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  • State Bar Welcomes Marquette Law School Class of 2012

    Deb Heneghan

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    New Wisconsin lawyers are sworn in

    New lawyer Peter Curran with his mom and dad, attorney William Curran. Peter is a third generation lawyer. His grandfather is the Hon. Thomas J. Curran, retired Eastern District of Wisconsin. Peter has been clerking at a Milwaukee law firm and is interested in medical malpractice. 

    New Wisconsin lawyers are sworn in

    Teresa Marie Covington with her folks. Covington has been involved with the National Sports Law Institute and hopes to practice sports law. 

    New Wisconsin lawyers are sworn in

    Ashanti Cook (left) and Diana Crawford are both from Texas. Cook hopes to stay in Wisconsin and is interested in insurance law. Crawford hopes to practice tax law and is on her way south to take the Texas Bar Exam. 

    Visit the State Bar’s Facebook page for more admissions photos, or click here.

    The 2012 U.W. Law School class will be sworn in on June 7. Watch Facebook for photos.

    May 22, 2012 – More than 160 Marquette Law School graduates were admitted to the profession yesterday. The new lawyers were welcomed by all seven Wisconsin Supreme Court justices, Marquette Law School Dean Joseph Kearney, former State Bar President Michelle Behnke, and Board of Bar Examiners Director Jacquelynn B. Rothstein.

    Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson presided over the six ceremonies. Justices Ann Walsh Bradley, N. Patrick Crooks, David T. Prosser Jr., Annette Ziegler, and Michael J. Gableman administered the oath in the Supreme Court Hearing Room.

    Following each swearing-in ceremony, Justice Patience Drake Roggensack spoke to the new lawyers, quoting Eleanor Roosevelt: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. “You are the future of the legal community in Wisconsin,” said Roggensack. “Some very famous Americans have built their careers around dreams.” Referring to Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous I Have A Dream speech in 1963, she said, “We have made progress in racial equality since 1963 but more needs to be done. There are others that suffer from hardships that are not dependent on their race, sometimes due to a physical or an emotional handicap.

    “Will you dedicate your careers to helping those who have difficulty helping themselves?,” she asked. “Whatever your dream, the attitude with which you approach it is very important. Attitude is a little thing, but it can make such a big difference in how your efforts and ideas are received by others. I urge you to adopt an optimistic attitude as your first task that will face you in your legal career. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish if you think you can do it.

    “If you don’t win your first case … don’t be discouraged. Pick yourself up and try again,” she said. “Optimism is important in approaching legal challenges, but truth is also a very important ingredient of any dream that will succeed.”

    Quoting Winston Churchill: The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is, Roggensack summed up, “As lawyers, don’t give your word lightly, but once you have given your word don’t ever abandon it. As a lawyer, the greatest single quality you have is your word … even when truth is not what others want to hear. Don’t shade the truth and in the process become an appeaser for those who do not value the truth.”

    Former State Bar President Michelle Behnke – reminded the new attorneys of the tremendous amount of change facing the profession today. Behnke urged the new members to connect with the State Bar of Wisconsin and join with its 23,000 members to let their voice be heard and to help the Bar speak with one voice. “The Bar offers many services to lawyers, and while the State Bar can help you, you must also help the State Bar,” she said. “It is never too soon to become active in a section or ask for an appointment to a committee. It is never too early to participate in the State Bar’s public service programs.”

    The State Bar of Wisconsin welcomes the following new members:

    Sklkime Abduli, Milwaukee

    Nathaniel Emery Adamson, Redgranite

    Amy Leigh Allwardt, Menasha

    Grant Benjamin Anderson, Madison

    Andrea Austin, Sheboygan

    Danielle Bailey, Milwaukee

    Zachary Bailey, Milwaukee

    Taylor E. Barnes, Milwaukee

    Susan V. Barranco, Milwaukee

    Robert J. Batey, Milwaukee

    Jaclyn Bielefeld, Milwaukee

    Noelle Ann Bobbe, Milwaukee

    Nicholas J. Boerke, Milwaukee

    Matthew K. Bowen, Hartland

    Kathryne A. Breitlow, Milwaukee

    Frederick Taylor Brengel, Milwaukee

    Elizabeth J. Brodek, Milwaukee

    Elizabeth Katherine Bronson, Milwaukee

    Lewis Formella Brooks, Madison

    Scott William Brunner, Greendale

    Timothy Joseph Bucher, Hartland

    Elizabeth M. Buehler, Hartland

    Jackson S. Cates, Milwaukee

    Nicholas Steven Cerwin, Milwaukee

    Andrew J. Christman, Milwaukee

    Scott J. Ciraulo, Milwaukee

    Emily Ann Constantine, Milwaukee

    Ashanti Cook, Milwaukee

    Samantha Diane Cooper, Milwaukee

    Teresa Marie Covington, Milwaukee

    Brandon Eugene Cox, Madison

    Diana Angelica Crawford, Pecos, Texas

    Peter J. Curran, Milwaukee

    Timothy DeBord, Milwaukee

    Elisabeth R. DeRango, Milwaukee

    Meghan A. Donnelly, Beloit

    Leah Ann Drexler-Dreis, Milwaukee

    Carolina Marie Dutriz, Milwaukee

    Christopher P. Ehrfurth, Milwaukee

    Emily R. Enslow, Milwaukee

    Grant A. Erickson, Greenfield

    Stephane P. Fabus, Milwaukee

    Porsche Tia Farr, Milwaukee

    Jonathan J. Feldbruegge, Milwaukee

    Jaymes Kenneth Fenton, Milwaukee

    Jonathan Lee Ficke, Waukesha

    Chelsea Elise Gatterman, Waukesha

    Joseph Gorndt, Milwaukee

    Timothy J. Granitz, Brookfield

    Brian S. Grayson, Milwaukee

    Ted Greeley, Milwaukee

    Kristin M. Hagen, Milwaukee

    Matthew Milford Hall, Milwaukee

    Elise M. Harris, Milwaukee

    Jeremy D. Heacox, New Berlin

    Chad Hendricks, Greenfield

    Amy Hetzner, Milwaukee

    Ellison Frances Hitt, Milwaukee

    Gary Dean Hoffman, Wauwatosa

    Gabriel William Houghton, Milwaukee

    Karl Huber, Upson

    Kathryn Jackan, Marshfield

    Hannah Rose Jahn, Milwaukee

    Christopher Charles Janson, Milwaukee

    Kyle Patrick Jefferson, Peru, Ill.

    Jessica Madar Jensen, Verona

    Alyssa Ann Johnson, Fredonia

    Kelly Jean Johnson, Milwaukee

    Cassandra Lynne Jones, Milwaukee

    Dieter Juedes, Mequon

    Casey Kaiser, Milwaukee

    Stephanie Kebler, Milwaukee

    Jacob E. Kempowski, Shorewood

    Steven A. Koncar, Milwaukee

    Olga Kordonskaya, Milwaukee

    Margaret Anne Kunisch, Milwaukee

    James N. Law, Milwaukee

    Benjamin I. Leibovitz, Chicago

    Theresa A. Lenz, Madison

    Samuel Liverseed, Milwaukee

    Rebeca M. Lopez, Milwaukee

    Rachel Thea Lux, Milwaukee

    Rebecca R. Manz, Wauwatosa

    Katharine M. Marlin, Pewaukee

    Ashley Marie Marshall, Milwaukee

    Nicholas K. Martinez, Waukesha

    Sarah C. Matt, Milwaukee

    Lauren Samantha Matthiesen, Milwaukee

    Kyle R. Mayo, Mukwonago

    Aaron P. McCann, Milwaukee

    Sarah E. McCracken, West Allis

    Daniel Patrick McLennon, Milwaukee

    Erica Nicole Menze, Portland, Ore.

    Jackie Messler, New Berlin

    Emily Louise Mitchell, Milwaukee

    Jennifer J. Montalvo, Milwaukee

    Hannah Laura Neshek, Elkhorn

    Caroline Bartlett Niemann, Hartland

    Garrett William Nix, Osseo

    Caitlin Kendall Noonan, Milwaukee

    Valeri Joleen Nowik, Chicago

    Sarah Ann Padove, Milwaukee

    Mitchell Phillips, Milwaukee

    Kristin Renee Pierre, Milwaukee

    Dana K. Pierson, Milwaukee

    Eric R. Platt, Milwaukee

    Maressa J. Porter, West Allis

    Anthony Steven Prekop, Milwaukee

    Bryce R. Pressentin, Madison

    Peter J. Prigge, Sheboygan

    Francisco Miguel Quiroz, Menasha

    Amanda R. Rabe, Milwaukee

    Adam M. Reed, Milwaukee

    John Patrick Reid, Milwaukee

    Meghan M. Refinski, Milwaukee

    Michael L. Riopel, Milwaukee

    Michael K. Roberts, Milwaukee

    Matthew A. Robinson, Crivitz

    Emily Elanor Ruud, La Crosse

    Paula M. Ryan, Milwaukee

    Andre N. Salhab Jr., Kissimmee, Fla.

    Irina S. Sazhaeva, Madison

    Eric Michael Schaefer, Milwaukee

    Steffanie Ann Schaff, Milwaukee

    Lisa Marie Schlieben, Milwaukee

    Michael Gordon Schmidlap, Milwaukee

    Justin Michael Schuessler, Port Washington

    Joseph J. Schuster, Denmark

    John P. Shanahan, Milwaukee

    Heidi Ship, Shorewood

    Kurt Simatic, Waterloo

    Jodi Catherine Slaght, South Beloit, Ill.

    Ari J. Sliffman, North Potomac, Md.

    Adam W. Smith, Waukesha

    Garrett A. Soberalski, Milwaukee

    Matthew K. Spangenberg, Milwaukee

    Cassandra M. Steele, Greenfield

    Sabrina Rose Stephenson, Milwaukee

    Matthew Stock, Green Bay

    Mitchell J. Stock, Milwaukee

    David Roger Streese, West Bend

    Ryan A. Strehlow, Milwaukee

    Andrea Lyn Thompson, Milwaukee

    Madeleine DuVal Thompson Davies, Waukesha

    Joseph P. Trevino, Milwaukee

    Joshua M. Turim, Milwaukee

    Michael Van Someren, Milwaukee

    Robert Wagener, Milwaukee

    Brian H. Wayman, Milwaukee

    James M. Weck, Milwaukee

    Kevin J. Weiss, Milwaukee

    Chelsea Lee Williamson, Milwaukee

    Heather D. Willick, South Milwaukee

    David T. Wimmer, Milwaukee

    Tiffany M. Winter, Kewaskum

    James Christopher Witecha, Waukesha

    Shawn N. Woller, Milwaukee

    Dustin Wang-o Wong, Milwaukee

    Sarah M. Wong, Milwaukee

    Nicholas Joseph Zepnick, Milwaukee

    Gina C. Ziegelbauer, Milwaukee

    Lauren Jane Zwirlein, Milwaukee


    Deb Heneghan is the Publications Reporter for the State Bar of Wisconsin.