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  • Join a network to increase the profession's competence, sign up for the 2012 Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory by Sept. 30

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    Long-time Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory participants have this to say …

    Given the economy, many attorneys are taking on cases in areas with which they are not familiar, and a number of recent graduates have been forced to “hang out a shingle.” As a result, there are many attorneys out there who could use a little advice from an experienced attorney. One of the best ways for attorneys to connect to share their expertise is through the Lawyer-to-Lawyer network. I have been a participant for many years and have found it to be a rewarding experience. I have also made use of the network on occasion.

    Because I believe that sharing our expertise is crucial to the provision of competent representation to clients, I have made providing mentoring to attorneys one of my goals as Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Creditors Rights Section chair. In fact, in September I am co-chairing “Bankruptcy for the Rest of Us,” a seminar directed specifically at non-bankruptcy attorneys.

    – Jim McNeilly, Salem

    Because I practice in a fairly specialized area, I can answer questions for lawyers who encounter environmental issues during the course of a real estate or business matter. Many times the initial telephone inquiry has led to a referral – an added benefit, but not the primary reason for my participation.

    I’ve also used the directory many times myself. Over the years, the contacts I’ve made through Lawyer-to-Lawyer have often developed into long-term professional relationships that have been very rewarding.

    – Elizabeth Rich, Plymouth

    I have been listed in the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory for more than 10 years. I participate because I am willing to share the knowledge I have in the areas I choose to specify. I am also grateful for the advice and pointers I receive when I use the directory in areas where I have a question.

    Recently, I answered a question on appellate procedure for a grateful younger member of the bar embarking on her first appeal, and I had my bankruptcy question answered by a different member listed in the directory.

    The directory helps all of us serve our clients better, and is therefore for the greater good of the general public. I encourage all practitioners to use it, and to volunteer to be in it. We all have specialized knowledge in some area of the law.

    –  Kent A. Tess-Mattner, Brookfield

    Aug. 17, 2011 – Join a network of attorneys who share their knowledge in particular areas of law with other lawyers through free, brief telephone consultations. This 500-plus attorney network helps increase competence within the profession, reduce malpractice, and provide better delivery of legal services to the public. Sign up for the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory by Sept. 30.

    Lawyers who need a colleague’s advice can readily identify other lawyers who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise in specific areas of law. The directory also includes an alphabetical listing, and a topical listing that is broken into nearly 50 topics – from administrative/government law to worker’s compensation. The easy-to-use out-of-state listing facilitates finding Wisconsin-licensed lawyers who practice in other states.

    Being listed in the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory not only benefits other lawyers – and their clients – it can also lead to referrals. The directory is a great resource for newer attorneys and those venturing into unfamiliar areas of law.

    • Who can be listed? To be listed in this free directory, you must be an active member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, have experience in a particular field of law, and be willing to conduct brief 10-minute telephone consultations, free of charge, with other attorneys having less experience in that area of practice.

    • What if I am listed in the current edition? Those who are listed in the current directory will receive renewal forms in the mail the week of Aug. 22. To be listed in the 2012-13 directory, verify or update your information, and return the signed form to the State Bar by Sept. 30.

    • What if I want to be listed in the next directory? To join this network, download a fillable PDF registration form or a print-only version of the form. To submit electronically, save the PDF on your computer and email it as an attachment to org Lawyer2Lawyer wisbar wisbar Lawyer2Lawyer org. To submit via U.S. mail, send to Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory, State Bar of Wisconsin, P.O. Box 7158, Madison, WI 53708-7158; or fax to (608) 257-5502. Return form to the State Bar by Sept. 30 to be included in the 2012-13 directory.

    The Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory is revised every two years and is published in the annual Wisconsin Lawyer Directory™ and is accessible through WisBar. Every Wisconsin-licensed lawyer automatically is eligible to receive one free Wisconsin Lawyer Directory™ in January, which also is available through WisBar.

    Visit the 2010-11 directory