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  • PINNACLE updates Contract Law in Wisconsin

    The State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® Contract Law in Wisconsin is a two-volume, one place, site for all questions on Wisconsin contract law. It should be in the library of every Wisconsin attorney who deals with, or may someday deal with, contracts. That, of course, means you.
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    April 18, 2012 – Legendary movie producer Samuel Goldwyn once observed that “an oral contract isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on,” reminding us once again that, while there may be many places you can turn to for guidance in contract law, Hollywood shouldn’t be one of them. Wisconsin lawyers have long known there is one reliable source on the topic: State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® Contract Law in Wisconsin, first published in 1995, now in its third edition and newly supplemented for 2012.

    Contract law, usually buried in the first semester of law school, can be troublesome even for experienced lawyers. Case law can be confusing, contradictory, and outdated. The standard treatises, often packed with obscure and pedantic phrases, are only incidentally specific to Wisconsin, delegating such uniquely Wisconsin issues as the economic loss doctrine to footnotes or casual reference. That’s why Contract Law in Wisconsin is the authoritative source for Wisconsin practitioners who need a comprehensive treatise directed specifically at Wisconsin law.

    Contract Law in Wisconsin, available in both print and electronically via Books UnBound®, is written and regularly updated by veteran Wisconsin lawyers. It covers such topics as whether contracts can be formed electronically, the role of parol evidence in contract interpretation, and oral modification of written contracts. It deals with such matters as the doctrine of third-party beneficiaries and remedies for breach, and such fundamentals as the negotiation and basic drafting of contracts. It discusses the economic loss doctrine.

    Even oral contracts.

    This two-volume work is available to members for $165, plus tax and shipping. Subscribers to the State Bar’s automatic supplementation service will receive future updates for a discount off the regular price. Annual subscriptions to Books UnBound start at $129 per title and $649 for the full library (single-use/solo-office prices; call for law firm pricing). For more information or to order, visit the WisBar Marketplace or call the State Bar at (800) 728-7788.