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  • November 06, 2013

    Ethics, Ethics, Ethics … Web and Telephone Seminars

    Nov. 6, 2013 – The State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® fall ethics series offers an interesting variety of ethics programs. Register for as many of these one-credit and 1.5-credit ethics seminars as you need to satisfy your ethics requirement.

    Webcast Seminars

    Engagement Letters: Communicating With Your Client About Your Representation. Written letters of engagement are required for all types of representation. This program addresses the requirements for written communication with a client and discuss various clauses and paragraphs that should be included in a written letter of engagement. 1.5 CLE/1.5 EPR credits

    Termination of Representation Letters and Other Client Communications. Best practices when ending a representation include communication with the client about the representation and the ongoing (or not ongoing) client relationship. This program includes a discussion about closing letters and other communications that a lawyer must provide to a client at the time that representation has been completed or terminated. The presenters discuss the process a lawyer should use to withdraw from representation and the type of communication that must occur when the lawyer has accepted advance fee payments into the lawyer’s business account. 1.5 CLE/1.5 EPR credits

    Conflict Waivers: What a Written Waiver Must Contain and How to Discuss With Your Client. Waivers of a conflict of interest are commonly used by lawyers to obtain permission from clients to engage in representation that may conflict with representation of another client. The program includes a discussion of the necessary elements of a conflict waiver letter and the steps that a lawyer must take to obtain an effective waiver from a client. Presenters review and discuss sample waiver letters. 1.5 CLE/1.5 EPR credits

    Valid Screening for Continued Representation Under the Rules of Professional Conduct. Screening is used by a law firm to allow continued representation of a client in certain circumstances. Lawyers use screening to give assurances to clients that lawyers who may have contact with different parties will not have access to information about a particular representation. This program includes a discussion of the elements of a proper screen as recognized in the Rules of Professional Conduct and court decisions. 1.5 CLE/1.5 EPR credits

    Telephone Seminars

    Confidentiality in the Age of New Technology. This presenters discuss the many nuances of client information and confidentiality of client information in the world of electronic communication and cloud-based practices. Presenters also discuss recent amendments to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct which identify criteria that should be considered by a lawyer when communicating with clients using the most advanced technology. 1.0 CLE/1.0 EPR credit

    Marketing on the Web in Compliance With the Rules of Professional Conduct. Lawyers are looking to the web for marketing of their services with many different techniques. Presenters discuss the advertising rules and how they interact with this new type of advertising. The presenters also highlight different techniques for soliciting new clients and the rules that govern that activity. 1.0 CLE/1.0 EPR credit

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