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  • Join a Network to Increase the Profession's Competence, Sign up for the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory by June 30

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    June 18, 2014 – Join a network of attorneys who share their knowledge in particular areas of law with other lawyers through free, brief telephone consultations. This 450-plus attorney network helps increase competence within the profession, reduce malpractice, and provide better delivery of legal services to the public. You have until June 30 to join (or renew your listing in) the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory.

    Through this resource, lawyers who need a colleague’s advice can readily identify other lawyers who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise in specific areas of law. The directory also includes an alphabetical listing, and a topical listing that is broken into nearly 50 topics – from administrative/government law to worker’s compensation. The easy-to-use out-of-state listing facilitates finding Wisconsin-licensed lawyers who practice in other states.

    Your listing in the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory not only benefits other lawyers – and their clients – it can also lead to referrals. The directory, which is revised every two years, is a great resource for newer attorneys and those venturing into unfamiliar areas of law.

    Who can be listed? To be listed in this free directory, you must be an active member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, have experience in a particular field of law, and be willing to conduct brief 10-minute telephone consultations, free of charge, with other attorneys having less experience in that area of practice.

    What if I am listed in the current edition? Those who are listed in the current directory should have received renewal forms in early June. To be listed in the 2014-15 directory, verify or update your information, and return the signed form to the State Bar by June 30. If you did not receive a form, contact the State Bar at (800) 728-7788 or (608) 257-3838.

    What if I am not currently listed and would like to be included in the 2014 directory? If you are new to the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory, you must complete a registration form. Download a fillable PDF registration form. To submit electronically, save the PDF on your computer and email it as an attachment to org Lawyer2Lawyer wisbar wisbar Lawyer2Lawyer org. To submit via U.S. mail, send to Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory, State Bar of Wisconsin, P.O. Box 7158, Madison, WI 53708-7158; or fax to (608) 257-5502. Forms must be returned by June 30.

    The Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory is available on WisBar and is also included in the print Wisconsin Lawyer Directory, which will be published in September.

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