Inside Track: Not backing up your clients' data offsite? It's easier and more secure than you think, find out more at free webinar on May 16:

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  • Not backing up your clients' data offsite? It's easier and more secure than you think, find out more at free webinar on May 16

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    Data Security Tips for Attorneys

    Tip #1: Why choose cloud backup? It’s immediate, It’s secure.

    Tip #2: Cloud backup at multiple off-site storage locations eliminates vulnerability to data loss.

    Tip #3: Send encrypted code directly from your laptop before you leave the courtroom.

    April 18, 2012 – Managing data has become one of the most important and complex information technology challenges for businesses of all sizes. Further complicating the challenge of managing data is the reality that IT budgets are tight, the threat of lost data is greater than ever, and the importance of disaster and emergency preparedness in protecting vital client data at an offsite location is essential.

    State Bar members receive special discounts to receive that protection through CoreVault. Ensuring fail-safe protection of business information, this member benefit offers automated daily off-site protection, fast recovery, secure data encryption, and 24/7 customer service.

    Customized Backup/Recovery

    • Automated and daily backup
    • Unlimited retentions
    • Tablet and smart phone protection
    • Off-site data storage in our two private data centers
    • E-mail validation of backups daily
    • Certified experts monitoring your backup 24/7


    • Reduction in cost
    • Built-in backup
    • Accessibility of your data and apps 24/7
    • High availability
    • Maximum security
    • vCloud powered partner of VMware

    About CoreVault

    CoreVault specializes in protecting business crucial data safely and securely at its two private and geographically separated data centers, providing seamless solutions to data backup and storage needs, and ensuring fail-safe protection of your clients’ information.

    CoreVault's cloud backup, recovery and hosting solutions feature personal service from certified professionals that help law firms nationwide reduce costs, minimize risks, increase scalability and ensure data availability 24/7.

    Attend a free webinar on May 16 “Top 7 Reasons Lawyers are Shifting to Cloud Backup & Recovery” from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. (CDT). For more information and a free solution assessment, visit CoreVault on WisBar.