WisBar News: 2011 U.W. Law School graduates encouraged to believe in their dreams:

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  • 2011 U.W. Law School graduates encouraged to believe in their dreams

    Deb Heneghan

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    Heather Hazelwood, Cathleen Heath, and Teresa Henderson

    U.W. Law School graduates (from right) Heather Hazelwood, Cathleen Heath, and Teresa Henderson are sworn in.

    Kevin Henry

    Kevin Henry smiles as his cousin, attorney Shannon Henry, moves his admission to the State Bar.

    New lawyers look at the murals

    New lawyers look at the murals in the Supreme Court Hearing room that depict the importance of and development of the rule of law and the important role it plays in our society.

    Justice Ann Walsh Bradley greets new lawyers

    Justice Ann Walsh Bradley greets new lawyers.

    Kyle Hanson signs the Supreme Court Roll

    Kyle Hanson signs the Supreme Court Roll as his father and sister watch. Every attorney admitted to the State Bar of Wisconsin since the state was a territory has signed the roll. Hanson will join his father and sister in practice.

    State Bar President-elect Jim Brennan and U.W. Law School Dean Ken 

    State Bar President-elect Jim Brennan (left) and U.W. Law School Dean Ken Davis pause for a photo. This is Davis’ last admissions ceremony as dean. He is stepping down and will return to the faculty in September. Davis came to the law school in 1978 and has been dean since December 1997, making him the school’s second longest serving dean in the school’s 142-year history.

    For more pictures from the admissions ceremony, visit the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Facebook page, or click here.

    June 3, 2011 – Earlier today, more than 135 U.W. Law School graduates were admitted to practice. The new lawyers were welcomed to the profession by the Wisconsin Supreme Court justices, U.W. Law School Dean Ken Davis, State Bar President-elect Jim Brennan, and Board of Bar Examiners (BBE) Director Jacquelynn Rothstein.

    Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson presided over the five ceremonies. Justices Ann Walsh Bradley, N. Patrick Crooks, David T. Prosser Jr., Annette Kingsland Ziegler, and Michael J. Gableman administered the oath in the Supreme Court Hearing Room.

    Following each swearing-in ceremony, Justice Patience Drake Roggensack spoke to the new lawyers. Quoting Eleanor Roosevelt, – The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. “You are the future of the legal community in Wisconsin,” said Roggensack. “Some very famous Americans have built their careers around dreams.”

    Referring to Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous I Have A Dream speech in 1963, she said, “We have made progress in racial equality since 1963 but more needs to be done. There are others that suffer from hardships that are not dependent on their race, sometimes due to a physical or an emotional handicap.

    “Will you dedicate your careers to helping those who have difficulty helping themselves?” she asked. “Whatever your dream, the attitude with which you approach it is very important. Attitude is a little thing but it can make a very big difference in how your efforts and ideas are received by others. I urge you to adopt an optimistic attitude as your first task that will face you in your legal career. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish if you think you can do it.

    “If you don’t win your very first case … don’t be discouraged, she said. “Pick yourself up and try again. Optimism is important in approaching legal challenges, but truth is also a very important ingredient of any dream that will succeed.”

    Quoting Winston Churchill: The truth in incontrovertible malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is. Roggensack summed up, “Value truth and don’t give your word lightly, but once you have given it, don’t abandon it. As a lawyer, the greatest single quality you have is your word … even when truth is not what others want to hear. Don’t shade the truth and in the process become an appeaser for those who do not value the truth.”

    State Bar President-elect Jim Brennan reminded the new attorneys of the relationship of the rule of law and equal justice. “Public service is an important component of what we do that is shared and recognized by all lawyers,” he said. “It is certainly my hope that your careers will be marked by your commitment to service to individual clients, your community, and the court system.”

    The State Bar welcomes the following attorneys: 

    Darin Lyn Achilles, Madison

    Joseph B. Ahlers, West Bend

    Michael Xavier Albrecht, Madison

    Sarah Marie Anderson, Madison

    Brian William Arndt, Madison

    Ari Adam Bar-Lev, adison

    Sierra Marie Beckles, Madison

    Elizabeth Behnke, Madison

    Joanna Beilman-Dulin, Madison

    Adrienne E. Blais, Madison

    Jill Burton Bramwell, Madison

    Michael S. Brandt, Madison

    Delanie Breuer, Middleton

    Andrew Grainger Briggs, Madison

    Terry Bruhn, Madison

    Laura L. Buchs, Madison

    Nicholas Dean Castronovo, Brookfield

    Kristin Dorothy Charipar, Madison

    Jordan C.A. Corning, Madison

    Andrew B. Coursin, Madison

    Kerry Creeron, Madison

    Erin K. Deeley, Madison

    Kristin A. Degeneffe, Madison

    Karalyn Downing, Madison

    Sean Drury, Stevens Point

    Megan Olivia Eisch, Madison

    Audra Anne Felix, Milwaukee

    Adam M. Finley, Madison

    Nicholas B. Flanagan, Mdison

    Rita Isabel B. Flores, Madison

    Lawrence Philip Fogel, Chicago

    Kate A. Frigo, Stevens Point

    Kara Lea Ganter, Madison

    Martina Rae Gast, Madison

    Richard Greenlee, Madison

    Kathilynne Grotelueschen, Mayville

    Christopher R. Grunewald, Merrill

    Susan D. Gu, Madison

    Eric Payton Habich, Madison

    Jennifer Hagner, Madison

    Alexander Handelsman, Milwaukee

    Kyle Hanson, Madison

    Eric J. Hatchell, Madison

    Heather Elizabeth Hazelwood, Madison

    Cathleen D. W. Heath, Waunakee

    Teresa A. Henderson, Madison

    Kevin M. Henry, Madison

    Christine Heywood, Madison

    Eric John Hinojosa, Madison

    Timothy E. Hogan, Malone

    Chase A. Horne, Madison

    Purnita Rani Howlader, Madison

    Stephen J. Huebscher, Madison

    Leah L. Isakson, La Crosse

    Joel Jacobson, Madison

    Manish Kumar Jain, Minneapolis

    Sun Hwa Jeong, Madison

    Peter J. Kaiser, Racine

    Victoria M. Karcher, Madison

    Erin Marie Keesecker, Madison

    Emily Stever Kelchen, Madison

    Ellen M. Kelley, Madison

    John W. Kellis, Madison

    Dong-Keun Kim, Madison

    Wayne T. Kim, Madison

    Kevin Charles Klagos, Madison

    Shanna M. Knueppel, Janesville

    Ellen J. Krahn, Madison

    Joseph R. Krause, Milwaukee

    Kaitlin A. Lamb, Wauwatosa

    Robert Addison Lampley, Madison

    Thomas Richard Leemon, Madison

    William Levins, Madison

    Julie K. Linnen, Madison

    Greg Lockwood, Madison

    Lincoln Loehrke, Weyauwega

    Jonathan P. Longfield, Waunakee

    Alice X. Lor, Madison

    Timothy M. Lundquist, Madison

    Richelle Ann Martin, Madison

    Bradley F. Meyer, Madison

    Melville Peter Middleton II, Madison

    Bradley J. Motl, Madison

    James Logan Mueller, Green Bay

    Tara L. Nielsen, Poynette

    Alex Nocco, Madison

    Caroline E. Poduch, Madison

    Anna-Marie Puryear, Madison

    Azem Serowsh Quereshi, Brookfield

    Corey Ranfranz, Shorewood

    Elizabeth Reeths, Muskegon, Mich.

    Devon G. Rembert-Carroll, Milwaukee

    Roxanne Rewolinski, Madison

    James Scott Rice, Madison

    Amanda Kay Riek, Madison

    Megan E. Roughen, Madison

    Michael Rud, Madison

    Kraig A. Rueth, Jefferson

    Thomas Rybarczyk, Chicago

    Serene Raida Sahar, Madison

    Joanna SanDretto, Madison

    Michael Robert Schafer, Madison

    Hannah Blair Schieber, Milwaukee

    Diane Schlipper, Madison

    Gregory Schrieber, Madison

    Nicole N. Schrier, Madison

    Danielle M. Schroder, Madison

    Annie M. Schumacher, Greenfield

    Vincent Scipior, Madison

    Aaron A. Seligman, Madison

    Sergio M. Servantez, Kenosha

    Travis Stephen Slattery, Rudolph

    Joel Smith, Milwaukee

    Christopher S. Snyder, Madison

    Ashley Lynn Sturtevant, Delavan

    Evan Tenebruso, Cottage Grove

    John K. Tokarz, Whitefish Bay

    Jennifer N. Torbeck, Sun Prairie

    Valerie Y. Valenzuela, Madison

    Marci VanAdestine, Milwaukee

    Jennifer Lynn Vandermeuse, Middleton

    Nicole Vele, Madison

    Andrew Versnik, West Allis

    Ellen E. Vinz, Madison

    Steve Walker, Madison

    John Waller, Madison

    Elsie Rita Wanton, Madison

    Kristyne Watson, Bristol

    Andrew D. Weininger, Madison

    Erin B. Welsh, Madison

    Jane C. Wierzbicki, Madison

    Dominique R. Williams, Chicago

    Chad M. Winters, Milwaukee

    Peter J. Wyant, Madison

    Zilin Zhu, Madison

    Carly J. Zuba, Madison

    By Deb Heneghan, Reporter, State Bar of Wisconsin