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  • April 03, 2013

    Be Sure You're Up-to-date on the Latest Developments Regarding Damages Awards with PINNACLE's Law of Damages in Wisconsin

    If you need guidance on pleading damages, meeting evidentiary burdens, or evaluating the sufficiency of your evidence, you need the State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® The Law of Damages in Wisconsin.

    April 3, 2013 – Identify the relevant types of damages and learn how they apply in your case with the State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® The Law of Damages in Wisconsin.

    Written by a diverse group of Wisconsin attorneys, the book covers the full range of potential damages, including:

    • Compensatory and punitive damages
    • Damages for bodily and personal injuries
    • Damages for injuries to property and contractual rights
    • Third-party damages

    The book also offers practical guidance on such topics as:

    • Meeting evidentiary burdens
    • Analyzing the effects of contributory negligence
    • Planning for taxation of damages awards
    • Calculating interest, costs, and attorney fees
    • Protecting your client’s interests in cases involving subrogation
    • Petitions for supervisory relief
    • Postdecision motions

    The law is constantly evolving when it comes to issues like the made-whole doctrine, the collateral-source rule, and subrogation. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has addressed the interplay between these rules in several recent cases, identifying when the collateral-source rule allows a plaintiff to recover written-off medical expenses and when an agreement to arbitrate a subrogation claim can trump the operation of the made-whole rule. The January 2013 supplement to The Law of Damages in Wisconsin includes helpful analysis of these decisions, as well as discussions of other recent developments relating to damages awards.

    Order Your Copy Today 

    The print version of The Law of Damages in Wisconsin is available to members for $219 and nonmembers for $269, plus tax and shipping; subscribers to the Bar’s automatic supplementation service receive updates at a discount off the regular price. Annual subscriptions to Books UnBound start at $149 per title and $649 for the full library (single-user prices; call for law-firm pricing). To order The Law of Damages in Wisconsin, or for more information, visit WisBar’s Marketplace or contact the State Bar at (800) 728-7788 or (608) 257-3838.

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