Inside Track: Are your probate forms up-to-date? All 75-plus mandatory court forms effective Oct. 7, 2010:

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  • Are your probate forms up-to-date? All 75-plus mandatory court forms effective Oct. 7, 2010

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    Jan. 19, 2011 – The Wisconsin Records Management Committee recently updated all, and introduced six new, probate forms, effective Oct. 7, 2010. Download from the Wisconsin court system website.

    Six new forms:

    • PR-1812 Denial of Application for Informal Administration
    • PR-1926 Certificate of Termination of Joint Tenancy or Life Estate
    • PR-1928 Certificate of Summary Confirmation of Interest in Property
    • PR-1929 Petition for Summary Confirmation of Interest in Property
    • PR-1940 Petition for Termination of Trust
    • PR-1941 Order on Petition for Termination of Trust

    The following 71 forms were revised:

    • PR-1801 Application for Informal Administration
    • PR-1802 Declination to Act (Informal and Formal Admin.)
    • PR-1803 Waiver and Consent (Informal Administration)
    • PR-1804 Notice to Creditors (Informal Administration)
    • PR-1805 Notice to Interested Persons and Time Limit for Filing Claims
    • PR-1806 Proof of Heirship (Informal and Formal Administration)
    • PR-1807 Consent to Serve (Informal, Formal, and Special Administration)
    • PR-1808 Statement of Informal Administration
    • PR-1809 Signature Bond
    • PR-1810 Domiciliary Letters (Informal Administration) Combined Informal and Formal which eliminated PR-1906
    • PR-1811 Inventory (Informal and Formal Administration)
    • PR-1813 Demand for Formal Proceedings (Informal Administration)
    • PR-1814 Final Account (Informal and Formal Administration)
    • PR-1815 Estate Receipt (Informal and Formal Administration)
    • PR-1816 Personal Representative’s Statement to Close Estate (Informal Administration)
    • PR-1817 Affidavit of Mailing (Probate/Guardianship)
    • PR-1819 Claim Against Estate
    • PR-1820 Petition to Dispense with Guardian ad Litem (Formal and Informal Administration)
    • PR-1821 Order Dispensing with Guardian ad Litem (Informal and Formal Administration)
    • PR-1822 Notice of Distribution to Ward (Informal and Formal Administration)
    • PR-1823 Approval of Distribution to Ward for Wisconsin Resident (Informal and Formal Administration)
    • PR-1827 Statement of Termination or Confirmation of Interest(s) in Property
    • PR-1828 Statement of Transfer of Interest in Property (Informal Administration) Replaced/Renumbered PR-1818
    • PR-1832 CCAP Notice of Estate Administration Deadlines
    • PR-1833 Petition for Extension of Time
    • PR-1834 CCAP Order for Extension of Time
    • PR-1835 Summary Settlement – Petition
    • PR-1836 Summary Settlement – Order for Hearing and Notice
    • PR-1837 Summary Settlement – Findings and Order
    • PR-1840 Summary Assignment – Petition
    • PR-1841 Summary Assignment – Affidavit
    • PR-1842 Summary Assignment – Notice to Creditors
    • PR-1843 Summary Assignment – Order for Hearing and Notice
    • PR-1844 Summary Assignment – Findings and Order
    • PR-1845 Proof of Will
    • PR-1846 Waiver and Consent
    • PR-1850 Special Administration -Petition
    • PR-1851 Special Administration -Order Setting Time to Hear Petition
    • PR-1852 Special Administration -Order Appointing Special Administrator
    • PR-1853 Letters of Special Administration
    • PR-1854 Special Administration - Petition for Discharge
    • PR-1855 Special Administration - Order of Discharge
    • PR-1901 Petition for Administration
    • PR-1902 Waiver, Consent and Approval (Formal Administration)
    • PR-1903 Order Setting Time to Hear Petition for Administration and Heirship and Notice to Creditors
    • PR-1904 Order Limiting Time for Filing Claims and Determination of Heirship
    • PR-1905 Order for Formal Administration
    • PR-1907 Order Appointing Appraiser(s)
    • PR-1908 Notice of Inventory of File (Formal Administration)
    • PR-1909 Judgment on Claims (Formal Administration)
    • PR-1910 Petition for Approval of Final Account and Final Judgment (Formal Administration)
    • PR-1911 Order and Notice for Hearing Final Account and Final Judgment (Formal Administration)
    • PR-1912 Final Judgment (Formal Administration)
    • PR-1913 Abridgment of Final Judgment (Formal Administration)
    • PR-1914 Proof of Recording (Formal Administration)
    • PR-1915 Order of Discharge of Personal Representative (Formal Administration)
    • PR-1917 Order to Show Cause
    • PR-1930 Consent to Serve as Trustee
    • PR-1931 Letters of Trust Combined Informal and Formal which eliminated PR-1829
    • PR-1932 Trust Inventory
    • PR-1933 Order Discharging Trustee
    • PR-1938 Trust Receipt
    • PR-1945 Petition for Certificate of Descent/Judgment Determining Descent
    • PR-1946 Order for Hearing Petition for Judgment Determining Descent PR-1947 Certificate of Descent
    • PR-1948 Judgment Determining Descent PR-1960 Application for Ancillary Letters
    • PR-1961 Order for Ancillary Letters
    • PR-1962 Ancillary Letters
    • PR-1963 Petition for Transfer of Residue (Ancillary)
    • PR-1964 Order for Transfer of Residue (Ancillary)
    • PR-1965 Ancillary Representative – Order