ethics: International Deals, Politics, and Intrigue
    • Proactive Legal Strategies for Problem Properties
    • So you Want to do Business with an Indian Tribe
    • Kobayashi Maru: “Reprogramming “our Practice
    • Get the most from your State Bar

    Friday’s closing luncheon is followed by plenary session speakers, Karl Rove, former deputy chief of staff and senior advisor to President George W. Bush, and Robert Gibbs, former White House Press Secretary and a longtime advisor to President Barack Obama. Gibbs and Rove will provide insightful commentary as they speak from their White House insider perspectives on the political issues of the day.

    General session program descriptions.

    Conference Registration

    Tuition is for the conference is $359 for members, $180 for PINNACLE Silver Ultimate Pass holders, and is included in the cost of the Gold Ultimate Pass. The luncheons cost $25 and are not included as part of the program packages.

    For more information or to register.

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