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  • PINNACLE Books UnBound enters new era of legal research

    July 20, 2011 – State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE Books UnBound™ users can customize their experience with eight new features. Users can write notes, gain access from their smart phone, share comments, bookmark key material, track billing time, search from homepage, and control font size and footnotes.
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    July 20, 2011 – State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE Books UnBound has added a host of new tools and features that makes research even more productive.

    “We added new tools and features based on user requests,” says PINNACLE Director Bill Connors. “You will enter a whole new era of legal research when you access your trusted online library of resource books on Wisconsin law and Wisconsin and federal procedure. You’ll save time with links to case law and statutes directly from the digital text through Fastcase™. The power of Google search now takes you directly to the content you need to answer your legal questions.”

    With these new tools and features you can customize your research experience:

    “I use Books Unbound more frequently than I thought I would, and the set-up is fantastic. Easy to read, easy to move around, and so much handier than traditional books.”

    Teresa Kobelt, Haley Palmersheim SC, Middleton

    • Write notes – Build a better argument faster with “sticky notes” tied to the section you are reading. The notes are encrypted to protect your privacy.

    • Research on the go – Access Books UnBound from your mobile device/smartphone.

    • Bookmarks – Mark key material by the content you repeatedly reference.

    • Share your insights – Tap into your colleagues’ wisdom and share your insights with the community of legal professionals who subscribe to the same book. You can post your comments in the Forum.

    • Control footnotes – Decide whether footnotes appear automatically or only when you click on them. You can also print a chapter with or without footnotes.

    • Pick your font size – Adjust the size of the text in the reading pane from 10.5 to 15.5 points.

    • Easier Searching – Search your entire library from the Books UnBound homepage.

    • Help with billing – Keep track of your research time with the client-billing timer.

    Learn more about these tools.

    To set up a training session at your office, contact org khuotari wisbar Kristin Huotari, PINNACLE online product coordinator, at (608) 250-6152, or (800) 444-9040, ext. 6152.