Inside Track: Just revised: PINNACLE's Wisconsin Probate System Forms and Procedures Handbook, don't try probate without it:

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  • Just revised: PINNACLE's Wisconsin Probate System Forms and Procedures Handbook, don't try probate without it

    An A to Z roadmap to probate, Wisconsin Probate System is an indispensable guide to every aspect of probate. It lists, in meticulous detail, all steps to take, and reproduces all forms required, to probate an estate.
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    March 7, 2012 – Still affordable, still accessible, and now available online on Books UnBound®, Wisconsin Probate System covers regular, informal, and summary procedures. Handy worksheets and a master information list help keep client matters on track. As the name implies, this is a comprehensive “system book” with strong emphasis on a practical approach to probate procedures. With this book, your law office can handle probate cases even more capably and efficiently.

    The book is a mainstay of probate practitioners for more nearly 30 years – is now available in its fourth edition. The book has been reviewed and revised by the authors of the third edition, Dean Stange of Michael, Best & Friedrich LLP, and Jennifer D’Amato and Jessica King, both of Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S.C., all experienced and articulate probate attorneys.

    A detailed roadmap

    If you are new to probate, use the Wisconsin Probate System as a detailed roadmap. If you are more experienced, use it as a thorough, accurate checklist – and as a powerful training tool. Some highlights include:

    • Detailed how-to instructions for each step in the probate process
    • More than 150 forms and sample letters with commentary, instructions, and filled-in samples
    • Checklists and critical date schedules
    • A glossary of probate terms

    As every probate attorney knows, taxes are an integral, often confusing, sometimes complex aspect of probate. Wisconsin Probate System devotes an entire chapter to them, featuring a fictional estate for which the required forms have been prepared, along with detailed commentary and instructions.

    Order your copy

    The print version of the Wisconsin Probate System Forms and Procedures Handbook is available to members for $155 and nonmembers for $195, plus tax and shipping. Subscribers to the Bar’s automatic supplementation service receive updates at a discount off the regular price. Annual subscriptions to Books UnBound® start at $129 per title and $640 for the full library (single-user prices; call for firm pricing). To order the Wisconsin Probate System Forms and Procedures Handbook, or for more information, visit WisBar’s Marketplace or contact the State Bar at (800) 728-7788 or (608) 257-3838.