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    Whether you represent employers or employees, protect your clients’ rights and livelihood with guidance from PINNACLE’s updated employment-law resources.
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    Aug. 7, 2013 – State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® has released the fifth edition of Wisconsin Employment Law, and two in-depth resources on hiring and termination, A Guide to Employment Discrimination and Hiring and Firing in Wisconsin.

    Wisconsin Employment Law is a comprehensive and practical guide long relied upon by Wisconsin attorneys and human resources professionals alike. This three-volume treatise, first published in 1994, represents the combined efforts of more than 25 attorney-authors from Wisconsin law firms, and the more than 50 employment law experts who reviewed the original book. This latest edition of Wisconsin Employment Law reflects the most recent developments in statutory and case law.

    Wisconsin Employment Law has long been the source for valuable, practical, and timely information on this complex and critical practice area. Although the treatise focuses on Wisconsin law, it also discusses federal employment law, and provides guidance both on federal preemption and choosing the appropriate forum. As with all PINNACLE products, Wisconsin Employment Law takes an objective, neutral, and balanced approach, exploring both employer and employee perspectives, addressing employee claims as well as employer defenses.

    Wisconsin Employment Law is organized by topic so that readers can quickly find a complete discussion of any employment problem and the applicable law. The book opens with an overview of major state and federal employment laws. Major topics covered include hiring and firing, wages and hours, employee benefits, occupational safety and health, worker’s compensation, and unemployment insurance. Intensely litigated areas of employment law, such as wrongful discharge, discrimination, and noncompetition agreements, are discussed in detail.

    For attorneys who would benefit from focused, in-depth resources on hiring and termination, PINNACLE offers new editions of A Guide to Employment Discrimination and Hiring and Firing in Wisconsin. These paperback volumes are adaptations of the relevant Wisconsin Employment Law chapters. Portable and indexed to stand alone, these publications are designed to travel with you, ensuring you have the right knowledge whenever, and wherever, you need it.

    Rose Ann Wasserman’s A Guide to Wisconsin Employment Discrimination Law has long been a mainstay in this demanding area of practice, helping sort through the alphabet soup of state and federal agencies and legislation, and clarifying procedures and burdens of proof at each stage. Hiring and Firing in Wisconsin, by veteran Wisconsin attorneys Robert K. Sholl, Bradden C. Backer, and Peter L. Albrecht, deals with all aspects of finding, keeping, and discharging employees, from initial interviews through termination, from recruiting to references, from drug testing to due process.

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    The print edition of Wisconsin Employment Law is available to members for $219, plus tax and shipping. A Guide to Employment Discrimination and Hiring and Firing in Wisconsin can be purchased for $89 each, plus tax and shipping. Print purchasers who subscribe to the Bar’s automatic supplementation service will receive future updates at a discount off the regular update price. Annual subscriptions to the electronic Books UnBound start at $149 per title and $649 for the full Books UnBound library (single-user prices; call for firm pricing). Current full-library subscribers to Books UnBound automatically receive these updates. For more information, contact the State Bar at (800) 728-7788 or (608) 257-3838.