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    Get the Right People on Your Team – Is Your Firm a Great Place to Work?

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    Oct. 15, 2014 – As counsel, it is presumed that we know the legal requirements related to hiring, managing a staff, and other aspects of a growing business. In this video, Mark Goldstein, president of Goldstein Law Group LLC, talks about how to approach human resources in a law firm environment. There are two aspects to consider when starting out as a solo practitioner: first, what, who, and when to hire; and second, how to manage the team.

    Ask Questions to be Sure You Get it Right

    Understanding the role and the duties of each position will help you discover what type of person would succeed in a position. “Consider their skillset as well as their approach to a practice,” said Goldstein. Ask these questions: How will they fit in a small firm environment? Are they self-directed or do they need a lot of management? What are their computer skills? What kind of personalities do they have?

    The Systems

    There are three systems that come to mind when for a successful office staff: onboarding, the handbook, and building systems.

    When you bring new employees onboard, tell them how you operate, let them know the rules of your office, and then have them fill out the W-4 and other forms.

    Give them a handbook that tells them about vacation and other issues that may arise in a workplace, including discipline and issues of discontent.

    Build systems to ensure that no one person is the master of the universe for any particular area. Create an office manual so that if a person leaves or becomes ill you have steps in place to bring someone else in to the process.

    Goldstein also recommends frequent conversations. “Keep team members talking to one another to establish a sense of camaraderie and a sense of culture so people can say this truly is a good place to work,” he said.

    Goldstein will present at Growing a Practice: The Legal Requirements at the Wisconsin Solo & Small Firm Conference, in Wisconsin Dells, Oct. 23 – 25. He will also participate in a panel discussion Growing a Practice: What I Have Learned Along the Way.

    About Goldstein

    Mark J. Goldstein is the president of Goldstein Law Group S.C., Milwaukee. He was a speaker at the PINNACLE Business School for Lawyers seminars.

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