WisBar News: Reminder: CLE deadline is Feb. 1 for lawyers admitted to practice law in odd-numbered years:

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  • Reminder: CLE deadline is Feb. 1 for lawyers admitted to practice law in odd-numbered years

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    Dec. 13, 2011 – Lawyers admitted to practice law in Wisconsin in an odd-numbered year have until Feb. 1, 2012 to obtain and report the 30 continuing legal education (CLE) credits required to maintain good standing. Haven’t yet earned those credits? There are still plenty of opportunities to do so.

    Under Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 31.02(1), “a lawyer shall attend a minimum of 30 hours of approved CLE during each reporting period.” A minimum of three of the 30 hours must be on the subject of legal ethics and professional responsibility. SCR 31.02(2).

    The reporting period is two years. Under rules promulgated by the Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners (BBE), those individuals admitted to practice law in an odd-numbered year must obtain and report the required CLE credits no later than Feb. 1 following odd numbered years. See appendix to SCR ch. 31, CLE 3.02. Lawyers must file a written or electronic report with the BBE, establishing compliance with the CLE attendance requirement.

    Thus, lawyers admitted to practice law in an odd-numbered year must obtain and report the minimum 30 CLE credits required by Feb. 1. Failure to satisfy the attendance and reporting requirements will result in a $100 late fee.

    Note that lawyers who do not practice law during the reporting period are exempt from the CLE attendance requirements under SCR 31.02, but must still comply with the reporting requirement. SCR 31.04. Also, a lawyer is exempt from the attendance and reporting requirements in the year of his or her admission to the practice of law in Wisconsin. SCR 31.04.

    Also, non-resident lawyers (lawyers who practice principally in another jurisdiction) are exempt from the CLE attendance requirements of SCR 31.02, so long as they are current in meeting another jurisdiction’s mandatory continuing legal education requirements. However, nonresident lawyers must still meet Wisconsin’s reporting requirements under SCR 31.03.

    December opportunities to earn CLE credits 

    Lawyers can track their current CLE credit status by logging into “myStateBar” on Wisbar.org, then clicking on “myCLE Tracker.” Lawyers who have not yet obtained the required 30 CLE credits (3 EPR credits) for this reporting period still have opportunities to do so, including full- and half-day programs, and “sunrise CLEs” catered to the early birds.

    Here’s a list of upcoming State Bar PINNACLE seminars:

    One to 1.5 credit early morning CLE seminars

    Half- or full-day programs

    Register online by clicking the links above or call (800) 728-7788. To register by fax, click here to download the order form.